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Indonesia’s ministry of communications brings “10×1000” fintech program to SMEs

Jakarta, Indonesia – The Ministry of Communication and Informatics in Indonesia (Kominfo) today announced its partnership with fintech training platform 10×1000 Tech for Inclusion (10×1000) to recruit local talents to enrol in 10×1000’s ‘Flex’ Fintech Foundation Program.

This partnership forms part of Kominfo’s Digital Entrepreneurship Academy (DEA) program, which aims to prepare and nurture talents to accelerate digital transformation in the field of entrepreneurship and to improve the digital economy, with a target of 60,000 people being trained in 2022.

According to Hary Budiarto, head of HR & research agency at Ministry of Communication and Informatics, the results of the program are expected to improve the quality of MSMEs and promote the digital economy in Indonesia. 

With the vision to train 1,000 emerging talents and tech leaders each year for ten years, 10×1000 saw a total of 1,067 learners from 66 countries and regions complete its “Flex” Fintech Foundation Program and Fintech Leadership Program in 2021. Of which, more than 150 learners were from Indonesia, making the country the second-largest globally in terms of learner intake.

“We are deeply encouraged by the overwhelming responses from Indonesia last year, and excited to partner with Kominfo to further expand the reach in Indonesia and make ‘Flex’ available to more local entrepreneurs and professionals to enhance their fintech mindset, knowledge and skills to better allow them to drive digital economic growth,” said Jason Pau, program lead of 10×1000.

“Technology pervades nearly every aspect of our lives, and we hope this partnership will help Indonesia bridge its digital skills gap while empowering and improving the lives of local communities. Together with Kominfo and other local partners, we look forward to contributing more to Indonesia’s digital development goals,” added Pau.

Registration for the ‘Flex’ Fintech Foundation Program is now open through Kominfo’s Digital Entrepreneurship Academy website. The first batch of training is slated to start on 6 June. 

The partnership with Kominfo is the latest effort by 10×1000 to deepen its collaborations with partners worldwide. Globally, 10×1000 has forged partnerships with the IFC, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, UN World Food Programme, SME Finance Forum Managed by the IFC, Dubai International Financial Centre as well as MDEC and KPMG, among others. 

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Indonesia’s MCI, Siberkreasi partner with Spotify to roll out new sports podcast class

Jakarta, Indonesia – Podcasts continue to grow in popularity amongst digital platforms today. With this in mind, Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication and Informatics (MCI) and the National Movement of Digital Literacy, Siberkreasi, has partnered with Spotify, to persist their highly-received podcast series by presenting a sports-themed podcast class. 

This free podcast-specific upskilling program, which will be held online from 19 March to 3 April 2022 and will feature some prominent names in the space, is the second series of Kelas Podcast Siberkreasi 2022. It will explore the fundamentals of making quality audio podcasts, with specific applications to creating sports-themed podcasts. The classes will not only target the general public but also communities and clubs – including sports clubs that are interested in releasing their own sports-themed podcasts.

The first session of the series is titled ‘Pengantar Podcast untuk Olahraga’, which will be held on 19 March 2022, featuring Tio Utomo, the founder of Box2Box Podcast Network as the keynote speaker, while the second session will be held on 20 March 2022, which will further explore the topic ‘Tips dan Trik Menjadi Podcaster Olahraga’, led by Randy Arbiyantama and Febri Aryadi, hosts of the Retropus podcast.

Furthermore, participants will also be invited to the third session titled ‘Memahami Etika Podcaster di Dunia Olahraga’, which will be held on 26 March 2022, as well as the fourth session on 27 March 2022, called ‘Modal Komentator Olahraga: Boleh Provokatif Asal Tetap Suportif’. And lastly, the fifth and sixth sessions which are titled ‘Promosi Podcast di Media Sosial’ and ‘Sudah Siap Menjadi Podcaster Olahraga’, will be held from 2 to 3 April 2022.

Semuel Abrijani Pangerapan, The Ministry’s director general of information and communication technology applications, noted that to help nurture the growth of podcasts, they have identified digital literacy as a key component to ensuring that content creators will have the fundamentals to produce positive digital content in this space.

“We believe that our initiatives will help set a solid foundation for the digital content creation industry in the future,” said Pangerapan.

The registration can be done online through, while the digital literacy activities held by Siberkreasi can be viewed on