Sydney, Australia – To celebrate BWS’ 21st birthday, the Australian retail chain of liquor stores has launched a refreshingly self-aware birthday campaign called ‘Pay for Hooray’, featuring Australian radio presenter and TV personality Abbie Chatfield, and MasterChef Australia’s contestant Khanh Ong.

The campaign, which was developed in partnership with M&C Saatchi Sydney, pays customers to celebrate the brand’s 21st birthday. By giving BWS a birthday shoutout on, customers can win $10 to $5,000. The shoutout tasks range from a simple birthday message, a song or dance dedication, to getting their mates involved and pulling off a 21 people choir. It also comes with a mega $21k cash giveaway every week for four weeks that customers can enter on the microsite.

The ‘Pay for Hooray’ campaign’s strategy, planning, and buying were led by Dentsu’s media agency Carat. Channels include a screen strategy designed to reach younger Aussies at scale across the month-long campaign and include partners such as Vevo, Twitch, YouTube, and BVOD, as well as high reaching OOH placements. Meanwhile, the Zoo Republic has led the promotional strategy and execution, capturing birthday wishes via an engaging campaign microsite.

Anna Webster, BWS’ head of marketing, shared that they know that most people don’t care about a bottleshop’s birthday, but at BWS, they are all about celebrating with their customers and team members, which is why they want to have a bit of fun with theirs.

“For our birthday this year, we are asking our customers to complete a number of birthday tasks and we will reward them with cash so they can celebrate and have their own fun,” said Webster.

Meanwhile, Brendan Donnelly, M&C Saatchi Sydney’s creative director, noted, “They say money can’t buy love but $100 cash to make BWS a birthday cake, or $2,000 to get a choir of 21 of your mates to sing in public, will test that theory.”

BWS said that this latest campaign will be the first time the refreshed BWS brand identity hits the market.

Australia – Financial services company Commonwealth Bank in Australia (CommBank) has launched a bank-wide campaign called ‘CommBank Next Chapter Commitment’, aimed at ending financial abuse.

The campaign, which was created in partnership with marketing agency M&C Saatchi Sydney, seeks to raise awareness and show Aussies that help is out there. The commitment will provide tools, advice, and access to support services to assist people impacted recover from financial abuse.

Moreover, CommBank has also partnered with Good Shepherd, a financial inclusion products and services firm, to create the Financial Independence Hub (FIH), which will allow people, who were previously impacted by financial abuse, to have access to a free specialist one-on-one financial coaching program, helping them get back on their feet, with referrals to support services, and where appropriate access to solutions like interest-free loans.

CommBank has also enlisted former frontwoman of Australian band The Preatures, Isabella Manfredi, who lent her voice to the Next Chapter Commitment, as a poignant reminder that recovery is possible and that help is out there.

Mandie van der Merwe, M&C Saatchi Sydney’s executive creative director, shared that CommBank has systems in place to help people recover from financial abuse, but people weren’t aware of this. 

“The focus of the ‘Next Chapter Commitment’ is to illuminate to all Australians about this support, regardless of who they bank with, and also bring to light this hidden epidemic of financial abuse. It is inspiring to be working with a client that has made such a firm and ongoing commitment to address this huge societal issue,” she said.

Meanwhile, Dianne Everett, Commonwealth Bank’s general manager of brand, sponsorship, and social, shared that a purpose-led goal needs purpose-led partnerships and they have been partnered by a team at M&C Saatchi that have cared as much about creating pathways to financial independence as they do, and they have stretched themselves to deliver much more than an advertising campaign.

“We want to help create a future that is free of financial abuse, and we’re incredibly proud to work with Isabella to bring this important message to life, while at the same time doing our part in supporting homegrown artists,” said Everett.

This campaign will invite five million CommBank customers to support the ‘Next Chapter Commitment’, joining the bank to help end financial abuse. In addition, CommBank’s social channels will be used to educate the public about financial abuse, giving the next generation the tools and information to help prevent it.

Sydney, Australia – In celebration of Carnival season’s Mardi Gras and Pride Month, the Australian retail chain of liquor stores, BWS, has launched its new in-store activation and content series, ‘BWYASSS Runway’.

The runway was developed in collaboration with members of The House of Silky and The House of Slé, music producer Mirasia, and a production crew within the ballroom community via marketing agency M&C Saatchi Sydney, and the media strategy and buying were managed by Dentsu’s media agency Carat.

BWS said that the runway, in ballroom culture, was pioneered by Black and Latinx trans women and queer people because the community needed a place to express themselves, without judgement. The BWYASSS Runway was created with the same intention, which is to remind people that BWS is a place where everyone belongs and all are welcome.

In 2021, BWS has rebranded its Oxford street store to ‘BWYASSSS’ during Mardi Gras, and this year, as a national show of support for the LGBTQIA+ community, it is permanently rebranding stores across every state. Moreover, BWS has also launched the ‘Loud & Proud’ drinks range in partnership with Pinnacle Drinks, in which 100% of the range’s profit will be donated to the Pride Foundation of Australia.

Meg Clark, the head of marketing at BWS, shared that at BWS, they encourage an environment of diversity and inclusion for their customers and team, and they also want everyone to feel welcome when they walk into any BWS store no matter how they identify.

“Permanently rebranding an additional seven stores nationally to BWYASSS is just one way we want to show our support of the LBGTQIA+ community,” said Clark. 

Meanwhile, Brendan Donnelly, M&C Saatchi Sydney’s creative director, said, “Ballroom is a vibrant subculture within the pride community. We wanted to celebrate that with The Runway and the shared value of acceptance and let people know they can express themselves freely at BWS.”

BWYASSS’ runway and ‘Loud & Proud’ range have been rolled out on Spotify, featuring their own Mardi Gras playlist, as well as in social, street posters, and influencer activity.

Sydney, Australia – In celebration of the little moments which make an Aussie summer iconic, the Australian retail chain of liquor stores, BWS, has launched a new brand campaign to encourage consumers to have some fun this season.

The campaign, which was created in collaboration with marketing agency M&C Saatchi Sydney, highlights why BWS, a 1,400 store network, is the most convenient way to get drinks this Summer.

Called ‘Big Wonderful Summer’, which plays with the BWS initials, the campaign is made up of a series of fun, alternative acronyms for BWS, such as Boldly Worn Smugglers, BBQ Without Salad, and Badass with Sandals, as well as Badly Wrapped Stuff, and Beats Wrapping Socks, to further emphasize why BWS and summer go together.

Vanessa Rowed, the head of marketing at BWS, said, “This is our testament to the perfect summer – nothing short of getting Aussies back to the beach, park, or backyard with a cold drink in their hand. It’s these iconic summer moments that make for a relatable and fun campaign.”

Brendan Donnelly, M&C Saatchi Sydney’s creative director, shared that this campaign aims to make BWS a part of any occasion this summer. 

“We’re looking forward to opening it up for UGC to put their own spin on a BWS summer,” said Donnelly.

On the other hand, dentsu’s media agency Carat has been tasked with media strategy, planning, and buying for BWS’ ‘Big Wonderful Summer’ campaign, bringing it to life across social, online video, OOH, and in-store.

The campaign will be running for two months.

Sydney, Australia – After a couple of years of lockdown due to the pandemic, Aussies are now on the homestretch, and to celebrate the countdown to freedom, the Australian retail chain of liquor stores, BWS, launches a new campaign, giving away a free six-pack brew to share with mates in the lead-up to summer.

Titled ‘Can’t wait mate’, the campaign, which is in collaboration with marketing agency M&C Saatchi Sydney, focuses on bringing people together to share a long-awaited drink. It includes a paid campaign on Facebook and Instagram.

In addition, BWS has also partnered with Carat, the media arm by dentsu India, to leverage micro and macro-influencers. Carat will be sharing diverse content across all Instagram formats to drive mass awareness, encourage engagement, and shareability. It will also be handling all media strategy and buying for the campaign, bringing the ‘Share a Drink’ platform to life by using influencers and editorial coverage across youth publications.

BWS said that they are encouraging shoppers to share on social media who they are looking forward to sharing a drink with, using the hashtag #cantwaitmate.

Brendan Donnelly, the creative director at M&C Saatchi Sydney, shared that there’s a ton of things they’ve looked forward to as people all step out of various restrictions across the country, and once haircuts are out of the way, most of them can’t wait to celebrate their freedom by catching up with family and friends.

“What better way to do that than sharing free beers together! #cantwaitmate is a simple social campaign that lets your mates know there’s a beer waiting for them when you catch up,” said Donnelly.

Meanwhile, Vanessa Rowed, BWS’ head of marketing, said, “Lockdowns and restrictions have made us long for those much-needed social interactions. But there is light at the end of the tunnel, and we are celebrating by encouraging Aussies to get together and share drinks with their mates.”

To redeem the free brew, Aussies over the age of 18 can simply head to or the BWS app and create an account, and when buying two six-packs of XXXX DRY or James Squire Zero, they will receive their second one for free at checkout.