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This jewelry brand pulls at heartstrings with emotional ad about getting ‘real’ in marriage

India – In a rather sentiment film, jewelry brand in India Tanishq celebrates the wedding season with a reminder that beyond the glamorous preparations and mounting of a matrimonial ceremony is the real definition of a union – creating a life together and making it work everyday with personal vulnerabilities out in the open. 

Created together with creative agency Dentsu Webchutney, the 3-minute film features three fictional couples who dive into what seems as the dreaded conversation before officially tying the knot. Through an intimate and authentic portrayal, 1/2 of each couple bare open their fears, baggage, and dreams, scared of how their soon-to-be better half will respond.

Captured to demonstrate a real-life scenario, couples quietly sit down in a kitchen, a restaurant, and a car. 

One woman, scared of having her depression get in the way of the relationship, says, “But you don’t know about the days we didn’t meet. Only I know how I got through them.” 

While another, opening up about being adopted tells her partner, “It’s a big part of what’s made me, well me.”

Of the campaign, which is aptly called ‘Marriage Conversations’, Tanishq’s GM for Marketing Ranjani Krishnaswamy, shared that through it, the brand, which offers engagement rings, aims to encourage young couples who are taking the next big step of their lives to pause and talk about the marriage they envision with each other.

“A conversation where they feel the comfort and honesty with their partners to discuss what truly matters to them. Tanishq wants to celebrate these real conversations that lead up to the moment ‘when it rings true’ for our couples and etch these moments with our engagement rings,” said Krishnaswamy.

Binaifer Dulani, creative director at Dentsu Webchutney, commented, “Tanishq is part of every milestone a couple shares together, embellishing a lifetime of memories. And it all begins when the couple decides to make that commitment. We’re proud of the brand for inspiring and encouraging soon-to-be-married couples to get raw and real and build a strong foundation together, as they inevitably set on a rollercoaster of a journey that is life.”

Meanwhile, Kopal Naithani, director and founder of Superfly Films Pvt. Ltd. who produced the film, adds, “For me, the best creative work is also deeply personal. This film took me back to the conversation I had with my husband 11 years ago.”

The film was released on YouTube on 24 November.