Mumbai, India – India’s sexual e-superstore under TTK Healthcare Ltd., Love Depot, has launched a new digital campaign ‘#ThePleasureIsAllYours’, in an aim to normalise pleasure of all kinds for everyone – regardless of age, gender, and orientation, amongst others.

The campaign, which was developed in collaboration with creative agency The Glitch, seeks to encourage candid conversations around pleasure and what it means for love, partnership, and lust. Conscious efforts were made to ensure that there was a clear distinction between cool and crass. Ultimately a full-fledged campaign was created, that took steps towards not only normalising pleasure but also making it look cool, appealing not to a particular age group, but to a cohort willing to have conversations around sexual wellness out in the open.

Moreover, the campaign highlights the various ways in which people seek or engage with pleasure, showcasing choices, habits, and more, eventually stating that no matter what gets one kindled, Love Depot holds the potential to bring one’s fantasies to life. The brand promotes pleasure with no strings attached, helping people acknowledge it so that one day they may embrace it.

The film is also part of the wider campaign which includes a KOL awareness campaign, health and sexual wellness articles across lifestyle publications, and prominent blogs, as well as a full social activation including story content, reels, and a media plan.

Yudhajit Mukherjee, creative director at The Glitch, shared that they have long believed that tapping into culture is the key to connecting with their audience and with Love Depot, they’re able to show a part of a regular Indian’s life that either gets skipped or gets judged. 

“The campaign acknowledges that pleasure is different for different people and that all kinds of pleasure are normal, and we’re proud to work with a partner like Love Depot who shares our inclusive, purpose-powered values,” said Mukherjee.

Meanwhile, Arjun Siva, digital marketing head of TTK Healthcare Ltd & Love Depot, said, “Love Depot is fearless when it comes to breaking traditional boundaries. The Glitch has truly understood the Love Depot ethos, in making pleasure accessible to everyone, and I look forward to paving the way for open dialogue, which will ultimately lead to education, acceptance and of course safety.”