Singapore – Singapore-based education technology company and language learning platform for K12 students, LingoAce, has appointed Jeremy Lin, Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) and former National Basketball Association (NBA) player, and founder of the Jeremy Lin Foundation, as its first-ever global brand ambassador. 

As part of this ambassadorship, Lin will be collaborating with LingoAce to promote language learning and cross-cultural understanding through education technology. 

Lin knows firsthand the struggles of having to learn a second language – growing up in the United States, with a family living in Asia, he learned Chinese as a child through traditional experiences. Through working with LingoAce, Lin recognises the value of applying technology to create immersive learning experiences and wants to help more children learn languages in this manner. 

The announcement was made last week during Lin’s fireside chat at The Asian American Foundation (TAAF) Partner Summit in Washington D.C. During the chat, he discussed the upcoming documentary about the Linsanity phenomenon 10 years ago, 38 at the Garden. LingoAce will be partnering with TAAF to promote and bring awareness to the film.

Lin shared that growing up and playing basketball in California, he personally knew many kids that had to navigate through inequities in terms of access to education. 

“I am proud to be partnering with LingoAce to help children across the globe from all backgrounds to be open to new cultures and languages, perspectives and wisdom, friendship and connections, as well as futures and possibilities,” he said. 

Meanwhile, Hugh Yao, LingoAce’s CEO and founder, noted that Lin’s personal story, passion for education and bridging cultures, as well as his impact on society, make him the most ideal brand ambassador for LingoAce.

“We’re proud to partner with Jeremy who has shattered entrenched stereotypes through hard work, compassion, and no small amount of grit. We hope our global students learn from his example and aspire to dream like Jeremy,” said Yao.