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Traveloka completes jump to lifestyle super app, unveils SG ambassador

Singapore — Traveloka, Southeast Asia’s lifestyle super-app, recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, and to mark the special decennary event, Traveloka unveiled their first brand ambassador for Singapore, Singaporean actress Michelle Chong.

In anticipation of the said anniversary, the app has also refreshed its identity and value proposition, moving from Southeast Asia’s leading travel platform to becoming the region’s overall lifestyle super app.

Through Traveloka’s transformation to a lifestyle super app, the process was accelerated by Covid-19 as Southeast Asians emerged as global leaders in mobile connections with over 887 million connections, representing 132 per cent of the region’s total population. With such a mobile-first culture that readily embraces digital technologies, the platform realized the demand and opportunity for it to become a lifestyle brand.

Caesar Indra, president at Traveloka, said that the last 24 months have drastically reshaped the fundamental idea of travel and discovery. Indra continued by saying that consumers today have vastly different expectations — they prioritize convenience, safety, and personal wellbeing, which will enable them to truly enjoy and engage in activities. Traveloka has seen demand for travel and local experiences surge in the last few months and Traveloka is committed to providing seamless experiences, without the user having to leave our platform.

“As one of the first lifestyle super apps in the region, we are revolutionizing lifestyle services for millions of consumers in Southeast Asia, redefining how they live, play, and discover new adventures in their very own backyards and across the world,” Indra said.

On the topic of Traveloka’s new brand ambassador for Singapore, Indra commented, “Michelle couldn’t be a more natural fit for Traveloka. We are on a mission to fulfil the lifestyle aspirations of our users and redefine the idea of discovery with them. With her vibrant and outgoing personality, coupled with her affinity with Singaporeans, we are confident that our partnership with Michelle will bring Traveloka’s extensive lifestyle offerings and convenience closer to even more Singaporeans.”

Michelle Chong, brand ambassador for Traveloka, said, “I am very excited to come on board as Traveloka’s first brand ambassador. We haven’t been able to travel in the last two years and I can’t wait to rediscover the world with everyone again. Besides bringing everyone on a journey and adventure with me to my favourite cities, I’m also looking forward to rediscovering hidden gems in our very own Singapore. Actually, Ah Lian might be your travel companion instead, because she confirm plus chop knows how to get the best deal and travel arrangements using Traveloka.”

As the region’s lifestyle super app, Traveloka currently offers users in Singapore an innovative and tech-enabled experience. From AI recommendations to a personalized chatbot, users enjoy a comprehensive and seamless experience on Traveloka. Beyond travel services, users also have access to experiences from attractions and workshops to beauty and spa options. As Traveloka strengthens its presence in Singapore, the company is committed to introducing end-to-end solutions for Singaporeans’ lifestyle needs.