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LEGO Group teams up with foodpanda to expand quick commerce for toys in APAC

Singapore – Global toy maker LEGO Group has teamed up with quick commerce company foodpanda to mark LEGO’s entry into the quick commerce space and expand their toy lineup purchases in APAC.

Customers can now shop for their favourite LEGO sets and have them delivered on-demand to their doorsteps in 30 minutes. In this first phase of the partnership, customers in Malaysia and Singapore can access hundreds of different LEGO products, from its popular minifigures to full-sized sets, or even for those who urgently need a missing brick.

In Singapore, the LEGO store will be featured on foodpanda shops with its own branded in-app storefront, which allows the brand full autonomy to run promotions and campaigns. LEGO fans can now get their sets with just a tap, and enjoy special deals from 23 – 30 September 2022. Customers in Malaysia can purchase LEGO sets from selected pandamart cloud stores in Klang Valley and Seremban. 

There are currently 30 pandamarts carrying LEGO products, to be expanded to more pandamarts by the end of Q4 2022. With millions of users across Singapore and Malaysia, making LEGO products available on the platform allows the LEGO Group to reach new, mobile-first customers who seek the convenience of on-demand deliveries every day.

U-Fong Chua, SEA e-commerce head at the LEGO Group, said, “We are excited to partner with foodpanda as we celebrate nine decades of creativity and play. Entering the quick commerce market will make it more convenient for our customers to get LEGO products and bring new opportunities for people to build and play together whenever and wherever they feel like.”

Meanwhile Chris Urban, director of marketplace at foodpanda, commented, “We’re thrilled to have onboard an iconic company like LEGO which is also associated with fun and enjoyment. By expanding the variety of shops on foodpanda, we can cater to our customers’ evolving needs and deliver anything they need, beyond daily essentials.”

Marketing Featured APAC

LEGO Group’s new ‘A-Z of Awesome’ campaign calls for builds from everyone in the LGBTQIA+

Billund, Denmark — The LEGO Group has announced its launch of the ‘A-Z of Awesome’, an ongoing campaign which runs into 2023 using LEGO builds to celebrate inclusivity and embrace self-expression in the LGBTQIA+ community.

The A-Z will be developed in creative LEGO creations to help LGBTQIA+ families use play to have open conversations about their identities. For the alphabet to be created in the most authentic and meaningful way possible, the designs of each letter will be created by members of the LGBTQIA+ community, including LEGO fans, young and old, members of the community and LEGO employees.

Launching during Pride Month, the alphabet aims to build understanding and acceptance of the LGBTQIA+ community and the different abbreviations used.

‘The A-Z of Awesome’ aims to present the community’s vocabulary more widely through a fun and playful medium. The LEGO Group is inviting submissions including an explanation of what the build means to its creator, which will be featured on a dedicated website.

Alero Akuya, VP of brand development of LEGO Group, said, “The wonderful thing about LEGO bricks is that they can be a powerful form of self-expression as you can build anything you can imagine. We can’t wait to see what fans will submit of amazing builds and beautiful stories.”

Akuya adds, “We hope their creativity and our A-Z of Awesome campaign inspire people of all ages and help build greater awareness and acceptance. We want to show people that with more love and understanding people can be their true selves.”

The creative inspiration for this campaign was born out of the insight from GLAAD that almost half of non-LGBTQIA+ people find conversations around gender identity confusion.

On the significance of Pride Month, Melanie Willingham-Jaggers, executive director of GLSEN, said, “All children benefit from learning about the diverse world around them, and positive representation of LGBTQ+ identities, whether in school curriculum or in play, helps young people feel prepared to meaningfully engage in their communities. We’re proud to support the LEGO Group’s ‘The A-Z of Awesome’ campaign as a powerful tool to build a more tolerant and inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ families and young people.”

Meanwhile, Intersex campaigner and ‘A-Z of Awesome’ contributor Pidgeon Pagonis, shared, “Growing up I remember feeling this sense of shame, like oh there’s something wrong with me, or the things I desire or want. This project is important because there might be an intersex person out there who likes to build with LEGO bricks, and this can help them see themselves represented.”

The 2022 campaign for Pride month brings together the following; The A-Z campaign will serve as a call to action for members of the community to submit their builds and stories to complete the alphabet. Selected builds will be added to the A-Z, with the full alphabet being presented by the end of 2022. Additionally, The LEGO Group will donate US$1m to existing and new partner organisations in support of the LGBTQIA community.

Moreover, LEGO will participate in pride events as well as have their LBGTQIA+ Employee Advocacy Groups arrange activities for LEGO employees, as well as internal sessions will be hosted featuring external consultants from the community.

This campaign builds off the LEGO Group’s support for the LGBTQIA+ community in recent years where one such example includes supporting the LGBTQIA+ community by building a miniature pride parade within the family activity zone at Pride in London in 2019.

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LEGO’s latest campaign showcases kid’s freedom to build and play with imagination

Singapore – Global toy brand LEGO has launched a new campaign called “Brick The Rules”, which showcases how LEGO cars can offer a very unique form of play that enables kids to imagine, build, unbuild and rebuild once more, in fun, new, exciting ways that are only limited by your imagination.

Created in collaboration with creative agencies GREY Singapore and GREY Dubai, the campaign gives kids the freedom to build and play with a great deal of imagination. The campaign perfectly captures the truth that playing with LEGO bricks allows kids not only to enjoy the cars they have a passion for but also helps them express themselves freely and gives them the space to develop their creativity. 

In addition to the campaign, an online film has been released that shows ‘how 5 minutes and being told not to do something’ is all the invitation a kid needs to “Brick the Rules”.

The GREY collective said, “It was a project where in the process we also had to break/brick some rules. A borderless effort between the Dubai and Singapore studios, we shot with a production house in Brazil, and the client was in South Africa. The result, as you can see, is super fun, eye-catching, and with several hours invested behind the craft and editing.”

The campaign included social content, e-commerce, posters and in-store materials, and will run in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and South Africa.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

LEGO Group’s new campaign explores family bond, tradition ahead of CNY

Singapore — The LEGO Group has launched a promotional campaign ahead of the Chinese New Year to celebrate and keep the cultural heritage behind the annual celebration. The campaign was done in collaboration with Malaysian TV show host and content artist Danny Ah Boy.

The promotional video which features Danny Ah Boy entitled ’Abundant Joy’ highlights the traditions behind the Chinese New Year festivities that have been a generational practice and the familiar warmth of family get-togethers.

True to its message, Danny, the protagonist, visits his home for the festivities and goes through a nostalgic reflection on the history of his family, the quest of his father to continue the legacy of Chinese culture, and the importance of familial bond despite the physical distance. The film also showcases LEGO’s new product, the 80108 LEGO Lunar New Year Traditions set, being assembled as a bonding activity by the protagonist’s family.

The video also featured other Chinese Traditional Festival LEGO sets namely the 80109 LEGO Lunar New Year Ice Festival, 80108 LEGO Lunar New Year Traditions set, and the Year Of The Tiger set,  JJf29 LEGO Majestic Tiger.

Rohan Mathur, marketing director of LEGO Southeast Asia, commented, “As families near and far celebrate the festive season, we hope that this video will inspire people to relook at the heritage practices that bind us together, give the gift of play to each other, and rise to new heights in this new chapter in their lives.”