Hong Kong – In celebration of International Day of the Girl, commemorated every 11 October to promote the rights of girls, Kotex, the feminine hygiene brand, has launched a new campaign in APAC that aims to amplify girls’ voices, fight period stigma within society, and spark conversation on building girls’ bright future through education.

Titled ‘#GirlUnrestricted’, the campaign includes a region-wide video that encourages girls to embrace their uniqueness and experience girlhood on their own terms followed by local market activations. In Hong Kong, Kotex has also launched a dedicated website for puberty education. With informative and light-hearted videos, it aims to break the period stigma and to reassure girls of their possibilities.

Stella Chun, Kimberly-Clark’s general manager for Hong Kong, believes that a girlhood unrestricted is a girlhood full of possibilities and envision a more forgiving world where girls can live every adventure, and this is in line with Kotex’s purpose to remove barriers to girls’ progress.

Remarking on the East Asia market specifically, Chun said, “Girls in Hong Kong feel they do not have access to information about their bodies and health. Through our puberty education website and education programs, we aim to enhance access to information about female health for girls and improve key outcomes in the areas of education and health and wellness.”

Based on research conducted by Kotex, Gen Z teen girls in APAC are growing up under unprecedented pressure. It highlights that the classic struggles of puberty are amplified today against a backdrop of issues that range from climate change to cyber-bullying and unrealistic societal expectations.