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Kerry Express, Grab partner to bring new service to Thai customers

Thailand Kerry Express, Thailand’s leading express delivery service, partners with Grab, Southeast Asia’s leading super-app, to add a new service to the market. Starting in 2022, the Kerry Express application will provide ‘Instant Pick-up Service’, an option that allows parcels to be picked up within 30 minutes and an ‘Express Pick Up’ option that allows customers to schedule parcel pickups every hour. KEX and Grab will launch a pilot test in Greater Bangkok.

Alex Ng, CEO of Kerry Express, commented, saying that in the past, the express delivery company found that many of Kerry Express’ customers chose to use rider service or a messenger to deliver the parcel to Kerry’s store to avoid the traffic, travelling fee, and save time. To fulfil this unmet need, Kerry Express has developed the door-to-door instant pickup and express pickup, with two more upgrades including; instant pick-up service within 30 minutes and express pick-up service with an hourly schedule.

The instant pick-up service is suitable for merchants who already packed their items and seek immediate delivery or those who have limitations of time, customers can expect rider-partner to pick up the items within 30 minutes. Meanwhile, merchants who have a fixed delivery schedule can enjoy express pick-up service, in which rider-partners pick up the parcels on an hourly basis. Both services will have rider-partners pick up the package and drop it off at the nearest KEX Parcel Shop. There will be no extra charges on the shipping fee and will be the same as the fee at the KEX parcel shop. The receipt will be sent to the registered email and the Kerry Express Application.

Alejandro Osorio, country head of Grab Thailand, commented that the collaboration between Grab Thailand and Kerry Express is another highlight in the parcel delivery industry.

“Customers can enjoy the convenience of using the express parcel pick-up services via Kerry Express Application with our rider-partner pick-up services that are available in two options: instant and hourly. The new services are distinguished from other standard services thanks to the combination of Kerry’s existing service shops available throughout the country and Grab’s hundreds of thousands of riders and driver-partners operating across Thailand. Grab believes that the synergies pilot for the instant parcel pick-up services in the greater Bangkok area will help create a better experience for Kerry’s customers, who will relish convenient and rapid service at an affordable price,” Osorio said.

Meanwhile, Ng shared his own comments on the partnership.

“We are very glad to have Grab Thailand as a partner to provide the services. Kerry Express is a leader in express parcel delivery that has been operating in Thailand for more than 15 years. In addition to our excellent service, we provide service shops that cover more than 20,000 locations across the country. On the other hand, Grab is considered to be a strong ally in terms of brand, speedy delivery, and reliability, with its large database of rider-partners who are ready to pick up parcels from our customers anywhere at any moment. Therefore, this alliance will serve the needs of our users who will definitely enjoy a greater experience,” Ng said.

Recently, Grab also announced they acquired a majority stake in Jaya Grocer, a leading supermarket chain in Malaysia.