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Siam Piwat partners with Kantana Group to boost O2O customer experience

Thailand – Two leading organizations in the retail and entertainment industry in Thailand have partnered to enhance the emerging O2O customer experience in today’s business ecosystem. Siam Piwat, the owner and operator of prestigious retail destinations Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery has announced a strategic partnership with Thailand’s leading entertainment company Kantana Group, to create an even better O2O experience for each of their target consumers. 

The partnership will present both offline and online collaborations and will leverage the OneSiam SuperApp platform; but one of its biggest collaborations to date will be the upcoming ‘Up Rank’ project by Kantana, involving the new titular movie. 

OneSiam’s shopping centres have spent over 10 million baht on offering special privileges to Kantana’s The Up Rank participants that span to online shopping at OneSiam SuperApp. Participants will also receive discount coupons from leading stores located in the shopping centres such as LOFT, ALAND, Absolute Siam Store, Ecotopia and ICONCRAFT. 

“This is digital lifestyle marketing merged with customer experience program to capture new generation customers and other potential communities,” said Siam Piwat. 

On the partnership, Piyarat Kaljaruek, VP of Kantana Group, said that producing lifestyle and fashion content for the Thai market is, in fact, a very challenging task and that synchronized marketing communication with other key players is crucial. 

“Siam Piwat is the leader in luxury fashion and the key to success for all Kantana’s contents. Our strategy efficiently combines online and offline communications that attract new target groups and audiences, especially those digital-native Gen Y and Gen Z [consumers],” said the entertainment group.

Katana airs a number of fashion- and lifestyle-centred shows. Face2Face Thailand, a TV program that has become an online buzz, features luxury fashion and lifestyle in which the filming location has been supported by Siam Piwat’s ICONSIAM. 

Siam Piwat also cites the partnership as a pivotal element of its plan to create ‘The Universe of Co-Creation’, that aligns with the company’s business strategies to cultivate a value-sharing ecosystem for “thriving and sustainable success for all entities.”

Mayuree Chaipromprasith, the president of corporate affairs and communications at Siam Piwat, said, “Fundamentally, Siam Piwat’s key foresight is to create a premium world-class business ecosystem. We have transcended domestic competition and geared towards new business opportunities that can expand beyond all boundaries. Our establishments are positioned as global destinations and we have cultivated strong communities of both local and international customers.

The company further reiterated, “our business goes beyond retail offering that relies simply on products and services, instead, we strategically position our business as the place to discover new and multi-dimensional customer experiences, both in [the] physical and digital realm.”