India – In conjunction with the Engineer’s Day celebration in India, which is celebrated on 15 September, India-based multinational conglomerate, JSW Group, has launched a new campaign, with the aim to remind people of the importance of engineers in shaping the world by asking a seemingly simple question – ‘What do engineers do?’.

Developed in partnership with advertising agency RepIndia, the campaign celebrates engineers with a heartfelt message about their role in building the country. Giving it a curious child’s perspective, the film talks about all things great and small that engineers have created to make the nation better.

Vinay Shroff, CMO at JSW Steel, said at JSW, their engineers are integral to everything they build and create, and their role is indispensable. 

“It was crucial that besides celebrating them we also made people aware of their unrivalled contributions in building the nation. We collaborated with RepIndia, to make this message come through in this film,” added Shroff. 

Meanwhile, Neelanjan Dasgupta, creative director at RepIndia, noted, “This was a special one, especially because we got an opportunity to tell a story keeping a child in mind. We wanted to thank the JSW team for giving us this opportunity to celebrate the true builders of the nation.”