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Jollibee’s famous short film brand ‘Kwentong Jollibee’ to feature Hidilyn Diaz’s story

Philippines – Jollibee has been known for its heartwarming ‘Kwentong Jollibee’ (Jollibee story) series, its brand of short films that stirs audiences’ emotions through its relatable stories. Part of the appeal of the narratives is that they are inspired by true events – human stories by ordinary people.

This time, the top fast-food chain is taking a different route. For its latest ‘Kwentong Jollibee’ film which will be launched tomorrow, 15 October, it decided to bring front and center the story of a national personality – the first-ever Olympic gold medalist in the Philippines, Hidilyn Diaz, who recently brought pride to the country in the Tokyo Olympics.

Diaz attained the victory last July 2021 in the Tokyo Olympics 2020 for the sport weightlifting, besting countries China and Kazakhstan. From the momentous win, the untold story of the hardships she went through in training and in life came into the spotlight, and this is what Jollibee aims to immortalize through its latest short film titled ‘Ginto’.

Unveiled in a media launch Thursday, 14 October, Jollibee aimed through a creative narration to tell the story of Diaz – both her immediate journey leading to the gold medal and her humble beginnings before she became every Filipino’s pride today.

Partnering with a young actress who portrays Diaz, the film showed how Diaz grew her simple dream as a young girl to the national pride today that has now been imprinted in the country’s history. The film showed how Diaz used to work with improvised barbells in native gyms and also the experience she’s had in Malaysia just before the Tokyo Olympics 2020, where she found herself going back to dealing with improvised training due to limitations brought by the pandemic.

Francis Flores, JFC Philippines’ country and regional marketing head and Jollibee Philippines’ marketing head, said, “For Hidilyn, the road to gold at the Olympics has been full of ups and downs but what’s incredibly powerful about her story is that it brings the message of not giving up and working hard for your dreams.”

Flores adds, “Aside from being proudly Pinoy, Hidilyn embodies positive values that we at Jollibee also stand for. We are very proud to welcome her to the Jollibee family.”

The film also marks Diaz’s signing with Jollibee as an official ambassador.

Translated from Filipino, Diaz commented, “Of course I feel honored to be a part of the Jollibee family because when you say Jollibee, it’s a trademark for Filipino. As I was growing up, Jollibee has already been there and now that my life story is now part of ‘Kwentong Jollibee’, that’s a big thing for me.”

She adds, “I am very happy that my story will be able to give inspiration to every Filipino especially during the pandemic.”

The film was developed together with creative agency McCann Worldgroup Philippines, who hopes that the new ‘Kwentong Jollibee’ would make a mark in the hearts of Filipinos just as its previous works have.

“The Kwentong Jollibee films have always been about hugot feelings. It capitalizes on making the Filipinos cry, laugh, go ‘awww’ by using unexpected story narratives about romance, family, and relationships. In this new ‘Kwentong Jollibee’, we tried to capture a different kind of hugot – the feeling of pride for the accomplishment of a fellow Filipino,” said NJ Mijares, creative director of McCann Worldgroup Philippines.

Narratives of ‘Kwentong Jollibee’ usually revolve around commemorative themes such as Valentine’s Day and Independence Day. The fast-food chain has also launched in May its first-ever global campaign with a story set in the future, narrating the story of a migrant Filipino family in New York City to send across the message of hope.

Everyone can catch the premiere of Hidilyn Diaz’s special Kwentong Jollibee film on Jollibee’s official Facebook page and Jollibee Studios YouTube channel beginning 15 October.

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Jollibee honors Filipinos’ innate communal unity–‘Bayanihan’–in latest Independence Day campaign

Manila, Philippines – To mark the Philippines’ 123rd Independence Day, which is celebrated on 12 June, fast-food giant Jollibee has launched a new campaign called ‘Pusong Pinoy’, which in English translates to ‘Filipino heart’, with the aim to celebrate the ‘Bayanihan Spirit’ – a Filipino concept of communal work, discourse, and cooperation to achieve a common goal.

Done in collaboration with advertising agency McCann Worldgroup Philippines, the campaign’s centerpiece is a heartwarming and empowering song that captures the said Filipino qualities. It is composed by songwriter Thyro Alfaro and is brought to life by popular local singers Sarah Geronimo and Billy Crawford.

In addition, the campaign’s music video was directed by local filmmaker Paolo Villaluna. It features snapshots of inspiring Filipinos demonstrating the ‘Bayanihan’ spirit such as, healthcare workers battling in the frontlines, common citizens doing simple acts of kindness, and everyday people who lead donation drives to provide food and other necessities to those in need.

McCann Worldgroup Philippines’ Associate Managing Partner Mitzie Lim-Nacianceno, shared that the film and song were designed and crafted to show how Filipinos are able to spread joy and hope to their fellowmen, through every difficult situation they have faced.

“This is made more relevant by featuring real Filipinos in our film that are making a difference for others despite this pandemic,” said Lim-Nacianceno.

Meanwhile, Arline Adeva, the assistant vice president and head of brand PR, engagement, and digital marketing at Jollibee Philippines, said, “We hope this song can be an anthem of hope and celebration, make us proud of our being Filipino, and encourage all of us to be daily heroes for one another.”

The ‘Pusong Pinoy’ campaign is already available on the official Jollibee Philippines Facebook page and Jollibee Studios Youtube channel.

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Jollibee’s first-ever global campaign a ‘message from the future’ on finding joy over fear

Manila, Philippines – In an attempt to bring an overall message to the general populace amid the pandemic, Philippine-born fast food chain Jollibee has launched its first-ever global campaign centered on the message of finding joy and love amid the tumultuous times brought by the pandemic.

Jollibee which was put up in the 70’s is the biggest and leading fast food chain in the Philippines, and is continuously making a name globally with new international openings coming after another. To date, it already has 1,300 chains worldwide, with the latest branches in Maryland, USA, and in Leicester Square in London. 

With its wide presence, Jollbee has always made it a point to touch the hearts of consumers through localized narratives, making sure that messages are one with cultural values. This time, due to the call of the global pandemic, the brand has moved to delivering a unified communication in order to bring the message of hope to everyone amid these hard times.

Titled ‘A Message From The Future’, the ad narrates the story of a migrant Filipino family in New York City who, like million others around the globe, have felt the brunt of the pandemic. Set in the future year2060, the first half of the campaign shows the various faces of the pandemic effects, such as job loss, losing loved ones due to the virus, as well as the mother of the family getting infected as well. 

Jollibee stresses that despite all of these losses, the family has found joy and love in the mid of their hardships, focusing on the importance of togetherness. In addition, the campaign signifies the transition of fear into hope by the color grading of the film from monochrome black to a colored one. The campaign concludes with the grandfather telling her granddaughter that one ‘could never take anything for granted’.

For Francis Flores, country marketing head at Jollibee Food Corporation Philippines and marketing head at Jollibee Philippines, the brand aims that through this campaign, they are able to help others find a ‘silver lining’ in these hard times, true to Jollibee’s core value of the joy of family.

“Coming from a powerful truth that we are spending time with our families more than ever, it has never happened before and may never happen again – we wanted this campaign to acknowledge the grim reality of the current pandemic but still give a positive message of hope. It’s all about appreciating these moments with them and finding the ultimate joy with family. Our families have been a comforting factor for most of us in these tough times and we wanted everyone to be grateful for that,” Flores explained.

In producing the campaign, Jollibee chose creative agency BBH Singapore to transition into a global approach.

Sascha Kuntze, chief creative officer at BBH Singapore, commented, “We got a little tired of seeing empty streets and locked up places in commercials. The pandemic was and is a lot more personal. To really make an impact we wanted to show a perspective nobody had explored before.”

The campaign was directed by Law Chen of Stink Films Shanghai, and was shot in New York City.

Prior to this, Jollibee’s home market has also recently released a campaign in line with Jollibee’s new ‘Family Thanksgiving’ month initiative, which was launched to encourage everyone to always appreciate and be thankful for their families.

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WATCH: Jollibee’s Christmas ad shines on the ‘gift of family’ amid pandemic

Manila, Philippines – The Philippine headquarters of the now global fast-food brand Jollibee has released its Christmas ad in the country, which puts to the spotlight one of the few silver linings the pandemic has brought – more time with family.

The ad is one straight out of the “new normal,” where in the first few seconds of the ad, people walking in the streets with face shields on are seen.

The ad was made with no special fuss, but hits home – people have definitely been plagued by the massive lifestyle changes amid the pandemic, but on the other hand, it has also unexpectedly brought a positive effect, such as closer ties with the family.

Such sentiment is represented by the inner thoughts of a child, who looks out the window, longing to go back outside and play in the playground. Then the mellow beginning quickly changes into a happy and grateful disposition.

From the bothered musings of the child “Hangang kailan kaya ganito…” (Until when will this continue) that are delivered as a lyrcial song, the child breaks into a smile and an upbeat tune, now enumerating, still through a song, the good side of it all: the home standing in as the boy’s playground, creating bonding moments with his parents, grandparents, and siblings.

So where does Jollibee appear? In the ad, Jollibee’s signature food items – such as Chickenjoy and Jolly Spaghetti – are displayed as the anchor for the characters’ family time at dinner and merienda (snack time).

Within two days, the ad has already raked in 2.6M views, as of writing, on YouTube. Filipino viewers loved the film, with one commenting on Jollibee’s channel, “[Nice] commercial. [Showing] the positive side of this pandemic ?? [and] bringing family closer to each other ?”

Another user commented, “Jollibee never fails me with [its] commercial ✨??”

Jollibee has been known for proactively participating in designated calendar celebrations and using its special films to pay tribute on Valentine’s, Mother’s, and Grandparents day.

One of its films released on Valentine’s of this year called #CoupleGoals, garnered 21M views, which depicts the reality among seemingly perfect couples on social media.

Aside from the brand’s Christmas ad, the fast-food chain has also recently delighted its Filipino patrons with another year-end surprise when it brought back its signature one-third pound patty burger Champ, and the jumbo variant of its staple Burger Steak, Ultimate Burger Steak.

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A champ is back: Jollibee’s 1/3 pound patty burger returns to menu

Manila, Philippines – Fast food chain Jollibee in the Philippines has made a big announcement Friday – its stuffed, hundred percent pure beef, and one-third pound patty Champ burger has been brought back to its menu.

The signature burger of the restaurant is well-loved by Filipinos, and fans were greatly upset when Jollibee announced its phase-out in January of this year. 

The return was revealed on its Facebook. Although offered only on “selected” stores, its availability still spans nationwide with at least 16 stores for every region, including that of the country’s metro location.

The Champ consists of beef patty, tomato, lettuce, and cheese. Tagging along the comeback is also two new introductions, Bacon Champ which has two strips of bacon, and the new Amazing Aloha Champ with honey mustard dressing and two pineapple rings.

The jumbo variant of the Jollibee classic Burger Steak, which was similarly phased out in January, has also been re-added to the menu. The Ultimate Burger Steak consists of garlic rice, a thick burger steak, mushroom gravy, fries, and a fried egg. 

The original Champ is priced at P150 for the ala carte version, while the Bacon and Aloha selections can be ordered at P185 and P199, respectively. Meanwhile, the burger steak’s price starts at P150.

All items are available starting October 30, with the re-added burger steak slated to roll-out in the Visayas and Mindanao region by November 18. 

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Jollibee Group brings dim sum restaurant brand Tim Ho Wan to China

Hong Kong – Jollibee Group, the company behind Philippine-grown restaurant brands Jollibee, Chowking, and Greenwich has opened Mainland China’s first-ever Tim Ho Wan in Shanghai.

In November 2019, the joint venture between Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) and Tim Ho Wan’s operator Dim Sum Pte. Ltd was formed.

The restaurant has been Michelin-starred and is often dubbed as the cheapest one within such distinction. Its popular dishes include the signature baked BBQ pork buns, rice rolls, pork & shrimp dumplings, and the pan-fried radish cake.

It will be located in integrated development Jing An Kerry Centre in Shanghai’s Jing’an District.

Jollibee Group CEO Ernesto Tanmantiong revealed that the group intends to open 100 restaurants in the country in the next 5 years.

“Opening in Shanghai, one of the busiest global hubs, is an excellent starting point for our expansion plans for Tim Ho Wan in Mainland China,” commented Tanmantiong.

He also said, “The core of Tim Ho Wan is to serve delicious authentic Hong Kong dim sum to more people at a good value for money, and this is why we believe that Tim Ho Wan is a great addition to the Jollibee Group’s portfolio.”

According to the group, its initial opening has been met with a large flock of customers.

Jollibee Foods Corporation China Chairman Carl Tancaktiong said, “Given the response we are seeing, we are planning to open the second store by the end of this year. Aside from Shanghai, we will also open in Beijing, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou.”

Jollibee Group’s portfolio of restaurants span operations in 35 countries including United States, Canada, Singapore, and United Arab Emirates.

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Jollibee Singapore brings local take of Nasi Lemak to its menu

Singapore – The Singaporean branch of Philippines-grown restaurant brand Jollibee has decided to spruce up its menu, by bringing its local take of the dish Nasi Lemak.

Nasi Lemak, which has its origins in Malay cuisine, consists of fragrant rice that has been soaked in coconut milk and cooked with Pandan leaf that gives it its distinct flavor. It is a staple favorite in neighboring countries Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and even Philippines; each having its unique take on the dish.

The Nasi Lemak dish is a variant to Jollibee’s signature meal consisting of “Chickenjoy.” Instead of the usual rice, the new dish will be served with traditional Nasi Lemak sides: coconut rice, hot spicy sauce Sambal, small fried anchovies called Ikan Bilis, and cucumber slices.

Enjoy this new crispy & juicy tradition, Nasi Lemak Chickenjoy for only $5*! It is our bestseller Chickenjoy (Original…

Posted by Jollibee Singapore on Thursday, October 1, 2020

As per usual, customers can order the chicken either in original or spicy flavor. The meal’s starting price is at S$5 and can be ordered via in-store or food delivery apps.