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UNIQLO, Jollibee among Talkwalker & Hootsuite’s most loved brands in SEA for 2022

Manila, Philippines – Talkwalker, the leading consumer intelligence company, and Hootsuite, the global leader in social media management, have released their Brand Love 2022 report. Each year, Talkwalker uses its consumer intelligence capabilities to analyse over 1,500 brands, to see which ones are the most loved.

This year, the leading brands for Southeast Asia (SEA) include names like Sulwhasoo, UNIQLO, Jollibee, AIA, and DBS Bank, in addition to other international leading brands such as Asics, Jimmy Choo, Fjällräven, Apple, and more. By partnering with Hootsuite, the report now also includes tips on how brands can improve their brand love immediately.

The report uses a refined methodology to create the Talkwalker Brand Love Index. With over 10 years of client research and in-depth analysis of use cases, the index identified 3 critical scores for monitoring brand love – Passion, Trust, and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT). These scores were calculated by analysing over 2.6 billion conversations from social media, news, blogs, and reviews, to identify the brands consumers really care about.

“This is the third year running Talkwalker has developed the Brand Love report,” said Elena Melnikova, Talkwalker CMO.

Melnikova adds, “And each year it reveals a clear picture of what’s driving consumer passion at that time. Consumer priorities, values, and behaviours change constantly, and only those brands that are close to their consumers, foresee these changes and adapt. These are the brands that are sustaining and growing their brand love. Love your consumers, and your consumers will love you.”

In the past year, there was an increased focus on sustainability in the world, particularly on what impact brands are having on a social, economic, or environmental level. As many of the top 50 brands have prioritised sustainability efforts, we can see that this should not just be a consumer priority, but a critical brand strategy that can help create or kill brand love.

“As a marketer, if the past year and a half taught us anything, it’s that the traditional ways of advertising have changed drastically. Brands who put authenticity and courageous creativity at the core of their plans are the ones who generate the most brand love,” said Maggie Lower, CMO, Hootsuite.

“This year’s Brand Love report features shining examples that we can all learn from of how companies are innovating and connecting with their audience in different ways to build loyalty and affinity,” added Lower.

To discover more, download the Brand Love 2022 report here.

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Jollibee unveils music video to celebrate 124 years of PH independence

Philippines — Jollibee, the Philippines’ leading fast-food chain, celebrates this year’s Independence Day with a new music video entitled ‘Joy ng Pinoy’. The film aims to inspire a love for the Philippines in a meaningful and personal way.

The music video by Jollibee, made in collaboration with BetterBrandLabs Inc and Ubuntu Premium Studios, highlights how the new generation makes good use of their talent and skills, and willingness to share the joy and contribute to making a difference in society.

Set to the tune of an OPM classic, ‘Awit ng Kabataan,’ the video is headlined by three up-and-coming Gen Z artists – Francine Diaz, Adie, and Alex Bruce – as they represent the voice of today’s youth and encourage every Filipino to proclaim why they are proud to be Pinoy.

Arline Adeva, assistant vice president and head of brand PR, engagement and digital marketing of Jollibee Philippines, commented, “As the Philippines celebrates its 124th Independence Day, Jollibee looks to continue promoting Filipino pride and joy especially as the country moves toward recovery from the pandemic. Having experienced the worst part of the pandemic, we wanted this video to inspire and bring hope to people through the voice and actions of our youth. It’s not just about bringing joy to family and friends, but also about making a difference in other people’s lives.”

Simultaneously, Gina Lorenzana, chief energist of BetterBrandLabs Inc, said, “As cliché as it may sound, the youth play a really important role in giving hope and shaping our future. For our country to have a better future, we believe that we need to spread joy as Pinoy from the youngest of us.”

Meanwhile, Treb Monteras, the director of the music video, shared, “[In this video] we showcased some of the creative ways the youth are sparking change in the world. From upcycling trash to clothes, competing in new sports, and helping their communities with their skills.”

Monteras added, “This is my first time directing for Jollibee and I’m glad it’s for this particular project. I’m happy to collaborate with a company that values Pinoy culture. Our country has gone through a lot these past two years, and this video will remind us that there is still hope for our nation’s future through the joyful spirit of our Pinoy youth.”

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Kwentong Jollibee spotlights the courage of a mother’s heart this Mother’s Day

Philippines — In the Filipino culture, Mothers have often been called the light of the home but they are also every family’s anchor. For this year’s Mother’s Day, Jollibee is putting a highlight marker on the quality that makes moms the best -a mother’s resilience.

Done in collaboration with creative agency McCann Worldgroup, the campaign, entitled ‘Hinga’, celebrates the strength and selflessness of all mothers through a poignant and heartfelt Kwentong Jollibee Mother’s Day special video that shows how mothers continue to bravely face challenges for their family’s welfare. They remain, at all times, strong, resilient, and selfless.

Francis E. Flores, marketing head of Jollibee Global and Jollibee Philippines, said, “Children learn to handle setbacks and struggles from their mothers. It’s not an exaggeration to say that we take our strength from our moms. Through them we learn how to deal with small hiccups and minor annoyances like being afraid of storms to bigger challenges like injuries and sickness.”

Flores added, “With this special Mother’s Day video, we at Jollibee, want to thank our mothers for showing us how to love endlessly and how to be strong enough to face the challenges of everyday life.”

Set to the heartwarming tune of the popular Filipino band Ben&Ben’s “Ilang Tulog Na Lang”, the video, inspired by a true story shows the little things that convey how mothers are always there for their families. It highlights how moms bravely face challenges for their families–and even though they are also afraid, what rises to the surface is the need to ensure their families’ safety and happiness.

Speaking on the project, director Joel Ruiz shared, “Every Kwentong Jollibee may have different stories but at its core it’s the same: it’s all about love and family, and it’s all tied together by true stories and experiences, that’s what makes every film universally appealing. This Mother’s Day video is no different, and yet it’s so much more special because while directing this film, it felt like I was also paying tribute to my own mother and everything she did for our family.”

Ruiz previously directed the Kwentong Jollibee Valentine Series Homecoming in 2018, another episode in 2019 entitled Proposal, as well as the Father’s Day special video that same year.

Meanwhile, Sid Samodio, executive creative director of McCann Worldgroup, commented, “When we think about our mothers we think about their love and how they are the most fearless people we know. It’s with that truth that we created this short film: it’s a tribute to the strength of a mother’s heart, which she passes on to the people she loves.”

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Jollibee’s latest campaign shows joy of eating out safely in new normal

Philippines Restaurant chain Jollibee together with its creative agency, Publicis JimenezBasic (PJB) tried to capture the unique experience of dining out in the new normal and the newfound joy that comes with spending time again with family and friends in the fast-food chain’s latest safety video. 

Titled ‘Salamat sa Joy ng Muling Pagsasama’, (Thank you for the joy of reunion), the video promotion features everyday circumstances including the little inconveniences in a fresh and optimistic outlook in life. Whether it’s the lead girl basking happily under the sun, or a family enjoying their time inside their car during rush hour, all the characters in the film are seen smiling widely at the chance to enjoy bonding moments again with friends and loved ones at the restaurant chain which has always been one of their favourite go-to places.

After two years of changing restrictions, ordinary moments that have taken a backseat like these have only become more special and appreciated. And this gratefulness is also shown in the faces of Jollibee’s store manager and crew, as the fully vaccinated store teams are eager to welcome customers back and provide a safe dining experience. 

Jollibee Philippines Assistant Vice President and Head of Brand PR, Engagement, and Digital Marketing, Arline Adeva, said, “As COVID-19 protocols are easing up, more Filipinos have become more confident and willing to eat out together with their families and friends once again. We want to assure them that Jollibee shares their joy and that our stores are safe venues to rekindle the joy of eating out with their loved ones.” 

To strengthen the message of newfound joy and appreciation that the brand hopes to convey, the video’s soundtrack used a rendition of Salamat (Thank you) by Filipino band The Dawn. The iconic song’s lyrics were altered a bit to fit the Jollibee brand and reflect Filipinos’ gratitude for “saya ng muling pagsasama” (fun of reunion). 

“We’re all experiencing a new kind of joy and this merits a song that captures the feeling and experience of being together again. We went through a lot of songs to find the one. But no other song could match the message of ‘Salamat.’ The feeling of gratitude, nostalgia, and appreciation for our togetherness now was already written with this song, and we only needed to make a few tweaks to reflect every little detail of joy in our lives today,” said the PJB creatives team.

Director Adrian Calumpang said, “It’s wonderful that Jollibee cares about their customers’ safety and well-being and it shows in how they regularly communicate this in their materials throughout these extraordinary times, all while sustaining their sincere message of joy.”Aside from the seemingly ordinary but sweet scenes of friends and family dining together, the director also highlighted the restaurant chain’s safety measures such as featuring fully vaccinated store teams, checking of vaccination cards for indoor dining, physical distancing, wearing of proper PPEs, and general upkeep and sanitation of the store.

Likewise, the creative team of Publicis JimenezBasic also expressed their collective excitement about the campaign, “We were all so excited to work on this project as we have been feeling the same sense of gratitude that is the exact message from the brand. And it couldn’t have come at a better time. We are all now going through the same experience of enjoying life outside, a stark contrast to the emptiness we’ve grown accustomed to for the past two years. Even going through daily traffic now is a welcome sight because it gives us a new feeling of being alive. Through this project, we were able to share that gratitude and joy.”

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Jollibee’s Valentine-centric films focus on real-life Pinoy experiences of love

Manila, Philippines – Tapping into Filipinos’ love for heart-warming stories, fast-food chain Jollibee continues to release more films that capture the spirit of new, true-to-life stories unique to the experiences of Filipinos in these current times. 

The films are made in partnership with agency McCann Worldgroup, and will also present themes of challenges that come with finding love during the pandemic, and have repeatedly redefined love for some and shown the real meaning of love to others.

For this year’s Kwentong Jollibee Valentines series, we get a genuine snapshot of this era – from lockdown relationships to K-drama crushes – as well as nuanced definitions of love from different perspectives.

The shorts ‘600 Days’ and ‘Dream Guy’ are directed by Antoinette Jadaone, while ‘ILY’ is directed by JP Habac. Both acclaimed filmmakers have captured the hearts of Pinoy audiences with previous Kwentong Jollibee episodes–‘LDR’ (2021) by Jadaone and the smash-hit ‘One True Pair The Movie’ (2021) featuring John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo by Habac.

Arline Adeva, assistant vice president and head of brand PR, engagement, and digital marketing at Jollibee, said, “What makes every Kwentong Jollibee film resonate and touch the lives of Filipinos is that these stories are rooted in the Filipino experience. We continuously make an effort to have our viewers know that their emotions, situations, problems, and successes are seen and heard while constantly reminding them that while the world may change, love will always remain constant and unflinching.”

Meanwhile, Sid Samodio, executive creative director at McCann Worldwide Philippines, commented that one thing that sets ‘Kwentong Jollibee’ apart is how it’s always current and timely. He added that it’s culled from life lessons and stories of different people through experiences brought by the times.

“Two years into the pandemic, we found that people were in a state of uncertainty. There have been so many stops and starts, with everybody needing to adjust to the constant changes. And in a world where people are becoming increasingly separated from one another, and where more relationships are formed and maintained online instead of face to face, where can we find the real meaning of love,” he concluded.

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Marketing Campaign of The Year: Jollibee’s ‘A Message From The Future’

Jollibee, the top local fast-food chain in the Philippines, which is continually making a name worldwide with its growing global presence, unveils in May of 2021 its first-ever global campaign. Amid numerous advertising campaigns launched this year, it’s ‘A Message From The Future’ that comes out as our Marketing Campaign of The Year. 

In a moving and tear-jerker three-minute film, Jollibee views the pandemic from the future – as a ‘survival story’ told to the new generation, one that is overcome through the power of family and sticking together. 

Through Jollibee’s strong delivery of content in the past years, it has moved from merely being a fast-food brand to now a platform that brings human stories to audiences, packaged in the most inspiring and touching narratives.

Here’s Francis Flores, JFC Philippines’ regional marketing head and Jollibee Philippines’ marketing head, who lets us in on the conceptualization process of the campaign – sharing on the inspiration and the goal of the film; and once and for all, revealing what the brand considers the crucial elements in serving a successful reel that resonates.

Creative Direction 

What inspired the storyline of the campaign?

Jollibee as a brand has always been about the joy of family. This has always been our main inspiration and guiding principle for all our Brand Love Campaigns whether for short films or brand thematic ads.

When the pandemic broke out, everyone was unprepared and had to face an uncomfortable reality. During this time, it was very difficult to convey messages of joy because fear and anxiety were the general sentiments of everyone, but we believed that there was a silver lining amid all this.

We were determined to encourage and uplift everyone by conveying an undisputed truth that even the worst situations cannot put down – the priceless joy that we get from being with our families. Despite the challenges and unfortunate effects that COVID-19 has brought, there is one positive thing that came with it, which is being able to spend more time with our families. From physically spending every waking hour together in lockdown to long video calls across continents, our family was what got us through.

We wanted this campaign to acknowledge the grim reality of the pandemic but still give a positive message of hope. It’s all about appreciating these moments and finding the ultimate joy with family. Our families have been a comforting factor for most of us in these tough times and we wanted everyone to be grateful for that. It was the year of the pandemic, but it was also the year of the family.

What elements does Jollibee’s creative team consider to make an ideal Jollibee campaign?

It all starts with a powerful and universal truth, and for this campaign – we are spending more time with our families now, it has never happened before and may never happen again. And coming from this powerful truth, we wanted to surface the positive things that we can be grateful for even at the height of the pandemic.

a. The rare opportunity to spend more time and grow closer with our family because of the lockdown/quarantine.

b. The realization that anything can happen anytime, so we must never take anything for granted.

c. Our greatest source of joy lies in the ones that matter the most – our families.

Another important aspect is our collaboration with our partner agencies. We’re blessed to be working with several world-class creative agencies and teams that work with us in bringing our brief and vision to life. And during the whole campaign process, we made sure that we worked in close collaboration with our partner agency – from crafting the brief, ideation, storylines until actual production.

It is also critical to clearly define the message we want to convey and who our audience is. Given the widespread effect of the pandemic, we aimed to reach every Filipino family across the globe and not just in the Philippines. To make this possible, we chose to work with a global team to package the creative message in the most universal way possible, but consciously kept it rooted in genuine Filipino values. The campaign was brought to life with the help of BBH (Bartle Bogle Hegarty), a Singapore-based creative agency, and director Law Chen, an American Born Chinese who is a multi-awarded film and advertising director. Armed with a global perspective, a powerful truth, and an inspiring universal message, we were determined to create a film that not only reflects the heart of the Jollibee brand, but also uplifts the human spirit.

Lastly, we made sure that we provided sufficient media, digital and PR support for our campaigns. We didn’t just focus on launching digital videos and ads, we applied a holistic approach for every campaign. We collaborated with our media, digital, and PR agencies to cover all relevant touchpoints and to maximize the reach and effectiveness of our campaigns. Specific to this campaign, we rolled out various initiatives in social media platforms, tapped media partners, and utilized influencers.

We also made it part of a bigger campaign for the month of May where we celebrated the joy of family, notwithstanding the challenges we were all faced during the pandemic. We launched the Family Thanksgiving month last May 1, and we came out with our Kwentong Jollibee Mother’s Day special a week after which espouses gratitude for your loved ones and the joy of family messaging.

Jollibee has been known to roll out emotional-driven films; why do you think it is important for a brand like Jollibee to communicate its brand message through film?

For over 40 years, Jollibee is a brand that is deeply rooted in Filipino culture and is known for bringing joy to families. It has been part of the lives of Filipino families – from simple bonding moments to celebrating major milestones. And it’s not just in the food that we provide, but in the actual experience and joy that people have with our brand. 

It has always been our mission to bring joy to everyone and producing video content has allowed us to continue effectively conveying our message to our target audience. As the world becomes more digital, with information and content made readily available on various platforms, we’re maximizing the use of videos and short films to continue spreading joy through meaningful but free content that resonates with our target audience.

Viewer perception

What has been the feedback of the audience since releasing this first-ever global campaign? 

As of this writing, the film has garnered over 24 million views on YouTube and Facebook combined since we launched it this year in May 2021. It is always great to see several comments and mentions on social media on how they were able to relate to the film and how it has prompted them to actually show and express their appreciation and love for their family members. 

Since this is Jollibee’s first global brand love campaign, it is also overwhelming to see a lot of positive feedback from the international media and advertising industry. We are also humbled and honored to be featured and picked up by global publications such as Ad Age, Ads of the World, and being among the Top 5 in Ad Forum’s best ads of the week worldwide.

What do you think the brand values ‘A Message from the Future’ convey to its viewers?

It’s about giving people a different perspective on the pandemic; to look at it from a more positive and hopeful light. While it’s undeniable that we are faced with a lot of challenges and hardships because of the pandemic, we want to highlight the importance of having our family by our side. So that when we look back, we won’t only relive the difficulties we have experienced, but rather we’ll remember more how our family was our source of strength, hope, and joy.

We know it’s easy to take things for granted, so we want to remind people to appreciate the time we have with our family and be thankful for even the little things that our family does for us. And like what was said in the video, we’ve all gone through a rough time during the pandemic, but it is our family’s love which saved us. So, no matter how sad this period of our life was, because of our family, we still found joy.

Agency: BBH Singapore
Chief Creative Officer: Sascha Kuntze
Creative Directors: Mae Ong & Gaston Soto
Creative Team: Sandra Eichner, Charlene Chua, Dawn Abegail, Shervin Low
Business Director: Ross Henderson
Account Director: Victoria Fernandez
Account Managers: Isabel Ong, Daphne Tan
Chief Strategic Officer: Jacob Wright
Senior Strategist: Zoe Chen
Agency Producer: Wendi Chong
Production Company: Stink Films Shanghai
Director: Lawrence Chen
Film Out: Metropolis Post
Audio House: Twenty Below Music, 750mph, Fuse
Client: Jollibee
JFC Philippines Country/Regional Marketing Head and Jollibee Philippines Marketing Head: Francis Flores
Assistant Vice President and Head of Brand PR, Engagement and Digital Marketing: Arline Adeva

Senior Brand PR and Communications Manager: Dennis Reyes
Brand Engagement Manager: Beatriz Cruz
Social Media & Digital Content Officer: Jean Vittorio Sabado

This recognition is based on the results of Google Analytics on the most-read stories of 2021 with editorial validation on the significance of a leader’s contribution, campaigns results, and overall impact.

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Jollibee takes cues from a tech product launch to introduce ‘Chick’nwich’

Manila, Philippines – Reminiscent of what many of us have seen from our most-awaited tech product launches, Filipino fast-food chain Jollibee has taken that same theme to launch its newest product, the ‘Chick’nwich’.

The campaign was conceptualized by creative agency BBH Singapore, and was directed by Louis Nieto of Stink Films. The film, shot in Prague, describes the product as if they are taken straight out of a product launch, with descriptions such as ‘ultra-large chicken display’, ‘spatial surround crunch’, and ‘a personal hand-held device to satisfy your appetite’.

Speaking about the film production, Nieto said, “When Jollibee and BBH Singapore approached me with a ‘tech product launch’ idea, I was intrigued and excited. Pushing beyond the territory of food, I wanted to creatively portray the Chick’nwich as something that’s absolutely innovative like no other – like a highly anticipated flagship release from our favorite tech brands.”

Meanwhile, for Francis Flores, country marketing head at Jollibee Food Corporation Philippines and marketing head at Jollibee Philippines, describes their latest product as a breakthrough product for them, a new level of chicken sandwich, bringing a new level of joy to their consumers.

“This gave us the opportunity to go big, and the work from BBH Singapore and director Louis Nieto, as well as the whole crew that gave it their all, certainly does that. Together we have created an ad that we can all be proud of. We look forward to catching the attention – and appetite – of Jollibee and chicken sandwich fans,” Flores said.

Sascha Kuntze, chief creative officer at BBH Singapore, commented, “In the world of product launch ads, no one does it like how the tech giants do. The hype and excitement with a clear product focus was something we wanted to play on. Especially for a groundbreaking product like the Jollibee Chick’nwich.”

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Jollibee Studios first to rekindle top Filipino loveteam John Lloyd Cruz, Bea Alonzo in new short film

Philippines – Top Filipino loveteam, or the country’s moniker for on-screen pairings, John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo has been seen reunited by none other than top fast-food brand Jollibee via its film studios on YouTube – Jollibee Studios. The two have been recently announced to have been signed on by the country’s largest media network, and before the comeback has been made official on the small screen, the F&B brand gets to revel in bragging rights on being the first one to do so. 

From bringing Filipinos their comfort food, Jollibee has grown its brand to be more than just a food staple. Through the years, it has made itself a platform for human and heartfelt stories via Jollibee studios. Following first-time gold medalist and Filipina athlete Hidilyn Diaz’s story for ‘Kwentong Jollibee’, the brand wows audiences by bringing back one of the biggest loveteams in the Philippines. Cruz and Alonzo’s short film will be tackling a “deeper kind of love.” The two started to team up on-screen in 2005, which was followed by a box-office hit a year after titled ‘All About Love.’ The chemistry and star power of the two cemented them as one of the top love teams in the country.

Titled ‘One True Pair The Movie’, the new short film, which is directed by award-winning director JP Habac and produced by creative agency Publicis JimenezBasic and video production firm Unitel Straight Shooters, features the reconnecting story of Ian del Rosario, who is played by Cruz, and Gela Rosales, who is played by Alonzo, and how their relationship evolved over time despite things changing.

Francis Flores, Jollibee Foods Corporation’s country and regional marketing head for the Philippines, noted that the new film is a heartwarming story about a love that lasts and transcends time and romance.

“It was such a joy being able to work with Bea and John Lloyd for this film. As seasoned and award-winning actors who have also been lifelong friends, they bring maturity to the story that makes it highly relatable and gives weight to the message that when you love someone, you love them forever,” said Habac.

Tats Cruz, Publicis JimenezBasic’s head of agency, said, “When it comes to developing a Jollibee Studios story, the marching orders are always about making it real, universal, and full of hope and that’s what One True Pair surfaces effectively. It’s really a very simple story that tells hard-hitting truths about loving someone.”

Jollibee said that ‘One True Pair The Movie’ is the first in a slew of original entertainment content from the revamped Jollibee Studios YouTube Channel, the brand’s hub for its digital Filipino stories. The film is also one of many that will be starring A-list celebrities, all of which will be exclusively available on Jollibee Studios.

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Jollibee’s famous short film brand ‘Kwentong Jollibee’ to feature Hidilyn Diaz’s story

Philippines – Jollibee has been known for its heartwarming ‘Kwentong Jollibee’ (Jollibee story) series, its brand of short films that stirs audiences’ emotions through its relatable stories. Part of the appeal of the narratives is that they are inspired by true events – human stories by ordinary people.

This time, the top fast-food chain is taking a different route. For its latest ‘Kwentong Jollibee’ film which will be launched tomorrow, 15 October, it decided to bring front and center the story of a national personality – the first-ever Olympic gold medalist in the Philippines, Hidilyn Diaz, who recently brought pride to the country in the Tokyo Olympics.

Diaz attained the victory last July 2021 in the Tokyo Olympics 2020 for the sport weightlifting, besting countries China and Kazakhstan. From the momentous win, the untold story of the hardships she went through in training and in life came into the spotlight, and this is what Jollibee aims to immortalize through its latest short film titled ‘Ginto’.

Unveiled in a media launch Thursday, 14 October, Jollibee aimed through a creative narration to tell the story of Diaz – both her immediate journey leading to the gold medal and her humble beginnings before she became every Filipino’s pride today.

Partnering with a young actress who portrays Diaz, the film showed how Diaz grew her simple dream as a young girl to the national pride today that has now been imprinted in the country’s history. The film showed how Diaz used to work with improvised barbells in native gyms and also the experience she’s had in Malaysia just before the Tokyo Olympics 2020, where she found herself going back to dealing with improvised training due to limitations brought by the pandemic.

Francis Flores, JFC Philippines’ country and regional marketing head and Jollibee Philippines’ marketing head, said, “For Hidilyn, the road to gold at the Olympics has been full of ups and downs but what’s incredibly powerful about her story is that it brings the message of not giving up and working hard for your dreams.”

Flores adds, “Aside from being proudly Pinoy, Hidilyn embodies positive values that we at Jollibee also stand for. We are very proud to welcome her to the Jollibee family.”

The film also marks Diaz’s signing with Jollibee as an official ambassador.

Translated from Filipino, Diaz commented, “Of course I feel honored to be a part of the Jollibee family because when you say Jollibee, it’s a trademark for Filipino. As I was growing up, Jollibee has already been there and now that my life story is now part of ‘Kwentong Jollibee’, that’s a big thing for me.”

She adds, “I am very happy that my story will be able to give inspiration to every Filipino especially during the pandemic.”

The film was developed together with creative agency McCann Worldgroup Philippines, who hopes that the new ‘Kwentong Jollibee’ would make a mark in the hearts of Filipinos just as its previous works have.

“The Kwentong Jollibee films have always been about hugot feelings. It capitalizes on making the Filipinos cry, laugh, go ‘awww’ by using unexpected story narratives about romance, family, and relationships. In this new ‘Kwentong Jollibee’, we tried to capture a different kind of hugot – the feeling of pride for the accomplishment of a fellow Filipino,” said NJ Mijares, creative director of McCann Worldgroup Philippines.

Narratives of ‘Kwentong Jollibee’ usually revolve around commemorative themes such as Valentine’s Day and Independence Day. The fast-food chain has also launched in May its first-ever global campaign with a story set in the future, narrating the story of a migrant Filipino family in New York City to send across the message of hope.

Everyone can catch the premiere of Hidilyn Diaz’s special Kwentong Jollibee film on Jollibee’s official Facebook page and Jollibee Studios YouTube channel beginning 15 October.

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Jollibee honors Filipinos’ innate communal unity–‘Bayanihan’–in latest Independence Day campaign

Manila, Philippines – To mark the Philippines’ 123rd Independence Day, which is celebrated on 12 June, fast-food giant Jollibee has launched a new campaign called ‘Pusong Pinoy’, which in English translates to ‘Filipino heart’, with the aim to celebrate the ‘Bayanihan Spirit’ – a Filipino concept of communal work, discourse, and cooperation to achieve a common goal.

Done in collaboration with advertising agency McCann Worldgroup Philippines, the campaign’s centerpiece is a heartwarming and empowering song that captures the said Filipino qualities. It is composed by songwriter Thyro Alfaro and is brought to life by popular local singers Sarah Geronimo and Billy Crawford.

In addition, the campaign’s music video was directed by local filmmaker Paolo Villaluna. It features snapshots of inspiring Filipinos demonstrating the ‘Bayanihan’ spirit such as, healthcare workers battling in the frontlines, common citizens doing simple acts of kindness, and everyday people who lead donation drives to provide food and other necessities to those in need.

McCann Worldgroup Philippines’ Associate Managing Partner Mitzie Lim-Nacianceno, shared that the film and song were designed and crafted to show how Filipinos are able to spread joy and hope to their fellowmen, through every difficult situation they have faced.

“This is made more relevant by featuring real Filipinos in our film that are making a difference for others despite this pandemic,” said Lim-Nacianceno.

Meanwhile, Arline Adeva, the assistant vice president and head of brand PR, engagement, and digital marketing at Jollibee Philippines, said, “We hope this song can be an anthem of hope and celebration, make us proud of our being Filipino, and encourage all of us to be daily heroes for one another.”

The ‘Pusong Pinoy’ campaign is already available on the official Jollibee Philippines Facebook page and Jollibee Studios Youtube channel.