Thailand – Siam Piwat Retail Holding Company Limited, a retail innovation under the Siam Piwat Group, has joined forces with Takashimaya Transcosmos IC Japan Company Limited (TTICJ), a unit of Takashimaya Group, Japan’s well-known major premium department store chain, to showcase three of its owned and curated brands at the Meetz STORE, a new concept offline showroom. Among these brands are Absolute Siam, Ecotopia and ICONCRAFT. 

With this partnership, Thai SMEs and the Thai economy will benefit from Siam Piwat Retail’s strategy of promoting its own brands abroad and expanding its client base abroad, all while supporting the Thai economy.

The three Thai brands are Absolute Siam, Ecotopia, and ICONCRAFT, each with distinctive outstanding features but united in their unique Thai craftsmanship and creativity. The products include innovative art and contemporary craftworks by skilled artisans, designers, young eco-conscious creators, and SME entrepreneurs from across Thailand.

Usara Yongpiyakul, CEO of retail business group of Siam Piwat Co Ltd., said, “Siam Piwat has long been conducting business with large companies in Japan, and Takashimaya is one of the key partners, having opened the first branch in Thailand at ICONSIAM. This collaboration is thus an extension of our close business relationship. For this initiative, TTICJ (Takashimaya Transcosmos I.C. Japan) will bridge the knowledge gap and share the experience responsible for its long-standing success in Japan, while we bring our expertise in presenting a diverse range of distinctly Thai products and creating unique and extraordinary experiences in the Japanese market.”

Yongpiyakul added, “Japan marks the third country in Asia in our international expansion following Malaysia and Taiwan in a period of only five months since the beginning of 2022. Under Meetz Store, a new O2O e-commerce platform that connects customers from offline to online channels, this will enhance the opportunities to increase the international presence of Thai brands to the target groups and promote their ability to better cater to the needs and the shopping behaviour of Japanese customers.”

Meetz STORE held at Takashimaya Times Square in Shinjuku, Tokyo, from 29th April 2022 onwards and Siam Piwat Retail will commence its operation in Meetz STORE at the end of June 2022. More importantly, Meetz STORE aims to tap into nationwide 5.7 million cardholders of Takashimaya Group. 

Meetz STORE is the evolution of merging offline showroom stores with e-commerce platforms to spur offline-to-online (O2O) shopping experience and stimulate spending everywhere across Japan. Meetz STORE features a variety of carefully selected product categories, endorsed and promoted by Japanese well-known curators in their expertise fields. The presentation of Siam Piwat’s brands aims to be curated and endorsed by Mr. Mao Sakaguchi, a creator of well-known for his ethical consumption concepts and curation of eco-friendly and socially responsible products, which have been growing in popularity among Japanese consumers.

This collaboration does not only drive Siam Piwat’s retail arm forward and further strengthen the business partnership between Siam Piwat and Takashimaya Group, but more importantly commercializing SPW own curated concept brands to different countries with new business models that will enhance SPW and partners to achieve mutual benefits and growth sustainably in the long run.