Singapore – Between consumers and businesses across APAC, the biggest disconnect is the need for a customer issue to be solved at first response and companies’ current shortcomings by bumping it down in their priorities.

According to a report by the global cloud leader in customer experience orchestration, Genesys, more than half of consumers in APAC place a premium on a company’s ability to respond quickly (58%) and solve their issues at first interaction (52%). Yet, only 41% of businesses in the region prioritized being quick to respond to requests and only 30% for first-contact resolution (FCR).

Despite this, companies are expressing confidence. About 66% of APAC businesses believe in their ability to respond quickly to customers, while 36% were confident that they excelled at FCR. On a more positive note as well, increasingly, CX is currently a board-level priority for more than half with 63% of regional companies in the study.

Moreover, the report revealed that 92% of repeat customers in APAC scored a business’ ability to listen as their most important attribute. Voice also remains the most-used channel with 76% among APAC consumers, but digital channels are surging. 

Assaf Tarnopolsky, Genesys’ senior vice president and general manager for APAC, believes that long-term brand loyalty will rely on the ability to orchestrate and deliver impactful CX that make the customer feel understood and valued throughout that exchange.

“Consumers today expect a company to know what they want or need, and to engage with the best course of action at speed. Moving beyond mere efficiency, and focusing on delivering the right data, and orchestrating the next-best action in the ideal moment and channel, are paths to success,” said Tarnopolsky.

The report surveyed 2,629 consumers and 690 CX executives from global markets inclusive of APAC, including Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan, as well as China, and India.