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RHB announces enhancements to SME digital platform with HR, payroll boost

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – RHB has announced brand new enhancements to its RHB REFLEX Premium Plus digital platform, the all-in-one financial management solution for SMEs. The enhanced version brings forward an integration that offers more options for accounting and payroll connectivity, as well as provides a more holistic ecosystem proposition for business owners.

The all-in-one financial management solution helps businesses manage and automate daily operations such as financial, sales, accounting, and people management including accounting & HR-related transactions. Chung Chee Kai, the head of group transaction banking of RHB Banking Group, said the accounting and HR solutions via API integration within RHB REFLEX Premium Plus allow for seamless and secure connectivity to third-party service providers, which in turn provides them with better control and improved cost and operational efficiencies through the automation of various accounting and HR functions.

“At RHB, we are focused on delivering market-leading and seamless customer experience that holistically addresses our customer’s business needs. RHB REFLEX Premium Plus addresses the increasingly sophisticated needs of our SME customers and today, more than 2,000 of our SME customers are already using this facility. We target to [onboard] a total of more than 15,000 SME customers to this enhanced digital platform by 2025,” said Chung Chee Kai.

Through this first-in-market API integration of accounting and HR solutions, RHB’s SME customers are able to seamlessly automate payroll and other accounting functions, such as viewing their banking account balances and preparing invoice and salary payments, directly via the partner’s platform without the need to go on different channels. Furthermore, customers can retrieve essential information via an all-in-one financial dashboard as well as automate bank reconciliation and retrieve on-demand/periodical bank account statements.

SME Featured Southeast Asia

This HR cloud system by Huubap is offered under IMDA’s grant

Singapore – Singapore small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are afforded another aid towards digitalization through the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA)-approved workforce management system King of Time. The tech is from Singapore-based HR solutions provider Huubap. 

By the approval of IMDA, the cloud-based attendance management system is offered under the Productivity Solutions grant with a maximum of 70% funding support. 

King of Time digitalizes and streamlines the process of HR tasks such as leave application, rostering, and approvals. Features also include flexible work hours management, staggered shifts, employee tracking, and overtime requests, with them customizable to industry and company-specific needs. 

Through the system, managing global locations through one centralized master account is also made possible. Access to the system would require only a PC and an internet connection, which includes all stakeholders such as HR, managers, and employees. 

Kazuyuki Okuhata, co-founder and CEO of Huubap said, “SMEs are key drivers of the Singapore economy and they need to be well-equipped to improve operations, especially for industries that are harder hit by the pandemic. We hope that the adoption of King of Time as part of their innovation initiatives will help them to optimize workflow in the face of limited resources and manpower.”

The Productivity Solutions grant by IMDA was put up to help companies adopt technology solutions to improve productivity and enhance business processes.

For the King of Time, five versions are available for subsidy, catering to 20 up to 150 users. The subsidized rates cover the most expensive and time-consuming phase of the adoption such as the training, set-up, and hardware. 

The initial set-up fee for the system is from S$500 with the monthly fee standing at S$3 per user.

Huubap is offering a 30-day free trial of King of Time with full features available. Companies can apply for the trial on the website and receive assistance from the support team with set-up and operation.

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AnyMind Group plans for future expansion, renames CastingAsia, AdAsia

Singapore – AnyMind Group, a company that produces software in direct-to-consumer, cloud manufacturing, entertainment, marketing, and HR, has announced its plans to connect its various offerings and to build a runway for future expansion.

AnyMind Group has renewed its vision, and now aims to “make every business borderless,” through removing borders and barriers for organizations whether it be geographical, online and offline, industries, platforms, and mediums.

Having launched, developed, and acquired brands across various industries such as marketing, entertainment, and direct-to-consumer, the company aims to offer end-to-end solutions from brand building, product manufacturing, and marketing.

Commenting on this development, Kosuke Sogo, CEO, and co-founder of AnyMind Group discussed the company’s plans to expand its offerings. 

“Having grown and established strong offerings across multiple spaces, we are looking to move into a position to connect our various offerings to form one of the first end-to-end brand enablement platforms. Apart from leveraging on our individual products, we’re moving towards helping businesses and individuals tap on a comprehensive solution to seamlessly turn previously-siloed data into action, in the future.”

“True to our underlying philosophy of Growth for Everyone, we can enable businesses and individuals to become borderless, from brand establishment,product creation, marketing, selling, and very soon, fulfilment.”

In addition, the company will be renaming its flagship brands in influencer marketing, and influencer management, and advertising. 

In a nutshell, said brands will now be renamed to carry the word “Any.” CastingAsia, its influencer marketing platform will now be called AnyTag. Meanwhile, its influencer management network CastingAsia Creators Network has been renamed to AnyCreator. 

The AdAsia brand on the other hand, which includes AdAsia Digital Platform, the AdAsia Premium Marketplace and AdAsia360 will be discontinued, with the AdAsia Digital Platform software being renamed to AnyDigital and its publisher platform names, AdAsia360, FourM360, and Acqua360 to be consolidated under the name AnyManager.

Sogo said, “In line with becoming an end-to-end brand enablement platform and longer-term plans to expand out of Asia, we have renamed our products to fit in with the wider AnyMind Group branding and to position ourselves for future growth through a unified branding strategy.”