Hong Kong – Boutir, a social mobile commerce solutions provider and multi-channel commerce platform, has partnered with Tap & Go, a mobile wallet under HKT Payment Limited, to launch a cutting-edge livestreaming online marketplace, aimed at supporting small merchants.

The new livestreaming online marketplace will be hosting a series of livestreaming sales events under various themes to facilitate consumers’ access to more comprehensive merchandise information and offers. It will also support local merchants in coping with the business model under the new normal amidst the epidemic and seizing the business opportunities brought about by the new round of consumption vouchers.

Moreover, the platform allows merchants in categories, such as frozen meat, fruits, and wine and spirits, to participate in livestreaming sales events together to offer a variety of settings and consuming experiences for their consumers. Livestreaming sales events with other merchants in a similar category at the online marketplace can be held at any location of their choosing. Online marketplaces can also route customers to merchant websites, which allows them to get user traffic statistics, create customer bases, and increase user engagement. 

Starting on 18 April 2022, the marketplace will begin a series of live marketing campaigns under various themes at 9:00 pm HKT, once a week for four weeks, during which livestreaming merchants will offer a variety of deals. The themes includes grocery shopping and cooking tips, spending consumption vouchers with your family: shopping for trendy lifestyle products, travel through your eyes: products from Japan, Korea and across the world, and For the pretty ones: fashion and beauty special.

Heidi Chan, chief operating officer of HKT Financial Services, commented, “We are delighted to partner with Boutir, an online commerce platform that brings together numerous local merchants. In addition to helping small businesses adapt to the new business model, we are also offering specials on transaction fees to enable merchants to capture opportunities from the new round of consumption vouchers and economic recovery.”

Chan said, “At the same time, through the livestreaming online marketplace and a series of spending rewards, Tap & Go users can enjoy an online shopping spree using the consumption vouchers from the comfort of their own home, which will ultimately help boost local spending.” 

Meanwhile, Bibianna Wong, head of sales & marketing at Boutir, said, “This breaks down the technical barriers to opening online stores for merchants ranging from small stores to long-standing brands, which in turn allows them to take advantage of technological developments so they can enter this previously intimidating market.”