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‘Tradies are heroes’ is centerpiece of hipages’ latest campaign

Sydney, Australia – ‘Tradies’ or slang for tradesmen have been an integral part of Australian for their home needs. Realizing the importance of this ‘partnership’, Aussie ‘tradie’ platform hipages has launched a new campaign, putting the focus on these ‘tradies’ that have helped Australian homes to be renovated and fixed.

The campaign highlights hipages as the place where dreamers and practical doers unite towards the common goal of making a home the best it can be. Founded in 2004, hipages is Australia’s largest online ‘tradie’ marketplace. Whether someone’s building a swimming pool or installing a new kitchen, if one needs a licensed ‘tradie’, you will always find one customers can trust on hipages.

Said campaign was created by creative agency BMF, who was appointed by hipages in June following a competitive pitch between three Australian creative agencies. The agency was the lead creative agency as well to launch the new brand platform of hipages.

For Guillaume Papillon, head of brand and communications at hipages said that BMF’s approach to their brand relaunch and campaign nurtured and elevated the platform’s existing brand to create something magical, rather than ignoring the solid foundations they have built for the hipages brand over the past few years.

“Understanding and successfully positioning a two-sided, online marketplace can be challenging, but also an exciting task for brand experts and creatives. I feel like we have succeeded in doing so with this new brand platform. BMF has a proven track record for driving exceptional growth for Aussie brands and for creating enduring ideas that are true to the brand sentiment and purpose. We are confident that together we will create happier Australian homes,” Papillon said.

Meanwhile, Pia Chaudhuri, executive creative director at BMF, commented, “Homeowners get to reap the glory that comes with a much-improved home, often taking the credit for the hard work of the tradies involved. We wanted to show that you need a tradie behind you to make those home improvement dreams come true. And when you think about it, civilization as we know it wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the people with the skills and smarts to make even the wildest ideas a reality.”