Sydney, Australia – Japanese candy brand Hi-Chew is extending its ad campaign across Australia and New Zealand, adding to the growing social media campaign of Hi-Chew across Facebook and Instagram since October.

The ad titled ‘Hi-Chew Fruit Wrestlers’ is an animated commercial that depicts two friends battling against each other in a video game, who get transformed into a green apple and a strawberry. Other variants of the commercial are also available, with fruits corresponding to other available Hi-Chew Flavors.

“Young people are the heart of our market, and these media are best for reaching them. The digital campaign we launched in recent months has achieved success beyond my dreams, with over 500,000 video views.  The addition of TV will only increase that impact,” said Terry Kawabe, managing director of Morinaga Asia Pacific, the distributor of Hi-Chew.

The ad campaign for the ANZ market will also build a new theme called “Fortune Flavours the Bold,” which will also feature whimsical new ads that ask the question, “What’s your flavour?”

“The use of humor will increase viewing and sharing, and funny videos are far more likely to be viewed multiple times. We’ll further engage our audience with a challenge – asking them to nominate their favorite flavor,” said Cec Parnell, creative director of Australia-based ad agency Sponge.

In Australia, Hi-Chew is sold at selected supermarket chain Coles stores nationwide. In New Zealand, the fruit chews are sold at various retailers nationwide, including Pak ‘n Save and New World.

“Hi-Chew is Japan’s #1 selling soft candy for a reason. As we continue to expand our product line, and Hi-Chew continues to invest in marketing, sales will continue to grow,” said Anthony King, managing director of Australian distributor Grocery Corporation.

The brand shared the campaign will also promote the Hi-Chew website, so consumers can easily find nearby retail outlets. Meanwhile, the campaign will also see the promotion of  Coles Supermarkets.