Jakarta, Indonesia – Gojek’s interactive live streaming platform GoPlay has launched the GoPlay Creator Fund programme, aimed at opening access to sustainable income for creators and encouraging the growth of the creator economy in Indonesia. 

With more than US$1m, the programme provides creators with the opportunity to get a monthly bonus with an instant and seamless disbursement process, the potential for increased virtual gifts, training, and special benefits to increase the scale of their live show program.

Open to all creators in Indonesia from various genres, including new creators who don’t have viewers and followers yet, the GoPlay Creator Fund programme will run throughout 2022. Through the instant withdrawal feature that GoPlay has previously launched, creators can enjoy a speed fund disbursement process after their live show ends. This programme is expected to increase the GoPlay content creator development programme’s scale.

With terms and conditions applied, each creator will get a monthly bonus amount correlated with live stream frequency on GoPlay, which is the number of viewers, and how creators can find true fans from their audience community. To support transparency and innovation, creators will also receive monthly performance reports sent directly to each creator and access to instant withdrawals every month or when the show ends. 

In addition, GoPlay will hold various special missions and live streaming content creation training for all creators to ensure the quality and interactivity of their content and bring all creators closer to the audience.

Edy Sulistyo, GoPlay’s CEO, said that through the GoPlay Creator Fund, GoPlay is committed to supporting the livelihood of Indonesia’s content creators to earn a sustainable income, and this programme also aligns with Gojek’s mission to provide social impact for the ecosystem.

“Unlike other platforms, from the beginning, GoPlay has also provided an instant withdrawal feature for content creators where they have access to direct disbursement of their income instantly and seamlessly in minutes. Through GoPlay, new content creators can fully focus on creating positive content with the full support of GoPlay’s various features,” added Sulistyo

Meanwhile, Martinus Faisal, GoPlay’s CSO, shared that since the first time the GoPlay live stream service arrived, new creators have had the opportunity to earn revenue directly from the audience through the virtual gift feature without certain minimum criteria. 

“Through the GoPlay Creator Fund, not only creators can access monthly bonuses but, their virtual gifts from their true fans will potentially increase, along with the intimacy of creators to their true fans, even to the other potential true fans,” said Faisal.

Besides monthly bonuses and increased virtual gifts, creators have the opportunity to get various benefits in expanding the scale of the live show programme. Some of these advantages include promotion and paid advertising support on various GoPlay owned media channels, a special edition virtual gift with a unique design at a live show hosted by the creator, and the opportunity to use GoPlay recording studio in Jakarta for live streaming needs.

Moreover, creators can also have the opportunity to appear in regular GoPlay live performances, get sponsorship from brand partners facilitated by GoPlay, and have special mentorship from the GoPlay team.