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SG corporate brand dev’t firm Gipnetix expands to UK

Singapore Gipnetix, corporate brand development company headquartered in Singapore, has announced that it will be expanding into the UK market to broaden its influence coming from the Eastern region. 

Gipnetix helps small and medium-sized businesses develop their corporate branding and improve their market offerings. The company offers image and reputation building to help businesses become a recognizable brand through image protection, master classes, conferences, or enhancement programs.

Gipnetix sees the entry to the UK market as a breakthrough being a crucial market in the European region, and says that it is part of the firm’s overall strategy. 

 The firm said that the conditions of the new century have only further strengthened the relevance of brand building to companies.

“Brand building has become the main goal of successful entrepreneurship, especially for companies which are looking to enter new, untapped spaces. Strong brand image is becoming the strongest instrument in the fierce fight on the world market,” said Gepnitex in a press statement.