Singapore – Global job search portal,, has transformed into an end-to-end talent platform, and will now be known as ‘foundit’ with a new logo and vision, ushering in a new revolution in the job market. 

Synonymous with recruitment, foundit has been serving more than 70 million job seekers and 10,000 customers spread across 18 countries. As the company now transforms itself into a full-fledged talent platform, it will offer comprehensive solutions to recruiters and highly personalised and contextual services to job seekers across the Asia Pacific and the Middle East. It will also be equipped with deep tech capabilities to offer personalised recommendations and an intuitive, mobile-first UI that will bring efficiencies in recruitment.

Moreover, foundit is placing a renewed focus on the users of the platform to bring forward an enhanced career experience. One of the key features that job seekers can look forward to is personalised job discovery. With foundit’s customised search results feature, candidates will be able to receive results and recommendations that are curated to their educational background, employment experience, and validated skills. Other features include a community-lead mentorship marketplace, skills validation through assessments, mobile-first UI, personalised recommendations, and self-enhancement tools like upskilling courses.

On the other hand, recruiters will be offered the richest data set for each candidate along with insights and analytics that will make the process efficient, as well as customised for each role’s requirements. The new interface and features also allow for seamless and smart interaction between recruiters and candidates.

Speaking at the new brand unveiling event, Sekhar Garisa, CEO of foundit, noted that they have been privileged to witness the talent acquisition landscape evolve over the last three decades, giving them an unparalleled depth of insights into recruitment. 

“The platform of the future needs to cater to a highly dynamic job market, skill-based hiring & changing expectations from career. We are excited to unveil a new direction for Monster from simply facilitating job and candidate discovery to enabling significantly better talent management outcomes,” said Garisa.

Meanwhile, Ajit Isaac, founder and non-executive chairman of Quess Corp and foundit, shared that over the last 15 years, Quess has always been known for its service-led offerings that have won the confidence of its associates and customers alike, and as an institution, steadfast on their commitment to formalise jobs, they have been focusing on building a product-led portfolio that can help democratise access to formal employment across white, blue, and grey collar workers. 

“We acquired Monster APAC & ME with a vision to transform white-collar talent acquisition. Over the last couple of years, organisations experienced everything from the Great Resignation and the Great Regret leading to mass hiring at an unprecedented pace. But now as the market settles, hiring is going to be a lot sharper, focused and skill-based. Such precision can only be achieved through the combination of human ingenuity and technology, and this is what we have to offer our recruiters and job seekers through foundit,” said Isaac.