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Product Launch of the Year: foodpanda’s launch of ‘panda ads’

The year 2022 was indeed a year of innovations – from advertising solutions to revenue management suites, many products have been launched to prove that their respective industries will continue to evolve in the years to come. However, only one bagged MARKETECH APAC’s Product Launch of the Year recognition: the launch of foodpanda’s adtech solution ‘panda ads.

To learn more about the solution, we spoke to Kiranjeet Singh Purba, senior director of advertising and partnerships at foodpanda. Through the interview, he shared what motivated foodpanda to venture into the adtech space, how their partner brands have leveraged the solution, and what we can look forward to from it.

Why foodpanda ventured into adtech

Being in the food delivery industry for more than a decade now, foodpanda saw how its digitally savvy customers’ lives evolved, as well as their needs. This resulted in the launch of various offerings, such as its grocery delivery suite ‘pandamart’ and marketplace ‘foodpanda shops’. 

Apart from these, foodpanda also saw the increasing demand for retail media advertising and the opportunity to help different brands across Asia – hence the takeoff of panda ads, its advertising technology ecosystem.

“[W]e see panda ads in a unique position to help brands reach and engage millions of digital-native customers beyond traditional channels. This further, allows for our customers to access relevant advertising of products and services that are intelligently targeted to be specific to their daily needs,” Purba explained.

Initiatives and partnerships

Since its launch, panda ads has bagged partnerships with major brands such as Coca-Cola, Unilever, Amazon, Netflix, Heineken, Tiger Brokers, and Huawei, amongst many others. Speaking about how these brands have leveraged the offering, Purba commented that they created campaigns tailored to meet these brands’ unique objectives.

“The uniqueness of partnering with panda ads is the amount of flexibility and campaign- control that brands receive. For instance, a campaign can be designed with the objective of either driving traffic to a particular product listed on foodpanda’s platform or to any other channel as required,” he added.

More specifically, Purba mentioned their partnership with Huawei, which leveraged both the foodpanda platforms’ ecosystems and panda ads for brand campaigns. One initiative they have done for the brand was its campaign for the launch of Huawei’s latest mobile phone. 

“Based on these objectives, the partnership was designed to: first, launch the foodpanda app on the HUAWEI AppGallery, making on-demand deliveries accessible to millions of Huawei smartphone users across 11 markets – this includes pre-installing the foodpanda app in all new Huawei smartphones,” he explained.

Moreover, he likewise mentioned that panda ads are being used to promote Huawei’s latest flagship products and user incentive campaigns for Huawei’s AppGallery and other HMS products to millions of foodpanda customers.

On collaborating with GroupM

Initially introduced as a proof of concept in 2021, panda ads have evolved into an actual adtech suite, thanks to foodpanda’s partnership with media investment company GroupM. 

According to Purba, their collaboration with the company covered four key facets: growing joint clients, enabling agencies using panda ads to be self-sufficient, industry thought leadership and joint research, and future development.

“As a commerce partner, GroupM has enabled its clients to tap into foodpanda’s AdTech ecosystem and benefit from being able to run more targeted and relevant mobile ads beyond traditional social media channels,” he said.

He further explained that with the creation of panda ads, GroupM’s clients also had the flexibility of tailoring their campaigns to incorporate a variety of solutions: from in-app advertising to digital marketing channels.

More from panda ads

The launch of panda ads has enabled brands to reach foodpanda audiences with billions of impressions. As Purba mentioned, they see strong repurchase rate behaviours from their partners, and more brands are partnering up with them to benefit from this suite. But what more can we expect from it?

To this, Purba said that foodpanda still sees an ample opportunity for them to enhance and innovate panda ads’ offerings to meet the needs of their partner brands. This ranges from offering more in-app placement options and improving their audience targeting capabilities to providing more data insights to the brands.

“Finally, we’re pushing the boundaries in innovation in exploring opportunities in offline to online attribution and first party data leverage,” he concluded. 

This recognition is based on Google Analytics results on the most-read stories of 2022, along with editorial validation on the significance of a leader’s contribution, campaign results, and overall impact.

Platforms Featured Southeast Asia

foodpanda Thailand names Ann Suwanjindar as director of marketing

Bangkok, Thailand – Food and grocery delivery platform foodpanda has appointed Ann Suwanjindar as its new director of marketing for Thailand

In her new role, Suwanjindar will be bringing her more than 20 years of experience in digital marketing, social media strategy, brand strategy, media planning, and go-to-market strategy, amongst others.

Prior to joining foodpanda, Suwanjindar was a Mastercard advisor for APAC at Mastercard. She was also previously the country manager for the Stockholm-based e-book and audiobook subscription service platform Storytel. 

Moreover, she has also held leadership roles at companies such as Facebook, McKinsey & Company, Siam Commercial Bank, American Express, IBM, Pfizer, and McCann Worldgroup.

The appointment follows the one-year anniversary of foodpanda’s brand ambassador Pau-Pau.

Marketing Featured APAC

foodpanda’s anniversary celebration for Pau-Pau encourages people to ‘live like a panda’

Singapore – Online food and grocery delivery platform foodpanda has announced the one-year anniversary celebration for its own brand ambassador Pau-Pau, encouraging users to ‘live like a panda’, meaning freeing up their time and energy to pursue what really matters to them.

In conceptualising the philosophy, the foodpanda team spent hours studying pandas and found that pandas eat as they want to, sleep as they want to and live life without unnecessary worries. Taking inspiration from this outlook, foodpanda believes that humans too can benefit from adopting a similar mindset, and focus their energies on things that truly satisfy them. 

Eunha Bhang, chief creative officer at Delivery Hero Asia, said, “We wanted to create a brand philosophy that will resonate with people of all ages across the region. With ‘live like a panda’, we hope to inspire our customers to look beyond their routine or chores that get in the way of doing things that they truly like, such as spending time with people they love. We want to help them free up time for things they enjoy doing so that they can find true satisfaction.”

Since his debut, Pau-Pau has received immense love from millions of people across the region and has created a positive perception in customers’ minds – making foodpanda their preference for on-demand deliveries. Throughout 2022, foodpanda has also received numerous requests for Pau-Pau merchandise, which highlights his growing fanbase. 

Moreover, Pau-Pau, since becoming the face of the brand, has made his way into customers’ everyday lives through social media collaterals such as Telegram and LINE sticker sets as well as Instagram filters, which are used by many. He is constantly featured in prominent out of home advertisements, and has his own line of plushies and exclusive collectables.

Pau-Pau has also made its way to more hyperlocal campaigns. For instance, in Thailand last year, a giant Pau-Pau mascot visited an underprivileged children’s foundation to celebrate Valentine’s Day with them and also deliver delicious meals and other everyday necessities. In Taiwan, foodpanda launched a Pau-Pau promotion campaign featuring three Pau-Pau statues about 2.5m high while in Singapore, Pau-Pau has his own ice cream flavour and pink cookies.

Speaking about the celebration, Monika Mikusova, senior director of marketing for APAC at foodpanda, said, “The creation of our own brand ambassador, Pau-Pau, allows us to better connect and engage with millions of people who use the foodpanda app daily in a fresh, new way. With Pau-Pau, we now have the unique opportunity and creative runway to launch campaigns that bring to life foodpanda’s brand personality. While Pau-Pau had an adventurous 2022, for 2023, we are very excited for him to explore even more meaningful ways to add value to our customers’ lives.”

Pau-Pau’s philosophy is also reflected in what Mikusova said in MARKETECH APAC’s exclusive feature as their campaign is recognised as the site’s “Branding Campaign of the Year”. In it, she explains that Pau-Pau was made to have a personality that matches foodpanda’s values: a fun-loving and free-spirited panda who advocates environmental sustainability and believes in empowering people.

“As a reflection of our brand purpose, we centred Pau-Pau’s unique personality and passion points on three key values – living life on one’s own terms, the environment, and food and fun. This speaks to our commitment of making food, grocery and essential services delivery accessible to everyone, everywhere quickly around the clock,” she further explained.

Marketing Featured APAC

Branding Campaign of the Year: Pau-Pau, foodpanda’s brand ambassador

Singapore Looking back, the year 2022 was packed with amazing campaigns that had our jaws dropped and our hearts touched. However, one emerged at the top of our list and gained MARKETECH APAC’s Branding Campaign of the Year nod — foodpanda’s brand mascot ‘Pau-Pau’

Unveiled through foodpanda’s 10th anniversary campaign in Asia last January, Pau-Pau was introduced to the public as its first-of-its-kind brand ambassador that represents sustainability and empowerment. The pink panda mascot was rolled out on the food delivery platform’s channels and interfaces, including the foodpanda app, website, social media accounts, and live-environment activations, amongst others. 

In an interview with Monika Mikusova, senior director of marketing for APAC, foodpanda told us how Pau-Pau was conceptualised, the traction and sentiment he gained from the public, and moreover, what more can we look forward from him and the brand’s campaigns.

The story behind fun-loving and free-spirited Pau-Pau

Before we got to know the Pau-Pau that we now love, foodpanda has been signing on real-life influential personalities to represent the brand. However, foodpanda’s desire to establish a stronger connection with its communities and give its customers someone they can relate to in their everyday lives led to the creation of Pau-Pau. His inception then began two years ago amidst the lockdowns, with over 200 people across 22 nationalities who worked to bring Pau-Pau to life.

“The creation of our own brand ambassador, Pau-Pau, allows us to connect and engage with millions of people who use the foodpanda app daily in a fresh, new way,” said Mikusova. 

Not only that, Pau-Pau was made to have a personality that matches foodpanda’s values: a fun-loving and free-spirited panda who advocates environment sustainability and believes in empowering people to live their lives on their own terms. He also had his own universe: the ‘Pandaverse’.

“As a reflection of our brand purpose, we centred Pau-Pau’s unique personality and passion points on three key values – living life on one’s own terms, the environment, and food and fun. This speaks to our commitment of making food, grocery and essential services delivery accessible to everyone, everywhere quickly around the clock,” she further explained.

How Pau-Pau inspired the foodpanda community

When we think of foodpanda, the image of Pau-Pau may now be the first thing that comes to mind. This signifies that the pink panda has indeed received love from millions of people across Asia even just almost a year from its launch. Unsurprisingly, Pau-Pau was able to build his own fanbase with his fans wanting to see more of him, even in merchandise— talk about popular!

Mikusova even shared a touching story of Pau-Pau’s fan from the Philippines, “For instance, we saw a Facebook post of a customer in the Philippines requesting for a Pau-Pau plushie or soft toy because it was the only thing her godson wanted for his birthday. We were so moved seeing how much this child loved Pau-Pau, that we wanted to do something special to make his birthday memorable!” 

As a champion of empowerment and sustainability, foodpanda through Pau-Pau has also inspired people to live life to the fullest, by simply encouraging them to grab their favourite foodie whenever they would like at any time of the day. He has likewise been the face of foodpanda’s recent green initiatives such as the ‘Let’s do our Pau-rt’ initiative in the Philippines and the launch of a locally produced and sustainable beer in Singapore called ‘Loaf Like A Panda’.

Will we be seeing more from Pau-Pau?

From having his own universe to his own fanbase, we think we may have already seen a lot from Pau-Pau. But for foodpanda, Pau-Pau is a distinct asset that will always inspire them to tell creative stories. Hence, for them, this is only just Pau-Pau’s beginning. 

“Next year will be even more exciting, and potentially Pau-Pau’s universe may grow in the future,” Mikusova concluded.

This recognition is based on Google Analytics results on the most-read stories of 2022, along with editorial validation on the significance of a leader’s contribution, campaign results, and overall impact.

Platforms Featured APAC

foodpanda extends express delivery service to PH, Thailand, Taiwan customers

Singapore – Food and grocery delivery platform foodpanda has announced that its on-demand and express delivery service ‘pandago’ will now be made available to customers in the Philippines, Thailand, and Taiwan. 

The service was initially launched in Singapore last August 2022 and has now been extended to Thailand, Taipei, and Davao, with more cities to come in the next few months. It will also be rolled out in other markets next year.

In addition to the expansion, pandago will also provide customers with real-time tracking and a chat function to allow them to track their parcel’s live location and share it with the recipient.

According to foodpanda, pandago has started to gain traction in the Philippines and Thailand in the early launch stages, with the most frequent items delivered in the Philippines being clothes and accessories, while food and drinks, books, and documents are most delivered in Thailand. 

foodpanda also said that delivery fees will start at a reasonable base fee, with an additional per-kilometer distance-based fee in the respective countries.

“Following the successful launch in Singapore, we are excited to extend pandago to millions

more users across the region. Whether it’s to send a gift or something that was left behind, we hope that pandago will go a long way for customers who need instant delivery services,” said Bhavani Mishra, regional director of logistics for APAC at foodpanda.

He added, “Beyond providing convenience and fuss-free service for our customers, pandago represents an important step in foodpanda’s journey to building an all-rounded ecosystem that helps to address the everyday needs of our customers.”

foodpanda has also previously announced its partnership with Huawei to launch its app on the HUAWEI AppGallery for the latter’s smartphone users.

Platforms Featured Southeast Asia

foodpanda forms long-term collaboration with Huawei to launch app in Huawei smartphones

Singapore – Food and grocery delivery platform foodpanda has announced a long-term collaboration with Huawei to launch the foodpanda app on the HUAWEI AppGallery for all Huawei smartphone users. The foodpanda app will also be pre-installed on millions of new Huawei mobile devices across the region.

In addition, Huawei will run a series of integrated advertising campaigns on foodpanda’s adtech platform, panda ads. In turn, foodpanda will also be leveraging Huawei’s Ads platform, which includes Huawei’s own media and third party media channels to reach out to Huawei users.

The online-to-offline collaboration will also span across foodpanda and Huawei’s social media channels as well as foodpanda’s OOH billboards. This campaign will be rolled out in Southeast Asia.

With this partnership, hundreds of millions of Huawei smartphone users can now get food, groceries, electronics, gifts, and more delivered to their doorsteps.

Since 1 November 2022, the foodpanda app has been available to Huawei smartphone users in foodpanda’s 11 markets. 

Kiranjeet Singh Purba, senior director for advertising and partnerships at foodpanda, said, “We’re excited to join forces with Huawei and help it reach millions of foodpanda customers who are digital-savvy and can therefore resonate with Huawei’s latest technologies and advancements. It also opens doors for us to touch the lives of millions of Huawei users who wouldn’t otherwise have access to the conveniences that on-demand deliveries offer.”

Meanwhile, Rei Xiao, director of mobile ecosystem business growth at Huawei for APAC region, commented, “With foodpanda on our AppGallery, we are able to elevate the experiences of our users, increasing convenience and making deliveries accessible to them. Users can continue to look forward to more benefits and enhanced experiences through Huawei’s expanding cooperation with global partners.”

The recent partnership comes after foodpanda’s multiple partnerships this year, including with The LEGO Group, and J&T Express.

Marketing Featured APAC

LEGO Group teams up with foodpanda to expand quick commerce for toys in APAC

Singapore – Global toy maker LEGO Group has teamed up with quick commerce company foodpanda to mark LEGO’s entry into the quick commerce space and expand their toy lineup purchases in APAC.

Customers can now shop for their favourite LEGO sets and have them delivered on-demand to their doorsteps in 30 minutes. In this first phase of the partnership, customers in Malaysia and Singapore can access hundreds of different LEGO products, from its popular minifigures to full-sized sets, or even for those who urgently need a missing brick.

In Singapore, the LEGO store will be featured on foodpanda shops with its own branded in-app storefront, which allows the brand full autonomy to run promotions and campaigns. LEGO fans can now get their sets with just a tap, and enjoy special deals from 23 – 30 September 2022. Customers in Malaysia can purchase LEGO sets from selected pandamart cloud stores in Klang Valley and Seremban. 

There are currently 30 pandamarts carrying LEGO products, to be expanded to more pandamarts by the end of Q4 2022. With millions of users across Singapore and Malaysia, making LEGO products available on the platform allows the LEGO Group to reach new, mobile-first customers who seek the convenience of on-demand deliveries every day.

U-Fong Chua, SEA e-commerce head at the LEGO Group, said, “We are excited to partner with foodpanda as we celebrate nine decades of creativity and play. Entering the quick commerce market will make it more convenient for our customers to get LEGO products and bring new opportunities for people to build and play together whenever and wherever they feel like.”

Meanwhile Chris Urban, director of marketplace at foodpanda, commented, “We’re thrilled to have onboard an iconic company like LEGO which is also associated with fun and enjoyment. By expanding the variety of shops on foodpanda, we can cater to our customers’ evolving needs and deliver anything they need, beyond daily essentials.”

Technology Featured APAC

foodpanda launches ‘panda ads’, teams up with GroupM to accelerate adtech growth in APAC

Singapore – Food and grocery delivery platform foodpanda has launched its advertising technology and marketing solutions suite ‘panda ads’. As part of the suite launch, the company has partnered with GroupM to accelerate panda ads growth across Asia.

With this strategic partnership, GroupM clients can tap into the fast-growing AdTech space by activating foodpanda’s in-app advertising and other media assets, and collaborate with foodpanda on brand partnerships and campaigns. 

The partnership spans seven markets – Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Pakistan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. 

With the launch, foodpanda unveils a fresh suite of integrated advertising features that encompass the foodpanda app, digital marketing assets and new partnership programmes. Through panda ads, foodpanda aims to help brands increase their visibility and reach, improve sales conversion and build brand awareness to drive sales.

As an integrated advertising solution, panda ads offers a full suite of advertising options, from static or carousel images, to videos and lead-generating ads. Brands can also leverage foodpanda’s social media channels and enter collaborative partnerships across foodpanda’s verticals. These build brand visibility, and allow for performance tracking and monitoring. panda ads support brands with their digital marketing campaigns.

Kiranjeet Singh Purba, senior director of advertising and partnerships at foodpanda, said, “foodpanda has worked extensively to improve our ads solutions over the past year, and we are excited to offer advertisers a new, full suite of ad solutions with panda ads. We are especially thrilled to kick off our panda ads launch with a partnership with leading agency GroupM, and believe this will help their clients tap into new areas of digital marketing in Asia.”

Meanwhile, Toni Ruotanen, head of commerce for APAC at GroupM Nexus, commented, “Our partnership with panda ads covers an extensive region – across seven markets – opening up expansive possibilities for our clients in the digital and mobile space to enhance their brand visibility and increase business impact. panda ads’ innovative tech will see a great degree of personalisation and targeted advertisements, which charts the way forward in retail media.”

Marketing Featured East Asia

foodpanda HK to be the first brand featured on JCDecaux’s OOH screens at HKIA

Hong Kong – foodpanda in Hong Kong has become the first brand advertiser in the market to programmatically utilise the newest Crystal Digital and the Spectacular Digital OOH screens, operated by JCDecaux Transport at the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA). 

Developed in collaboration with Mindshare, GroupM’s global marketing and media network, and Xaxis, GroupM’s outcome media specialist, the campaign will be running over the course of three weeks from 15 July to 4 August 2022. It aims to drive awareness for pandamart, foodpanda’s 24/7 online grocery platform. The creatives were featured across three screens at the airport including one Crystal Digital screen and two Arrival Spectacular Digital screens, reaching passengers who are about to begin their on-arrival quarantine process. 

The Crystal Digital Spectacular Digitals deems to be one of the most eye-catching screens at the HKIA arrival hall as they overlook overseas passengers who must queue in line for COVID PCR test formalities before heading to the quarantine hotels. Passengers at the arrival hall have a direct line of sight to on-screen videos and with Xaxis’ programmatic expertise, foodpanda will be able to take flexible campaign planning to the next level and elevate its OOH advertisements, allowing it to dynamically define its screen mix, panel mix, and audience type, as well as set messages to be delivered at optimal times.

Michael Lai, business director at Mindshare, commented that they are thrilled to have partnered up with foodpanda, the largest one-stop-shop delivery platform in Hong Kong to launch their first pDOOH campaign in HKIA this year and deliver dynamic content to global passengers arriving into Hong Kong. 

“With Xaxis’ expertise, programmatic brings a whole new level of digital creativity for advertisers and consumers, providing a non-intrusive method for relevant customers and passengers to engage with. It also provides brands and marketers with the flexibility of targeted campaigns in real-time,” said Lai.

According to Xaxis, the collaboration was not HKIA’s first pDOOH campaign as JCDecaux upgraded its digital screens at the ‘luggage belt’ area and at the terminal exits to pDOOH screens in 2021. However, the further upgrade this year landed them the Crystal Digital and Spectacular Digital pDOOH screens in which foodpanda is the first advertiser in the market. 

Additionally, the pDOOH campaign catapulted foodpanda into a new era of OOH with programmatic and provided real-time flexibility for foodpanda’s pandamart to curate a captive viewing environment by identifying the audience, location and messages to create an effective, efficient, and brand-safe channel for its campaigns.

Alex Law, marketing director of foodpanda Hong Kong, shared that they are always keen to explore new and innovative ways of reaching their target audiences and are delighted to be the first market advertiser on the Crystal Digital and Spectacular Digital pDOOH screens in HKIA, leveraging the powerful impact of OOH and programmatic capabilities.

“We projected two 10-second videos on the screens by adopting dynamic creative displays to showcase and communicate our quick and convenient pandamart service. We understand the challenges passengers may face during quarantine, and would like to ease the process by providing easy access to basic necessities,” said Law.

Meanwhile, Arnaud Redon, general manager of airport at JCDecaux Transport, said that in addition to its unique geographical position to connect Greater China, Asia Pacific, and the World, Hong Kong International Airport advertising now offers to brands the possibility to target precisely and at scale their most relevant audiences through programmatic-ready large digital screens. 

“We’re very excited to enable foodpanda to deliver dynamic and contextually relevant content that resonates with passengers’ needs as they land in Hong Kong,” said Redon.

Platforms Featured Southeast Asia

Deliveroo, foodpanda, Grab ally to form industry association

Singapore – The three major food delivery platform companies in Asia are setting aside their competition for now as they join forces to form an association that would become a watchdog for the industry and its stakeholders in Singapore.

Deliveroo, foodpanda, and Grab form the Digital Platforms Industry Association (DPIA) where they will be strengthening the frameworks, guidelines, and policies to support their delivery partners and merchants in Singapore.

“For platform companies, the well-being of our delivery partners and merchants across the marketplace is paramount. That’s why DPIA was established – to consolidate the deep industry expertise of platforms and shape the development and growth of the industry within Singapore’s national economy,” shared the three platforms. 

As an industry representative, DPIA will be tapping on the expertise and experience of its member platform companies to enhance industry best practices and support Singapore’s digital economy. In addition, DPIA said it will also be providing upskilling opportunities and strengthening existing health and safety standards for its members’ delivery partners and merchants. 

Since 2021, DPIA’s members have actively contributed to the consultation process with multiple government stakeholders, the National Delivery Champions Association (NDCA), and industry stakeholders in the bid to better support delivery partners. They are also working with the Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC) on guidelines for platforms and employers to boost road safety practices among delivery partners. 

In the coming months, DPIAl said it will be identifying areas of improvement and collaborating with the government and industry stakeholders such as the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) and Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF). 

It will be creating solutions that would “reflect the voices of its delivery partners and merchants”, both of whom are core to platform companies’ operations. In addition, DPIA intends to launch an industry code of practice to be adopted by its members. The code will incorporate industry best practices and principles relating to health and safety of its delivery partners and merchant development.