Manila, Philippines – Shakey’s Pizza Asia Venture, Inc, the Asia-Pacific arm of global restaurant chain group Shakey’s has announced the acquisition of Potato Corner, a local food kiosk brand specializing in flavored French fries.

Through the acquisition, Shakey’s will purchase assets and intellectual property relating to the Potato Corner business. This will also involve owning and operating all company-owned stores, as well as serving as brand-owner and franchisor of stores being operated by franchisees both domestically and internationally.

Vicente Gregor, president and chief executive officer at Pizza Asia Venture, Inc, said, “Potato Corner is a bankable addition to PIZZA’s roster of WOW brands. Its co-founder, lose Magsaysay, has truly established a solid brand foundation with a product that universally resonates with consumers.”

He added, “The current scale of Potato Corner and the brand love that it receives from consumers are a testament to that We, at PIZZA, are grateful that Potato Corners former owners are entrusting the brand to our team. We look forward to continuing on its legacy and strengthening the Potato Corner brand even more!.”

Since its inception in 1992, Shakey’s Pizza Asia venture has built a network of over 1,000 outlets domestically and has a growing international footprint in Asia and beyond. For instance, Shakey’s had first opened its Singaporean branch in January this year.

During that launch, Jose Arnold Alvero, Shakey’s vice President for international operations and franchising, said, “The primary target market initially will be Filipinos living in the city-state. But the Lucky Plaza outlet is also seen to attract Singaporeans, as it is located along a busy business district.”