Manila, Philippines – Courier delivery services Flash Express in the Philippines has launched a local campaign to offer sustainable business opportunities for local MSMEs as well as long-term commitment to its employees.

Through the Flash Express’ ‘Juan Asenso’ Campaign, Flash Express’ partners and customers will have better support in terms of business training and access to the Flash Home Branch System and Flash Express Key Account (KA) System, respectively.

Flash Express announced in August that it has reached a total of 1,000 Flash Home Partners across the country after eight (8) months from its soft launch last December 2021.

Flash Home is another business opportunity opened by Flash Express to enable budding entrepreneurs and MSMEs to generate income at a minimal investment cost. Through Flash Home, Filipinos intending to start their own business could utilise their residential or commercial spaces as drop-off points. 

During the internal launch of Flash Express’ ‘Juan Asenso’ Campaign, Flash Express’ Consultant Alvin Chew, said that one year is not enough to showcase what Flash Express can bring. He reiterated that this year is just the beginning of a more promising future for the company including its stakeholders, customers, clients, business partners, and its employees. 

“Within a span of one year, Flash Express was able to achieve several milestones within the frame of the company’s vision and goals. We were able to expand all over the Philippines in just a couple of months after we kicked off our operations, we were able to disrupt the market, and most importantly, we were able to improve the logistics industry in the country”, Chew said.

Flash Express aims to further improve its overall operations by putting in extensive support to its manpower, expanding business tie-ups, and acquiring more customers to increase more parcel volume by utilising its resources to continuously provide more employment and business opportunities among Filipinos.