Sydney, Australia – The Philippine Trade and Investment Center, based out of Sydney, announced the launch of the ‘Food Philippines’ movement in order to promote Filipino food to the Australian mainstream market.

The movement is made possible by two collectives aimed at promoting Filipino cuisine to a much larger consumer base. The first is Entree.pinays, a collective of Filipina entrepreneurs that educated the Australian public on Filipino produce value, while the second one is Filipino Food Movement, Inc., a group of Filipino individuals aiming to put Filipino cuisine on the global scene.

Originally started out as a B2B partnership with Australian buyers and Filipino exporters, the Food Philippines movement started running in September and will end in December this year.

Some of the featured products include the following: Mama Sita’s Sinamak and Suka’t Sili vinegar, Jimalie’s organic coconut milk, Roaster Juan’s Premium Coffee, Miki’s Purple Yam Powder, Soyuz Calamansi, and Mama Sita’s Barbeque sauce.

The movement is also supported by the Export Marketing Bureau, the Department of Trade and Industry’s export management arm in the Philippines.