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Anotoys Collectiverse to kickstart the next evolution of fandom with celebrity-licensed NFTs

Hong Kong – Anotoys Collectiverse, a celebrity NFT platform and Singapore-based PR firm Block Tides have formed a new partnership that will allow fans around the world to celebrate their favourite celebrities both in real life and in the metaverse. Starting with Filipino celebrities like Michael V, Marc Abaya, and social media sensations Team Kramer. The tie-up promises new and exciting methods for consumers throughout the world to get in touch with their favourite stars.

Anotoys Collectiverse officially launched in 2022 with a vision of being the world’s leading fandom ecosystem. The company produces celebrity-licensed NFTs that go beyond being just digital collectibles. Each item on their safe NFT marketplace also gives owners access to exclusive meet-and-greets, private gigs, and other holder-only physical events. The NFTs are also metaverse-ready, not only ready for display in owners’ virtual homes, but also as functioning avatars and in-game items for an upcoming Play-to-Earn (P2E) game being developed by Anotoys Collectiverse.

With the goal of bringing the full Collectiverse experience to a global audience, the company has chosen Block Tides Singapore as their official partner for digital and social media management, as well as public relations.

Anotoys Collectiverse Founder and CEO Oscar G. Tan-Abing, Jr., said Anotoys Collectiverse aims to be a major player that connects celebrities and fans through their ecosystem.

“Since we have licenses and partnerships with some of the Philippines’ most exciting celebrities, we needed to work with the best firm to help us reach the global NFT and Crypto communities. We believe Block Tides is the perfect partner for launching our NFTs globally,” Tan-Abing said.

Meanwhile, Block Tides founder Myrtle Ann Ramos, commented, “We are thrilled to be partnered with Anotoys Collectiverse because a new technology paradigm often emerges, promising to fundamentally re-engineer industries, economies, societies, and daily life.”

Ramos added, “The convergence of physical and digital in the metaverse presents both opportunities and challenges for businesses, governments, and society; and we believe we will make it happen with Anotoys Collectiverse.” Ramos added.

Ramos further said, “What I’m excited about in this partnership is to enable mass adoption not just in the Philippines but also for the whole world, by bringing two powerful companies together from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 is a great way for us to be the game changers in the space.”

Together, Anotoys Collectiverse and Block Tides Singapore aim to create a global wave of fandom for celebrities, bringing pop culture to the world and to the metaverse. With Anotoys Collectiverse’ dynamic-use collectibles and Block Tides’ unquestioned expertise in capturing an audience’s attention, the future looks bright for fans and collectors everywhere.