Singapore – Insider, a growth management platform, has announced the launch of a new design system that aims to deliver a consistent experience for enterprise marketers building cross-channel experiences.

Through the new user experience (UX), marketers can now find and use products based on use cases and goals such as product discovery, as well as easily understand all their cross-channel marketing efforts and monitor ROI metrics closely in a single dashboard.

Furthermore, the new UX can help create streamlined campaigns and delivery across channels like website, email, and push notifications to speed up execution, as well as easy tagging and filtering to organize campaigns, streamlined reports for faster insight discovery, and time-saving features to boost marketers’ productivity.

According to Muharrem Derinkok, co-founder and VP of product at Insider, the new UX responds to the major concern of marketers mulling whether they should invest in upgrading their UX, specifically for an enterprise setting. Insider hopes to break the impression among marketers that enterprise UX is “clunky, slow-to-load platforms that require significant training.”

“The underwhelming experience is precisely the ceiling we wanted to shatter with our fresh and thoughtful approach to designing our new platform. With over 25% of our 2020 roadmap invested in our design system – we’re thrilled to bring a breakthrough experience to enterprise marketers,” Derinkok said.

Another feature in the new UX is creating cross-channel journeys easier with another Insider product, Architect. Architect is an Insider product that helps marketers develop individual online channel journeys for consumers online to get them to buy a product by means of various online advertising platforms such as email marketing and Facebook ads.

“The new experience is further enabling brands to accelerate their time to market, leading to bigger, better, and faster results. Our clients have always looked up to us for taking bold steps in solving some of the most pressing problems of experience disruptors who are behind the growth of top global brands,” said Hande Cilingir, co-founder and CEO at Insider.

Clinger added, “We have helped our customers to deliver hyper-personalized and delightful experiences to their customers. It’s now their turn to experience the same intuitive experience in their daily workflows as we redefine what’s possible for enterprise marketing technology.”