Hong Kong – Emodo, the mobile adtech business under Ericsson, has partnered with CKDelta, a data innovation company, to provide more relevant ad experiences for consumers, while helping advertisers improve inventory, targeting and campaign quality through AI solutions Delvify. 

The alliance between Emodo and CKDelta further expands on the companies’ established international partnership, which debuted in the UK in 2020. In that market, these models have proven to significantly elevate the quality and accuracy of advertising data, enabling marketers to tailor messaging more effectively and make ads more relevant for consumers.

According to Alistair Goodman, CEO of Emodo, they will introduce solutions in Hong Kong and across the Asia-Pacific region that empower marketers with relevant, privacy-centric solutions that optimise ad effectiveness and ROI. He also added that under the collaboration, CKDelta will apply anonymised data from mobile networks within CK Hutchison’s portfolio of companies to validate the accuracy of advertising data in programmatic environments.

“These validation insights will be fed into Emodo’s advanced AI engine to authenticate the accuracy and quality of audience and inventory data in real time, reducing the likelihood of advertising fraud in bidding transactions. This ensures Emodo solutions (Emodo Verified Audiences and Emodo Verified Supply) provide only verified, fraud-safe data and inventory,” Goodman said.

Emodo Verified Audiences and Verified Supply in Hong Kong are available exclusively through enterprise partner Delvify. Interested advertisers can access all Emodo solutions through Delvify’s managed service and issued deal IDs.

Meanwhile, Charles Allard, CEO of Delvify, commented, “With Emodo Verified Audiences and Emodo Verified Supply, marketers can better achieve campaign quality and relevance for their audiences. We’re excited to collaborate with Emodo in this market and believe these solutions will usher in a new era of campaign connection, accuracy and quality in programmatic buying.”