Singapore – After 4 years of development, Asahi Breweries has created the world’s first canned product that allows consumers to enjoy the same taste as a mug of draft beer. With this, it has launched a new spot alongside creative agency GOVT Singapore.

In an ultra competitive beer category, Asahi Super Dry has truly managed to set itself apart from its competition with the launch of the Asahi Super Dry ‘Nama Jokki’. This product aims to enhance the take-home beer experience by creating a luxurious, creamy foam on top of the can when opened, mirroring the sensation of a draft beer served in a bar or restaurant.

Meryl Ho, head of marketing at Asahi Beer Asia, said, “Lift, hold and enjoy. It’s as simple as that. Our latest campaign aims to democratize draft beer. We are proud of our Japanese roots and innovativeness, and wanted to showcase that in our latest campaign, and the agency has managed to deliver the brief in a manner that’s not only easy to understand, but insightful via the delivery of the scenes.”

Meanwhile, Aaron Koh, chief creative officer at GOVT Singapore, commented, “It’s a universal insight that when one has access to his or her first mouthful of draft beer, it ranks up there as one of the best feelings in the world. Especially more so if you’ve had a long day at work, at the beach, or just anywhere that’s hot, sunny and humid. But more often than not, draft beer is not the most accessible. Namajokki has changed that rhetoric, and that’s what we wanted to portray in our spot, the consumer’s exclamation of awesome-ness when taking the first swig of Namajokki.”