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vivo MY calls for everyday life documentation in latest campaign

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Smartphone brand vivo in Malaysia has launched a new campaign called ‘Memories of Life’ where smartphone users are called to document their everyday life through video footage. Vivo will then collect these footage which will be made into a full-on documentary dedicated to everyday life.

For the smartphone brand, the campaign’s inspiration stems from the fact that anyone’s ordinary life contributes to the history of humanity, be it a simple sentence or a smile, where every unique story forms the memories of this era.

Interested participants may submit their videos from 27 October 12am to 10 November 11:59pm, film a video within 15 to 60 seconds according to the themes of love, care, hope, dream and joy. To submit the video, participants must upload the video to social media with the hashtag #vivoMemoriesOfLifeMY, and tag @vivo_malaysia on Instagram and Twitter or @vivoMalaysia on Facebook.

In addition, participants are required to send the video through email to [email protected] 

Participants whose videos have made it to the final cut of the documentary can win prizes from vivo, including vivo X70, vivo TWS 2 ANC, and vivo TWS 2e smartphone units.

For Mike Xu, chief executive officer at vivo Malaysia, the company has garnered positive support from users around the world, and they are honored that their smartphones have become a part of their lives.

“Vivo has witnessed and captured users’ truest memories, the ups and downs and the joy and sorrow. It also provides users with convenience and pleasure for their lives and accompanies them through every trivial matter in their lives. This is indeed the most significant and valuable purpose of vivo smartphones,” Xu stated.

Vivo will launch the documentary from 6 December until 10 December 2021.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Dutch Mill appends latest ad in TH with film on how ad was done amid lockdown

Thailand – In the true sense of making lemonade out of lemons in life, Thai dairy brand Dutch Mill decided to release a film about the struggles it went through to launch its latest commercial that had the goal of introducing its new product, Dutch Mill Selected Rich Espresso coffee-flavored milk.

The star of the film is the five-member crew of Wunderman Thompson Thailand, the agency which worked on the planned commercial. In a documentary-style film, it took viewers through how the original 50-member team of the agency had been downsized to just five and how the last men standing made the best of the situation.

The goal of the commercial is to demonstrate the journey of fresh milk and rich espresso coffee through the Rube Goldberg machine. The machine is the famous chain-reaction type of machine which often connects unrelated devices to perform a simple task in an overly complicated way.

Titled the “The Lockdown Rube Goldberg,” the production crew documented the Herculean task of engineering and filming the complex machinery it has envisioned for the commercial with a 5-member crew over three grueling months.

Under the governmental policy in Thailand, which remains in heavy lockdown, commercial shoots are restricted to no more than five people on set, which poses a huge challenge to all production crews.

Wunderman Thompson Thailand’s ECD Thasorn Boonyanate said that through their efforts, they aim to prove that it’s possible for brands to launch communication under a 5-person production limit.

“Not only did we commission the crew to make this documentary to promote themselves, but we also diverted a portion of our agency fee to hire 70 production staff who are currently out of work. The truth is we all need each other to get through COVID-19 together,” said Boonyanate.

Ultimately, in the end, the agency attained sweet victory, making Dutch Mill, the client, happy.

At the end of the film, the finished commercial was shown, where as a conclusion, it connects how the new drink by Dutch Mill helps to make one feel ‘strong’ in any situation. 

Raviwan Mahakachaporn, the marketing director of Dutch Mill, said, “In this lockdown situation, it is tough for all of us but especially for freelance workers who are not on a payroll. They need all the support they can get, and we are happy to be their working partner. We hope this video will cheer you up and fuel your strength to fight another day.”

According to the agency, within three days, the video had already received over 4,000 shares and four million organic views.

The current campaign follows Dutch Mill’s support of more than 200 Mum-and-Pop shops in Thailand during the pandemic which saw it diverting its advertising spend for user-generated geo-targeted ads for the local stores.