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Indonesia’s SiCepat Ekspres partners with DMMX to develop commercial platforms for MSME networks

Jakarta, Indonesia – Shipping company SiCepat Ekspres in Indonesia has collaborated with Digital Mediatama Maxima (DMMX), the advertising exchange platform that provides end-to-end services, to initiate the development of DMMX’s commercial platform for MSME retail networks.

SiCepat Ekspres is an Indonesian shipping company that answers the needs of e-commerce business people. It offers 8-hour delivery to the Jabodetabek and Bandung areas and one-day delivery to major cities across the country.

The partnership aims to strengthen the strategic capabilities of the company’s digital marketing activities in the future. Through the SiCepat Group’s commerce enabler platform, SiCepat will provide full support in supplying groceries, raw materials, and supplies to MSMEs who are members of the DMMX network. These supply procurement activities will be supported by integrated logistics services from SiCepat Ekspres. 

Furthermore, through DMMX’s platform, MSMEs will be provided with digital commerce and marketplace development as well as the installation of digital marketing and digital cloud advertising at these MSMEs points.

SiCepat Ekspres’ CEO The Kim Hai shared that with various services owned by SiCepat and DMMX increasingly integrated, they are optimistic that they can make a significant contribution to the empowerment program for Indonesian MSMEs, which currently reach 62 million MSMEs to Go Digital. 

“At this time SiCepat has invested 4.5% ownership in DMMX. We plan to increase ownership in DMMX to further strengthen this synergy,” said Hai.

Meanwhile, Budiasto Kusuma, the president director of DMMX, commented that they are delighted to partner with SiCepat to further strengthen their MSME partners in following the fast growth of the digital era. 

“Various solutions have been implemented including e-commerce and marketplaces as well as the installation of digital marketing and digital cloud advertising. There is a potential for tremendous network effect that can be realized from harmonizing the DMMX marketing network with SiCepat’s logistics capabilities,” said Kusuma.