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Resto booking platform Dish Cult appoints Tug as SEO agency

Sydney, Australia – The global restaurant booking platform, Dish Cult, has appointed digital marketing agency Tug, to optimize search across its key markets including Australia, New Zealand, UK, and Ireland.

Dish Cult, which is powered by global reservation and table management solution ResDiary, is a content-led booking platform that includes stories, guides, and news on where diners should go for dining, as well as providing real-time restaurant availability.

The appointment will see Tug leading the SEO for Dish Cult, and providing technical optimization and guidance along with best practice guidelines for implementation across the globe.

Moreover, the agency will be managing the Dish Cult business from its Sydney office, leading on-page optimization, UX enhancements, and the global content strategy to drive bookings and increase Dish Cult’s share of voice globally.

Mitchell Nunis, Dish Cult’s head of brand and growth for ANZ, believes that Tug’s expertise in search will play an important part in growing the share of search and digital-physical availability, which is an important step in becoming the go-to-dining companion for remarkable restaurant recommendations. 

“The team from Tug Sydney clearly demonstrated their strategic capabilities and experience of working on businesses that are active across multiple territories. We look forward to working with them closely in the coming months,” said Nunis.

Meanwhile, Charlie Bacon, the client service director at Tug Sydney, commented, “Dish Cult is an exciting global player in the fast-growing digital hospitality space and we are delighted they have selected Tug to help power their search optimization and user experience across Australasia and wider.”

In August this year, Tug also announced its extended remit with the global legal software provider based in Australia, LEAP. The agency will now be managing LEAP’s display, social, PPC, SEO, and specialist legal media, as well as software directories, and data and analytics.