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iNova Pharmaceuticals partners with The Teeth to launch new regional campaign for ‘Difflam’

Singapore – The multinational pharmaceutical company, iNova Pharmaceuticals, has just launched its latest campaign for one of its brands, ‘Difflam’, in Singapore and Malaysia.

iNova Pharmaceuticals develops and markets a range of over-the-counter and prescription medicines to the Asia Pacific, South Africa, and other markets. Its product portfolio includes weight management, pain management, dermatology, and cardiology, as well as respiratory health, and allergy.

The campaign, which is created in collaboration with creative agency The Teeth, includes a series of films, social media content, and in-store communications. It aims to show that high achievers cannot afford to be hindered by mild illnesses such as a sore throat, positioning its Difflam lozenges as a trusted solution.

Titled, ‘Feel The Relief with Difflam During Your Big Moments’, the brand films capture the functional and emotional benefits of Difflam. With striking imagery designed to stop people in their tracks, it immediately communicates the physical and metaphorical pain produced by an unwelcome sore throat in a way that’s hard to miss.

The films cover different relatable situations such as when attending a Zoom meeting, being at a birthday party, or asking someone for a date, as said scenarios, the brand says, have become even more meaningful in the middle of a pandemic.

Ben Agnew, The Teeth’s co-founder and managing partner, shared, “Last year, Difflam established its pain-relieving credentials by featuring a bride on her wedding day. This year we wanted to go deeper and feature more frequent high-stake moments.”

Meanwhile, Zee Agnew, The Teeth’s founder and business partner, shared that in developing the campaign, they needed a creative idea to make the point that they have the best range of products to treat the two kinds of sore throats that Difflam has solutions for – the dry and itchy, and the painful stabbing ones. 

“The visual language had to be understood across all the markets we had to reach, so we went to great lengths to get it right. The films were produced by Breed and the photography by Colossal, in Singapore. And to create the most realistic blend between the cactus and the neck, we commissioned the visual effects to The Imago in Brazil,” said Agnew.

Jenny Shortall, iNova’s marketing director for Asia, commented, “We are all really impressed and proud of the new brand assets. It’s great to see a clear linkage to our brand strategy, footprint, and past campaigns, and on top have really high-quality material. It was a big effort catering for all the market’s requests.”

The pharmaceutical company also announced that the campaign will be launched in Hong Kong later this year.