In an interview with Melissa Sandhu, deputy general manager of marketing communications at Desaru Coast, she discussed her marketing and communications career path, from a young kid discovering the importance of personal messaging to the marketing leader she is now.

Melissa’s marketing and communication skills led her to work in various industries such as the banking and publishing industry, as well as the advertising and real estate industry until she finally landed in the area of hospitality. 

“The ability to bring ideas to life makes me happy, and marketing allows me to do that. I enjoy bridging business goals with marketing outcomes, and I do that by leveraging technology, focusing on value creation and emphasising customer-centricity. And what I enjoy at the heart of it all is the ability to be creative with your storytelling,” Melissa shared in the ‘Empowered Women’ interview.

During the conversation with Melissa, we asked about her marketing and leadership philosophy, she shared, “Part artist, part scientist is how I would define it. Although ROI tends to always be at the forefront in marketing investments, it’s also about fully understanding the brand values, understanding what parameters can be worked around or what parameters can be ‘stretched’, and whether there would be any positive or negative impact on the brand in the long run. 

Melissa emphasised, “This also includes the importance of being fully aware of current and emerging trends, yet having the ability to recognise what would or potentially wouldn’t work for the brand. In developing content, I generally use a 3-step framework that focuses on who am I speaking to, where do they consume content, and how can I make them care.”

Listen to the full conversation with Melissa Sandhu on Spotify, where she discussed her approach to content development and her tips and advice for hotel brands that are struggling to cope with the economic consequences of the COVID 19 pandemic. You may also view the highlights of the conversation on YouTube.

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