India – In celebration of International Women’s Day, Paytm, India’s e-commerce payment and fintech, has partnered with creative agency Dentsu Impact India to launch an impactful social experiment that centers around financial literacy and gender disparity in Indian society.

A total of 30 participants of different genders and ages were invited to join the social experiment. In a short film released by Paytm, individuals were made to stand in line and were asked questions that may seem simple at first but further, became more probing. At the end of the experiment, there emerges the wide gap of financial literacy between men and women.

The campaign’s aim is to bring to light that until now, the significance of financial knowledge among women lacks further discourse. 

“While modern Indian women do not lack ambition or ability when it comes to financial conversations, many are still surprisingly uncertain and not confident. It is primarily believed and followed that men handle financial matters better and are the ones who should be in control,” said Dentsu Impact in a press release. 

The campaign, spearheaded by director Ruchi Narain, was created to make viewers realize that financial independence and literacy among women in India is a major step in practicing gender equality. The campaign seeks to encourage the viewers to separate gender from finance.