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Deliveroo’s rapid grocery delivery service ‘Deliveroo Hop’ launches in HK

Hong Kong – Delivery company Deliveroo has launched its rapid grocery delivery service ‘Deliveroo Hop’ in Hong Kong. The service had already been launched in the UK, Italy, France and the UAE, and to mark the operations in Hong Kong, the company has partnered with food retailer Parknshop. 

The rapid grocery delivery service, which it also dubs its new ‘life department store express service’, will be available through the Home Delivery app and will be limited to delivery services only. The new service is said to complete delivery within 10 minutes at the fastest.

The first Hop store will be located in Central, with express delivery services covering Sai Ying Pun, Sheung Wan, Central, Mid-Levels and Admiralty. The new service will be able to deliver general merchandise and household items sold by brands such as Parknshop, FUSION, INTERNATIONAL and TASTE. 

Xu Zhixian, GM of Deliveroo Hong Kong, said that as online shopping has become an integral part of our daily lives, on-demand general merchandise delivery service has also become one of the business development priorities of the company. 

“We believe this new service will bring a number of new advantages to [Deliveroo’s] lifestyle department store partners, helping them reach more consumers, and provide customers with more choices to achieve business growth. We look forward to working with Parknshop to expand the new service to different regions in Hong Kong, and will continue to invest in the grocery delivery service,” said Xu Zhixian. 

Meanwhile, Ren Liangan, MD of Parknshop Hong Kong, commented, “The courier industry of daily life department stores is developing rapidly, and it has become a key factor for consumers to choose life department stores. This cooperation will not only expand our customer base, but also help us keep up with the trend of ‘fast commerce’.”

To celebrate the official launch of Deliveroo Hop, users can enjoy a discount of HK$100 for the first purchase of HK$200, and a discount of HK$30 for each purchase of HK$150 for the next three purchases.