Singapore – Up until today, many couples are still denied the right to marry due to their relationships. These include couples of inter-racial, inter-caste, inter-faith and same-gender relationships, many of which are still unacceptable in the eyes of key institutions. Closeup has launched a new campaign, ‘Closeup City Hall of Love’, that aims to make a stride on this front. 

Closeup has entered the metaverse and invites couples to break free from real-world constraints to celebrate their union in Decentraland, a 3D virtual world powered by blockchain technology.

‘Closeup City Hall of Love’ is an immersive virtual experience where diverse couples can ‘mint’ their very own NFT marriage certificate and immortalise their love on the blockchain forever. They can create their avatars, explore, and interact with their very own wedding officiant in the space. The experience will include a proposal and end with the minting of their NFT certificate, that can be celebrated by friends and family.

“Our foray into the Metaverse with Closeup City Hall of Love is another initiative to build safe spaces that celebrate equality and inclusion and inspire people to act on their mutual attraction, free from self-doubt and judgement, so they can experience closeness on their terms,” said Gaurav Datta, global brand VP of Closeup.

Closeup has always spotlighted ‘closeness’ and diversity as its top brand values. The brand has already given an NFT marriage certificate to the first couple in the initiative. 

Details are available on Closeup’s ‘Love for all’ website (

New York, USA – Virtue Worldwide, the creative agency under media company VICE, has launched an office inside the metaverse for VICE Media Group (VMG), which will be open to multiple VMG businesses including Virtue and VICE and act as a permanent residence for the group in 3D virtual world browser-based platform Decentraland.

The initiative was created by Virtue Futures – a dedicated innovation division within Virtue that helps brands to innovate in new platforms, technologies and spaces in culturally relevant ways. VMG’s virtual building is designed by Bjarke Ingels Group, the architectural firm behind The Pyramid in Manhattan and Google’s Mountain View North Campus. Built in Decentraland’s open digital world platform, the space will serve as the agency’s virtual innovation lab where teams can experiment with NFTs, DAOs, and Web 3.0, applying insights directly for brands eager to make an impact.

Moreover, the Decentraland HQ serves as the central node in Virtue Futures’ global borderless team setup. Here, clients and collaborators can meet for briefings, presentations and in-situ demonstrations of recent projects. The space showcases a range of digital experiments, and has plenty of hidden extras for curious explorers, including a direct route for young creatives to reach a selection of highly acclaimed global Meta-Mentors. It will also serve as a launchpad for digital field research into the sociology of digital communities.

Morten Grubak, Virtue Futures’ global ECD innovation, said, “The creative opportunities within the metaverse are hugely exciting and as we’re already helping brands navigate this new space it makes sense to have an office there ourselves. Working with the world-renowned architects at BIG, the vision has taken on a new reality.”

Meanwhile, Nancy Dubuc, VICE Media Group’s CEO, said, “Vice has always been about being inside culture, going to places where our audiences are. This is a new frontier filled with potential and once again, we’re proud to be pushing the boundaries.”

Adam De Cata, Decentraland’s head of partnership, shared that they are seeing massive interest from players big and small, but for a lot of the more entrenched actors, it’s more about saying they did it than actually involving themselves with the community. 

“So it brings us great joy to see two such iconic organisations — BIG and Virtue — get their hands dirty with such earnest dedication,” said De Cata.