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LEGO Group’s new campaign explores family bond, tradition ahead of CNY

Singapore — The LEGO Group has launched a promotional campaign ahead of the Chinese New Year to celebrate and keep the cultural heritage behind the annual celebration. The campaign was done in collaboration with Malaysian TV show host and content artist Danny Ah Boy.

The promotional video which features Danny Ah Boy entitled ’Abundant Joy’ highlights the traditions behind the Chinese New Year festivities that have been a generational practice and the familiar warmth of family get-togethers.

True to its message, Danny, the protagonist, visits his home for the festivities and goes through a nostalgic reflection on the history of his family, the quest of his father to continue the legacy of Chinese culture, and the importance of familial bond despite the physical distance. The film also showcases LEGO’s new product, the 80108 LEGO Lunar New Year Traditions set, being assembled as a bonding activity by the protagonist’s family.

The video also featured other Chinese Traditional Festival LEGO sets namely the 80109 LEGO Lunar New Year Ice Festival, 80108 LEGO Lunar New Year Traditions set, and the Year Of The Tiger set,  JJf29 LEGO Majestic Tiger.

Rohan Mathur, marketing director of LEGO Southeast Asia, commented, “As families near and far celebrate the festive season, we hope that this video will inspire people to relook at the heritage practices that bind us together, give the gift of play to each other, and rise to new heights in this new chapter in their lives.”