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State Trustee Australia appoints Versa as conversational AI agency partner

Australia – State Trustees Australia, the State Government-owned company that provides tailored services to clients and supports Victorians to protect their legacy and financial wellbeing, has appointed global digital and conversational agency Versa in Australia, to be its conversational AI agency partner.

Through the partnership, Versa was tasked to deliver a pilot customer service project, which aims to improve operational efficiencies, customer satisfaction, and employee productivity. 

Following the completion of the project for the State Trustees Personal Finance administration team, the agency will now be embarking on a pilot for Trustee Services customers.

In addition, the agency has also finished an initial automation project for Wilson Parking Australia’s IVR system and is now managing the delivery of subsequent IVR updates.

State Trustees’ Executive General Manager Michael Spiegel shared that one of the reasons they were attracted to Versa was their test and learn approach, which is aligned to everything they do at State Trustees – ensuring they collect the data needed to make informed decisions before moving forward and rolling out a project. 

“The discovery process has given us the ability to analyze detailed customer insights, expose opportunities for optimization, and the best approach for customers and staff. We have already seen some quick wins for our team,” said Spiegel. 

Meanwhile, Dale Smith, the national manager of customer experience at Wilson Parking, said, “We are excited about the improvements conversational AI and augmentation can deliver to our contact center. We look forward to working with Versa further to bring the benefits of a blended approach using both automation and our human resources to our customers and our customer service teams.”

Versa’s CEO Kath Blackham commented that they are thrilled to be working with State Trustees and Wilson Parking on projects that will build and support customer service and customer service teams by using technology to augment and help humans be happier and more productive in the workplace.

“It is a really exciting time for Versa and the wider industry with increased uptake in conversational AI technology in a range of sectors,” said Blackham.

In April this year, Versa launched a navigation-less and bot-activated website –, which utilizes AI-powered conversational bot technology, allowing visitors to ask for what they want using voice or text, without having to search for it.

Technology Featured ANZ

AU-based conversational agency Versa launches global-first navigation-less website

Australia – Global digital and conversational agency Versa in Australia has launched a navigation-less and bot-activated website –, which utilizes AI-powered conversational bot technology, allowing visitors to ask for what they want using voice or text, without having to search for it. is the first website to dynamically present relevant content based on an ongoing conversation with the website visitors. It delivers a human-centered experience through a digital concierge, which puts the power of search into the users’ hands and immediately creates a two-way conversation by asking visitors to type in their questions as soon as they arrive via chat or voice-enabled platform. 

According to the agency, the benefits of a navigation-less website include eliminating drop-down menus and tabs, and endless scrolling, making it easier for users to find what they want quickly by directing them to the information they are looking for. Brands can also deliver hyper-personalized experiences, content, and information, as well as deals without the need for users to login. 

Kath Blackham, the CEO of Versa, shared that AI-powered conversational tech addresses the challenge of impatient website users who have become conditioned to expect instant access to information.

“People now expect a seamless experience from websites, apps, and products. Navigation-less websites give brands the ability to create two-way conversations with customers and allow brands to collect and mine better data to address their customers’ needs more accurately. Voice navigation also has the potential to reach more people through the greater accessibility by being able to simply ask for what you want in your own words, regardless of language, literacy or ability,” said Blackham.

The website experience developed by Versa enables targeted and accurate recommendations through AI’s ability to interpret, understand, and provide relative content instantly, to further increase accuracy as the user clarifies their needs throughout the duration of the conversation.

The rich data and insights are continuously gathered and refined, allowing analysts to better understand what users are searching for rather than aggregating irrelevant data. The SEO is also enhanced by replacing rigid drop-down menus and tab structures with the ability to deploy new content and unlimited pages quickly, all with unique SEO strategies.