Manila, Philippines – AdSpark, the digital marketing agency under Globe’s 917Ventures, has been renamed as Brave Connective. The agency brings together under its umbrella several companies that will help businesses strengthen connections with customers through the use of data, analytics, targeting, and storytelling.

Brave Connective provides a holistic adtech and data ecosystem through its four companies: AdSpark, Inquiro, m360, and DeepSea, currently undergoing the spin-off process.

Furthermore, it aims to address pain points in adtech and data experienced by many B2B customers. These include the lack of capability to execute effective digital campaigns, ineffective sourcing and use of data for digital marketing or advertising, inefficient audience targeting and digital media buying, and direct-to-customer communication challenges.

Nikko Acosta, president and CEO of Brave Connective, said that with the four companies under Brave Connective, they are creating a comprehensive ecosystem of data, media, and fulfilment partners that translates the curiosity of businesses about their customers and their behaviour, into data-driven campaigns that resonate with others.

“With the rebranding, we are positioning ourselves as an end-to-end adtech and data partner for businesses. This move was born out of the recognition that connecting with customers is not only about the data or the technology, but also about the brave decisions that brands make to bring their businesses closer to their customers – being more daring to experiment, take risks, and question things,” Acosta said.

In 2022, the Globe Group created AdSpark Holdings Inc. to consolidate initiatives around its adtech and data capabilities.