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‘Confidence and progress’ is the centerpiece of AXA’s latest global campaign

Hong Kong – Insurance company AXA has announced the rollout of its new global brand campaign aimed at creating inspiration for confidence and progress.

Embodying the brand’s ‘Know You Can’ brand signature, the new brand campaign centers on the purpose of “act for human progress by protecting what matters.” This means evolving the meaning of the brand’s promise from empowering an individual’s self-belief towards being an enabler of progress through collective and connected confidence. In doing so, it seeks to make the brand a trusted and reliable beacon for its stakeholders.

In addition, the campaign is directly inspired by what most need nowadays: optimism. With the global pandemic having a massive impact on the physical and mental health of people around the world, the brand campaign’s message can be summed as “when you feel confident you can go far. When you feel protected by AXA you can go further.”

“This new brand campaign underscores AXA’s continuous commitment to being a true partner for our customers and helping them to achieve their goals. We hope to inspire people with this impactful campaign to embrace the future with confidence and build a better world together,” said Sally Wan, chief executive officer at AXA Hong Kong and Macau.

The new AXA brand campaign will first roll out in the Asia Pacific, particularly in Hong Kong, where the campaign will be promoted across TV, digital and social media, and on outdoor billboards at strategic locations.

One of the initial parts of the campaign is a short film produced by AXA, which focuses on a young girl’s dream to become a soccer player. Throughout the storyline, the young girl faces a lot of obstacles, from being bullied in school to having seen a riot in their local area. Despite the adversities, she manages to emerge victorious as she plays for a large crowd. 

Overall, the brand’s campaign is a focus point for AXA’s commitment to supporting its customers, small-to-medium enterprises and the wider community, giving them the confidence to move forward.

“We are proud and delighted to be the first Asian market to launch this powerful brand campaign. To further reinforce our brand promise ‘Know You Can’ among Hong Kong citizens and build up the impact of this meaningful brand campaign, we will also introduce a series of local inspiring true stories surrounding the themes of Climate Change, BetterMe and Health throughout this year,” said Andrea Wong, chief marketing and customer officer of AXA Hong Kong and Macau.

Technology Featured ANZ

Adtech Cartelux pilots new marketing solution with Kia Australia

Sydney, Australia – Australian-based adtech company Cartelux has launched its centralized marketing solution, and it has decided to pilot it to the Australian arm of global automotive brand Kia, specifically in its dealer’s network.

Through the solution, Cartelux’s technology will assist Kia in driving local innovation by simplifying and automating ad creation, approval, and media buying process. This then enables dynamic personalization of creative assets by each dealer, while delivering a consistent brand campaign for Kia. 

For Nikolas Souliotis, digital marketing manager at Kia Australia, their partnership with Cartelux means achieving success in the digital age between the brand itself and its numerous dealers nationwide.

“The Cartelux platform offers an entirely new playground allowing better marketing alignment across national and local tiers through scalable video and data consolidation. This enables us to see consumers through the same lens and drive better results and greater efficiencies – it’s the future of performance-driven retail marketing,” Souliotis said.

Meanwhile, Randy Han, global lead for Kia at Google noted that Kia’s partnership with Cartelux means creating more engaging video content for the automotive brand, as Kia has been looking for simple ways to create dealer ad content at scale.

Patrick Doble, global general manager at Cartelux, commented, “Kia is one of the world’s most innovative and fastest growing brands. The program for Kia will commence with providing digital video advertising, which geo-targets campaigns based on the dealers primary marketing area.”

Platforms Featured Global

AnalogFolk invests in newly-launched content production Untold Fable

Singapore – Global creative agency AnalogFolk has announced its recent investment to Untold Fable, a newly-launched global content production company founded by entrepreneur Kate Tancred, who also serves as Untold Fable’s CEO.

AnalogFolk Group will become a majority shareholder of Untold Fable, and it will be running its specialist brands – AnalogFolk, Untold Fable and Serum (UK) – as stand-alone businesses.

Through the investment, Untold Fable will offer clients the added value of tapping into on-demand digital agency services from AnalogFolk. This joint offering is designed to provide one entry point for clients into the creativity and efficiencies of a tech-powered production offering and the strategic precision of on demand creative digital agency services.

Untold Fable was founded on a greater need for video and audio content across entertainment and advertising, to which the company aims to cater to by creating a platform that houses studios, sound designers, sound engineers, composers and voice talent from around the world, assisting brands with their audio identity while communicating with consumers via one of the fastest-growing ad formats in the world.

Furthermore, Untold Fable allows brands, publishers and agencies to also have the option to measure their diversity and inclusion (D&I) statistics across their productions throughout the year, empowering them to put the issue front and center by giving them the data when it comes time to commission talent. 

According to data from branding and design company IMPACT, 70% of consumers have shared a brand’s video, with 52% saying watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions. About 72% of businesses, meanwhile, stated video has improved their conversion rate. 

“It is the first community-based production model to be built with diversity at its heart, promising to ensure the makeup of the network reflects the world we live in as well as launching technology features that make connecting with traditionally underrepresented talent from the creative industry much more accessible to clients,” the company said in a press statement.

With the existing footprint of AnalogFolk globally, Untold Fable will offer clients on-the-ground teams in London, New York, Sydney, Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Singapore from day one. 

“I spent the last 10 years driving the efficiencies and creativity of a tech powered production offering. Untold Fable expands on that model by connecting clients with a curated network of diverse, award-winning talent and layering over digital creative services from one of the most celebrated independent digital agencies in the world. Combining these offerings enables us to produce audio and video content in a way that the industry is yet to experience,” Tancred said.

Meanwhile, for AnalogFolk founder and chief client officer Bill Brock, their recent investment in Untold Fable speaks to the agency’s mission of using “digital to make the analog world better.”

“With the launch of Untold Fable, we not only diversify the group’s offering, we break exciting new ground on this enduring mission. We’re leveraging the power of technology to make it easier than ever before for brands and publishers to work with a more diverse talent pool,” Brock stated.

Marketing Featured East Asia

GroupM pushes INCA into HK market expansion

Hong Kong – Media investment company GroupM is continuing its expansion in the Asia-Pacific region, this time launching INCA, an influencer marketing company, to the Hong Kong market.

With this regional expansion, INCA will then allow brand-influencer partnerships to leverage content-driven campaigns. Furthermore, as more brands are reallocating their influencer marketing budget to social media brand engagement, INCA upholds brand safety across using AI technology leverages.

As a study from data company Nielsen shows that economic and social uncertainties have affected brand advertising by means of audience impact, brands have since then ventured out into strategies that are efficient and will have return of investment in no time. Hence, INCA in Hong Kong aims to provide influencer marketing to the local brands by allowing them to collaborate with genuine influencers in spreading the brand, benefiting Hong Kong-based brands from the leveraging strategies from INCA.

“We are committed to helping brands in Hong Kong create the best possible outcomes through our data-driven and brand-safe approach to influencer marketing. Our AI-powered solutions and thorough influencer and content approval processes ensure their investments in influencer marketing inspire their customers, protect their brands, and achieve results that are directly tied to business results,” said Michael Woo (right of banner picture), associate director for Product & Operations at INCA Hong Kong.

INCA is also allowing brands to check the authenticity of their influential marketing strategies through INCATech, a platform that allows brands to check unique creator and audience insights, workflow tools, content amplification, and detailed campaign reporting dashboards which includes Genuity Score.

Screengrab of INCATech Platform
A screen grab featuring the dashboard of INCA’S INCATech platform that monitors partner influencers (Photo Courtesy of INCA)

“Advertisers are faced with the challenge of finding authentic and relevant content creators while ensuring cost-efficiency in their marketing campaigns. Our technology will help equip advertisers, not only in Hong Kong but globally, with data-driven tools that will connect them to genuine influencers and leading publishers in order to achieve their marketing objectives,” said Andy Chung (left of banner picture), head of programmatic at GroupM

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Nissan PH taps local actor Matteo Guidicelli as brand’s new ambassador

Manila, Philippines – The Japanese automaker Nissan in the Philippines welcomes local celebrity Matteo Guidicelli as the brand’s new ambassador, formally introduced during the company’s annual Dealer of the Year Awards on November 6.

A local actor-singer and multisport athlete, Guidicelli expressed high hopes for the new partnership, which also coincided with the company’s recently launched brand campaign “Dare the Impossible.”

Matteo Guidicelli and Nissan Philippines President/Managing Director Atsushi Najima
Matteo Guidicelli (left) recently met with Nissan in the Philippines President and Managing Director Atsushi Najima during a recent company event.

“The Dare the Impossible campaign is a brilliant way to further ignite the passion and innovation behind Nissan. In combination with the brand’s new look, this attitude is something I can totally relate [to and] live by. I am looking forward to the full experience from the vehicle line-up, including the Nissan Terra, Navarra, Patrol, the 370Z, the fully electric Nissan LEAF, and beyond,” says Matteo Guidicelli.

Meanwhile, Atsushi Najima, president and managing director for Nissan in the Philippines commented, “With Matteo, we are further igniting the Nissan brand in the Philippines. He is an inspiration and fully aligned to how we manage marketing, sales, consumer touch points, dealer network, after sales and communications. We are proud to have Matteo with us, as Nissan boldly shapes an innovative and human-centric future in the country and in the region.”

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

SG’s PropertyGuru launches campaign, spotlights home financing journey

Singapore – Homegrown property technology company PropertyGuru has launched a new brand campaign in Singapore to raise awareness for its new core offering to consumers as the go-to place for all property buying needs – from finding a home to financing one.

Titled “Perfectly Matched, Under One Roof,” the campaign launch comes after its recent expansion into home finance space in March via its new mortgage marketplace PropertyGuru Finance, which enables the discovery and comparison of the best home loans. 

The campaign’s tagline, “Home listings. Home loans. Perfectly matched, Under One Roof” aims to reinforce that ”homes” and “home financing” services are now offered by PropertyGuru to consumers in a creative and universal way.


The campaign’s creative builds on PropertyGuru’s core branding to tap on its over 10-year industry experience and technology track record. It will introduce the PropertyGuru Finance color palette and logo, depicting a “perfect match” at the center point of the various executions. The campaign will also feature a series of four key visuals, highlighting the unique and “perfect matches” that PropertyGuru can now offer to consumers.

The campaign concept brings across a simple and relatable message with eye-catching, creative imagery of perfect matches, including a version with a local twist that plays a part in our everyday lives. 

The campaign will be rolled out islandwide over the coming weeks as part of a multi-channel marketing approach – promoting itself on-air, on-ground, out of home via media corporation’s radio channels, billboards, buses, and across various digital and social platforms.

To promote the awareness of home financing amongst consumers, PropertyGuru will also be conducting regular home financing webinars via Zoom and their Facebook page starting from Thursday, 29th October 2020. 

Bjorn Sprengers, chief marketing officer & head of fintech at PropertyGuru Group said, “Home financing and affordability should not be an afterthought but the first thing on our minds when we start the search for a property. The need for greater financial prudence in making property buying decisions is especially pertinent given the current economic situation.”

“Since launching the business in March, we have helped hundreds of Singaporeans with their home financing needs. We hope that with the timely launch of this campaign we can continue to emphasize the importance of home financing amongst property seekers and how PropertyGuru Finance can be of support,” he added. Meanwhile, Paul Wee, managing director, finTech at PropertyGuru Group, who will be chairing the webinar series highlighted that, “The interactive sessions will address various concerns property seekers face when searching for a suitable home loan package, and detail how the PropertyGuru Finance in-house team of expert advisors can help make the homeownership journey smoother.”

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Olay runs #adutlfearlessly campaign on Shopee ahead of its Brand Day

Singapore – P&G-owned skincare brand Olay has launched a brand new campaign – Adult Fearlessly – and it has partnered with Shopee to exclusively run it on its platform ahead of Olay’s special sale event Brand Day. The event will be held on October 14 to 16.

The campaign seeks to reach and engage with millennial women around Southeast Asia to bring a message of empowerment that they can #adultfearlessly, and overcome the perceived challenges of “adulting,” such as that with investing in their skincare needs.

Together with Shopee, Olay has conceptualized and co-created content such as a video called “Fearless with your choices,” which aims to shift the mindsets of millennials as they confront their fears of turning 30. It is also said to highlight the positive aspects of the journey leading up to such age.

The campaign will be rolled out in phases across six markets including Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. 

Lucy Moran, Senior eCommerce Director of Olay for APAC shared that the brand wants to focus on how consumers are integrating their lifestyle with their skin needs.

“As one of the top facial skincare brands in the world, we are continually innovating and advancing the way we connect with our consumers. With e-commerce driving a major shift from offline to online sales, there is potential to achieve further growth in this segment,” said Moran.

“Riding on this momentum to broaden our reach in Southeast Asia, we are partnering with Shopee once again to bring more engaging and convenient experiences online, where consumers are able to access Olay products– all at the click of a button,” she added.

Meanwhile, Shopee’s Regional Managing Director Ian Ho said that the Health & Beauty category is one of the top-performing on the platform as the new normal has driven even more consumers to browse and buy skin care products online.

“We are proud to be able to support Olay in their e-commerce growth through this campaign. Our shared consumer insights and widening base of millennial users have enabled a hyperlocal strategy for Olay to deliver the best online shopping experience. We are confident in supporting Olay to achieve another successful campaign with us,” said Ho.

This will be the second collaboration between the two brands. In April, Olay’s regional campaign for its Retinol 24 product line was also run by the partnership with Shopee.