Singapore – OCBC has unveiled a new brand campaign across its core markets, solidifying its One Group approach to capitalise on wealth and business opportunities in ASEAN and Greater China.

As a follow-up to 2023’s launch of the bank’s brand refresh, GOVT Singapore has developed a new campaign that spans 5 markets across the region.

The campaign kicks off with two films shot by Desmond Tan from Atypical Films, supported by Fuse. Both “Perfect Fit” and “Greater Heights” tell different, human stories about one’s purpose in life. Both stories were developed to support the bank’s purpose to empower aspirations all across ASEAN and Greater China. 

It is also supported by ATL visuals that will run as an integrated campaign in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and China, including Hong Kong SAR.

Koh Ching Ching, head of group brand and communications at OCBC Bank, said: “Through the two films, we hope to share that as OCBC helps to realise your aspirations, our solution is perfect only if it perfectly fits for you, and that we will walk the journey together with you to achieve greater heights. This is OCBC’s Purpose. GOVT Singapore has successfully created a compelling campaign that brings it to life with OCBC’s capabilities and the strengths of our connectivity across ASEAN and Greater China weaved in.” 

Meanwhile, Tim Chan, executive creative director at GOVT Singapore, commented, “We’ve been working with the bank for almost 8 years now. This long-term partnership is one that we value deeply, and this year’s campaign is another one that we’re massively proud of. Kudos to the team and our external partners.”

GOVT Singapore has been the lead creative agency for OCBC Bank since 2017, and has been responsible for some of the brand’s iconic campaigns including Stay True, The Financial Wellness Index, Simply Spot On, Imperfect Journeys and more. 

United Kingdom – Bentley Motors has launched a new global brand campaign titled “How Do You Bentley?” The ad invites “Gen B” to discover and interact with the world of Bentley. This generation, which transcends time, colour, and gender, is Bentley’s target demographic. 

Storyteller Anders Hallberg is the director of “How Do You Bentley?”, a movie produced by IPG-X. It envisions a number of windows into the Bentley universe, each emphasising the interests of the intended audiences and recognizing the brand’s long-standing position in various fields. 

The film delves deeply into several aspects, such as the music featured in the Bentley Record Room, the design features found in Bentley Home, and Bentley Extraordinary Journeys. Through genuine, unusual, and elevated methods, the numerous transitions explore a balance of polarities unique to the brand, blending luxury with performance, well-being with power, and modernity with tradition. 

It consists of both current and potential clients, brand enthusiasts, and coworkers who are driven to question the status quo, push the bounds of luxury, and examine the future. 

Speaking about the campaign, Steven de Ploey, global marketing director, said, “This brand campaign will be instrumental in positioning Bentley as the undisputed leader in luxury and performance, highlighting all aspects of the Bentley business, well beyond automotive. The campaign will also create an even more distinct and desirable profile for the brand, appealing to both new, as well as existing target audiences, by tapping into their key passion points.” 

Meanwhile, Nick Cooper, global executive creative director at IPG-X, said, “Our campaign line, ‘How do you Bentley?’ enables the brand to lead the conversation about what luxury lifestyle looks like, using a shared mindset to communicate with both an existing and growth audience. Director, Anders Hallberg’s experience in understanding the luxury lifestyle world enabled us to dial in to the audience passion points, as much as the cars, to create a compelling and authentic narrative that embodied the brand. This campaign will be at the forefront of driving the brand beyond purely automotive and towards a luxury lifestyle proposition.”

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 7-ELEVEN has partnered with The Shout Group’s creative arm, FCB SHOUT, for its latest campaign, which features a live-action music video and a new brand ambassador. 

FCB SHOUT’s latest campaign for 7-ELEVEN aims to appeal to the younger generation, promoting the retail giant to Malaysian consumers’ hearts and minds once again. 

The campaign includes an animation mixed with a live-action music video and a hip-hop track produced from scratch. Titled ‘Senang Lenang Dengan 7-ELEVEN’ (Easy Peasy With 7-ELEVEN), the vibrant music video adds a much-needed youthful feel. 

Furthermore, the music video also introduced Malaysians to 7-ELEVEN’s newest 3D brand ambassador, the friendly, trendy, and rap-loving ‘Even’. 

‘Senang Lenang Dengan 7-ELEVEN’ is currently running across all 7-ELEVEN Malaysia’s social and digital channels in conjunction with the Hari Raya festive celebration.

Commenting on the project, Syahriza Badron, general manager at FCB SHOUT, said, “A big shout out to the amazing team at 7-ELEVEN Malaysia for entrusting this campaign with us. We know brand campaigns are not usually part of 7-ELEVEN’s marketing plans, so for them to hand this huge responsibility to us as they seek to regain their dominance in the ultra-competitive retail space reflects the quality of work that we delivered during the pitch. Instead of merely answering the brief given, we challenged it and came back with an idea that made a lot more sense for the brand to sustain and continue building on in the long run, instead of just another one-off project that’d be forgotten as soon as the campaign ends.”

Meanwhile, Jonathan Chan, creative director at FCB SHOUT, shared, “The clients wanted a brand ambassador for 7-ELEVEN to spearhead this campaign. But we knew that creating a character using a real person would cost the brand a lot of money, and they would only be able to use the ambassador for this short campaign period. So, we drew inspiration from cultural icons like Daft Punk, Deadmau5, and even The Stig to create a masked character that the brand could not only continue using for a long time but truly own and call their own as well. We then worked closely with our production partners to bring this character named Even to life via 3D animation and created a Hari Raya music video to introduce the character alongside an original rap song, which comes complete with a 7-ELEVEN iconic doorbell jingle.” 

“With Even as the hero, the energetic music video showcases how easy it is to celebrate a memorable Hari Raya with 7-ELEVEN’s wide variety of goods. The campaign came out better than we expected given the tight deadline, and a lot of credit has to go to our partners at KDCo, TELL Enterprise, Grey Common Studio, and Max Fx Studio for the incredible work,” he added. 

Australia – The a2 Milk Company has partnered with integrated creative marketing agency BMF to launch its newest brand platform, ‘Only a2 Will Do’, celebrating a2 Milk, which is naturally free from A1 protein. 

As part of this innovative brand platform, a2 Milk and BMF have released an integrated campaign titled ‘Tough Tummies’ that highlights the natural absence of A1 protein in a2 Milk. 

The campaign, BMF’s first work since winning the account, highlights the everyday heroism of stomachs, showcasing how even though our digestive systems may appear resilient, they can be sensitive to the A1 protein commonly found in milk. This sensitivity can prevent us from fully savouring the everyday benefits of dairy products.

‘Tough Tummies’ will be rolled out across TV, OOH, social, and programmatic. 

Edith Bailey, CMO at The a2 Milk Company, said, “Milk drinkers who have sensitive stomachs may reduce or stop drinking milk altogether to free themselves of discomfort. But a2 Milk is real milk from carefully selected cows that naturally produce only the A2 protein and no A1. It is the A1 protein found in most milk today that may negatively impact digestive comfort for some people. We wanted to feature real tummies, ‘Tough Tummies’, to celebrate how we can thrive with a2 Milk.”

Speaking on the campaign, Harry Stanford, creative director at BMF Australia, also shared, “a2 Milk may be beneficial for some people who are sensitive to the A1 protein, so seeing the world from a tummy’s view was the perfect way to launch our new long idea. A whole range of authentic Aussie tummies are living their best lives.”

Singapore – Communications technology group Singtel has launched its latest Chinese New Year festive campaign titled ‘A Date With Spring’ which showcases the power of technology to empower learning and pursuit of passions across generations.

The campaign features a film that tells the story of ‘Uncle’, who would reminisce about his roller-skating days with his wife at the park.

In the film, as Uncle watches the young skaters, he suddenly gets inspired to pick up his old roller skates and take up the sport again. However, upon his initial attempt, he would fail, so he used his smartphone to look up videos and review his performance.

With his renewed skills, Uncle would showcase his skating antics at various iconic landmarks, such as Marina Barrage and Chinatown. He will soon go viral, as onlookers will record and share his extraordinary moves. And even his family is surprised by his newly acquired abilities.

Singtel’s Chinese New Year film is inspired by the story of Uncle Heng, who attracted many audiences with his skating prowess despite his old age.

Drawing from the real-life story of Tan Teck Hung, or ‘Uncle Heng’, who also starred in the film, Singtel’s CNY film gives a nod to the power of technology to inspire and empower both old and young. It shows that technology has the ability to support life-long learning and bridge gaps across generations.

‘A Date With Spring’ is the latest addition to Singtel’s list of brand stories that seek to express what the company stands for. Working with Akanga Films, the film was produced in-house and airs on Singtel TV and various social media channels.

‘A Date with Spring’ is the latest addition to Singtel’s repertoire of brand stories that seek to express what the company stands for.

Yuen Kuan Moon, Singtel Group CEO, said, “This film isn’t just aspirational. We drew inspiration from the real life of 70-year-old mechanic Tan Teck Hung, who stars in the film, as he had indeed gone viral due to his amazing skating skills. Stirred by his personal story, we decided to turn it into a tale of empowerment for the new year, which is what Singtel’s purpose is all about: to empower every generation. Technology is not just the purview of the young. It is inclusive and enabling. People of all ages can use it, and we’ve made it our mission to help everyone reap its benefits.”

Speaking on the campaign, Lian Pek, vice president of group strategic communications and brand at Singtel, also shared, “The power of this film lies in the fact that it is not fiction. Uncle Heng is the real thing. In real life, he’s adept at using the phone and other technology. He’s 70 years old and skates like a dream—a classic example of ‘age is just a number.’ He’s pursued his passion, and it doesn’t look like he’s going to stop. We think this is a worthy message to spread this festive season; whether it’s skating or technology, it is never too late to try.”

Pek added, “We find that storytelling helps create that central narrative around our brand and evokes emotional responses from customers, which helps them make personal connections to us. We hope that this film, loosely based on Uncle Heng’s skating journey, has allowed us to communicate our core values in an authentic and engaging way.”

Singapore – Toyota Motor Asia Pacific has appointed Virtue APAC, a creative agency powered by VICE, to create its regional integrated brand campaign titled ‘Move Your World’ for its Asia market.

Virtue APAC will spearhead and manage the strategy, creative, production, and distribution of the campaign, which will cover launch activation, regional brand assets, and a cultural programme centred on social, content, and communities.

The creative agency received the mandate after a competitive four-way pitch. The campaign for Toyota will become the newest addition to the agency’s global and regional work for clients like The Coca-Cola Company, Diageo, and Shiseido across offices in Singapore and India.

Toyota’s ‘Move Your World’ regional brand campaign is expected to launch by the first half of 2024 across the Asia markets.

Virtue APAC’s appointment comes as the multinational automotive company embarks on a brand transformation journey to become more than just a car company but a modern and progressive mobility platform of the future.

Jaja Ishibashi, general manager at Toyota Motor Asia Pacific, said, “Toyota is moving towards becoming a mobility company that provides cutting-edge solutions for transportation in the future with the use of technology. As part of that, we want to also be able to establish a brand that is associated with movement, excitement, and experiences that are relevant to both the present and the future. Virtue APAC was appointed because of their aptitude at navigating and positioning businesses inside culture, offering a novel and forward-thinking perspective that is aligned with our own.”

Lesley John, managing director at Virtue APAC, also shared, “Asia is the most dynamic and optimistic region in the world, and Virtue is honoured to have been entrusted to share Toyota’s ‘Move Your World’ story, drawing on our extensive capabilities to help brands find an authentic role and voice at the epicentre of culture, to position Toyota for future success with audiences across the region.”

Manila, Philippines – Tender Care, a brand under Colgate-Palmolive, has officially launched its newest ‘Unbox the World’ campaign that addresses how Filipino parents navigate family life in post-pandemic reality.

Launched with an equity film, the campaign emphasises the overprotectiveness that parents feel towards their children and family as they adjust to post-pandemic life.

Tender Care wants to give parents the feeling of security as they let their children explore the world, seeing them have fun while learning something new as Tender Care serves as their protection ally.

Edith Marquez-Reyes, VP of marketing at Colgate-Palmolive, said, “After the challenges of the pandemic, many of us naturally became more protective of our kids, making sure they’re always safe. But with Tender Care, we’re saying, Let’s unbox. Let’s let life be more enriching. Addressing overprotectiveness in this era is a courageous stance for the brand. We’re here to reassure parents that care and exploration can go hand-in-hand.”

She added, “Parents’ post-pandemic concerns are valid. Yet, it’s essential for kids to experience and grow. We’re here to support every step, ensuring enriching experiences for children and peace of mind for parents.”

Also speaking about the campaign, Joe Dy, chief creative officer at VML Philippines, shared, “The Tender Care brief wasn’t just another campaign for us. It was a tough but exciting challenge that the team eagerly took on. This was something we wanted to nail for the brand and Filipino parents. We want to do more than just talk; we believe we need a fresh approach if we sought to disrupt perspectives and reassure parents that kids can safely explore their world” 

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Insurance company FWD Insurance has recently unveiled its new brand campaign, ‘Celebrate Easy, Celebrate Living.’ Inspired by the company’s vision of changing the way people feel about insurance, the campaign highlights that insurance can be simple and can encourage and help empower Malaysians to celebrate living with it.

With its latest brand campaign, FWD Insurance aims to put a new spin on a traditional industry by offering innovative propositions and products that are easy-to-understand and supported by digital technology.

The campaign is now live in Malaysia across multiple media including digital billboards, social media and radio until 31 December 2023.

In tune with this campaign, FWD Insurance launched two new regular premium investment-linked products, namely FWD WealthLink and FWD Wealthlink Pro. FWD WealthLink comes with a 10% increase in coverage every five years, enhancing protection for customers and their loved ones by up to 50% of their original coverage.

On the other hand, FWD Wealthlink Pro offers a wealth bonus to customers where they will receive 8% of their coverage at the end of their 20th policy year and 4% of their coverage every 10 years subsequently, credited into their Investment Account. Customers will also receive an additional 400% coverage that will be payable in the event of accidental death due to natural disaster.

Additionally, a new rider FWD Medi First can be attached to FWD WealthLink to provide comprehensive medical coverage for hospitalisation, surgical and medical expenses, as well as an inflation shield against rising hospital room and board costs with a RM10 increase in hospital room & board and 10% increase in annual limit for every 3 years until the end of the coverage term.

Aman Chowla, chief executive officer of FWD Insurance, said, “We are committed to making the insurance journey simpler, faster, and smoother for our customers. With our Celebrate Easy, Celebrate Living brand campaign, we want to communicate that insurance can be easy and provide our customers with the protection they need to live their lives the way they want and celebrate living.” 

“Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Moving forward, we will continue to uphold our commitment to provide products that meet our customer’s needs at every stage of their lives,” he added. 

Singapore – Cloud-based omnichannel platform Teads revealed the results of its global collaborative research with market research firm Ipsos on key creative elements that drive success in the omnichannel automotive campaign landscape. 

The collaborative research findings showed that streamlined messaging, brand clarity, wide shots, and human connection are among the key creative elements that can convey successful storytelling in an automotive campaign.

Based on the data, videos that focus less on the vehicle and instead integrate the object into a larger storyline tend to gain higher in-view times. Revealing the interior features of the vehicle is also found to be engaging, particularly in consideration-focused ads.

Additionally, campaigns that prominently feature the brand logo and name capture audience attention and provide a strong hook. Wide and simple shots are also effective as they convey a sense of freedom and movement, which tend to engage viewers.

Part of the data also revealed that videos with fewer scenes gain higher in-view times as they require less cognitive effort to comprehend.

In addition, colour contrasts also play an important role in a campaign’s effectiveness, with lighter elements having a significant impact on in-view time. The research showed that chromatic contrasts like blue and orange make the videos more appealing, increasing in-view time. Meanwhile, dark-coloured videos have a shorter viewing time due to a lack of contrast.

Teads leverages Ipsos cutting-edge AI capabilities and advanced statistical modelling techniques to gain a comprehensive understanding of effective automotive advertisement elements.

Henner Blömer, VP of global client partnerships at Teads, said, “Creativity is the crucial component of successful digital car campaigns. In previous Teads research, we found significantly higher levels of attention (+49%) and brand lift (+31%) with creatively optimised campaigns. In order to provide clients and agencies with further insights into the optimal design of advertising media, we have collaborated with IPSOS to develop best practices to significantly increase the view time of campaigns.“

Also commenting on the research, Jessica Sleep, brand communications and social media manager at MINI, said, “There have been some great insights presented as a result of this study, particularly around the use of people, colour contrasts, and text. We’ve implemented Teads’ recommendations in our upcoming campaigns, and I look forward to seeing the results!”

Seoul, South Korea – Multinational electronic company LG Electronics (LG) has launched its latest motivational brand film that highlights the importance of optimism to communicate the true meaning of the brand’s ‘Life’s Good’ message. 

Crafted in collaboration with the creative team at TBWA\Chiat\Day New York and headed by EmmyAward-winning director Nicolai Fuglsig, the 90-second film powerfully illustrates what can happen when one elects to walk the path of optimism.

The new brand film features a middle-aged man struggling to ride a longboard down a suburban street. However, as the film progresses, he becomes more determined and begins to slide gracefully over the asphalt with a smile on his face. 

Upon choosing optimism in his personal journey, the man was able to overcome obstacles and accomplish something no one believed he would be capable of. The heartwarming story is a reminder that there’s an optimist inside everyone; it’s merely a matter of deciding to embrace it.

The new brand film is part of the brand’s ongoing global ‘Life’s Good’ campaign, which aims to inspire people to face challenges with an optimistic attitude during difficult times. It also highlights the enduring nature of LG’s brand philosophy and values, which the company has consistently upheld throughout its entire history.

The campaign has also graced some of the most iconic landmarks in various cities around the world, including Dubai, London, New York, and Seoul.

LG is transforming its businesses and the way it communicates its brand with customers and stakeholders through brand reinvention. With this, the company ensures the values and philosophy of ‘Life’s Good’ are delivered at every touchpoint across the customer experience.

Jeongseok Lee, senior vice president and head at LG’s Global Marketing Center,  shared, “Life’s Good represents our unwavering commitment to making people’s lives better through innovation. In line with our future vision to become a smart life solution company, we will communicate with various customers at every touchpoint in a more dynamic and youthful way.”

Speaking on the campaign, Kim Hyo-eun, vice president at LG’s Global Marketing Center, also said, “With our global campaign, we aim to convey our message of Life’s Good, inspiring and encouraging customers to take life with an optimistic attitude. We hope that our brand film can uplift customers and create meaningful influence on their lives.”

Meanwhile, Director Nicholai Fuglsig said, “LG came to me with the idea of sharing the meaning of its Life’s Good philosophy through the lens of choosing optimism, and I was immediately drawn to the project.” 

“I love the story of an unexpected hero venturing out of his comfort zone and using optimism to overcome challenges. Personally, I feel it’s a powerful reminder not to get bogged down by negativity and to live life to the fullest,” he added.