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Ariel India’s latest ‘Share The Load’ campaign a more defiant stand for equality

Singapore – Ariel India has launched the fifth edition of its #ShareTheLoad campaign titled ‘See Equal’. Conceptualised by BBDO India, the film raises a pertinent question: “If men can share the load equally with other men, why not with their wives?”

The film aims to be reflective of the reality of today’s times and wants to remind families that true equality is only reflected when everyone ‘shares the load’ of domestic chores. 

On one hand, the film depicts a woman who refuses to accept inequality in her marriage, and on the other, it depicts what men are capable of and shows how they are changing. The two neighbours in the film could be roommates, friends, brothers or in a relationship themselves, but irrespective of their relationship, they represent the men of today who are open to change. 

Speaking about the new campaign, Sharat Verma, CMO of P&G India, and VP of Fabric Care, P&G India, shared that this year’s communication is based on this simple insight – when men can share the load equally with other men, then why not with their wives? 

“With Ariel #ShareTheLoad, we strive to trigger meaningful conversations that will help drive positive change. With #SeeEqual, we want to address years of unconscious bias and conditioning, that may be coming in the way of us all sharing the load,” said Verma. 

The first edition of the #ShareTheLoad campaign was launched in 2015, with Ariel raising the question – ‘Is laundry only a woman’s job?’ Since then, each film released every year under the campaign focuses on a specific issue within the equality movement.

In 2020, the campaign highlighted the impact of the unequal division of chores on wives’ well-being and leveraged it with men to drive an urgency to act.

Priyanka Rishi, GM & EVP of BBDO India in Mumbai, commented, “Ariel #ShareTheLoad is an urgent call to action – to uncover the most relevant context and insight that will trigger conversation to drive positive change in society. Unsurprisingly, this journey becomes personal. Every member brings their deep emotional confession and experiences to sharpen and nuance the idea. This continues through the executional leg where each action, every word, including the tone of delivery is minutely debated, discussed, and debated once more.” 

Marketing Featured South Asia

Indian delivery service Milkbasket taps BBDO for brand strategy and creative duties

Singapore – Marketing and advertising agency BBDO India, has been appointed by Milkbasket, India’s first subscription-based micro-delivery service, to handle its brand strategy and creative output mandates.

Milkbasket, a unit of Reliance Retail, launched in 2015, and is one of the fastest-growing start-ups in the daily essentials delivery sector. Milkbasket has seen a positive preference in the consumer market and online groceries. Currently, the company is present in several cities and regions in the country namely NCR, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

Yatish Talvadia, founder and CEO of Milkbasket, commented on the partnership, saying, “On this exciting growth journey of Milkbasket, we are super thrilled to onboard BBDO. The plan is to leverage their creative strength to make Milkbasket a household name in Pan India by the end of the year.”

In 2022, Milkbasket said it aims to take its services to the top 50 cities in India. At this crucial point of expansion, BBDO will facilitate this growth by creating a pan India voice and brand positioning for Milkbasket.

Nikhil Mahajan, chief growth officer and GM of BBDO, said that the daily essential delivery space has seen a lot of action lately, and believes that feel Milkbasket, with its robust business model, is poised to win mindshare and market share.

“They have a unique proposition that sets them apart from any other player, and I’m very excited to bring that alive as we create a brand to reckon with in the coming times. The leadership team’s vision of not only winning the future but shaping it too is what makes this partnership so special and exciting,” said Mahajan.

Marketing Featured South Asia

BBDO Delhi names new chief creative officer

New Delhi, India – Creative agency BBDO India has announced the appointment of Krishna Mani as the new chief creative officer for BBDO Delhi.

He brings more than 18 years of experience and solid heritage of brand work. He previously worked with Ogilvy India, as he created distinctive work across many brands, from home appliance company Voltas Ac to year-on-year creating refreshingly clever work for Sprite India, as well as KFC and Pizza Hut. In addition, he also had a brief stint at dentsu, working with brands such as motor company TVS and automobile brand Toyota.

Krishna has nurtured and guided young teams to find their distinctive voice and grow. He believes learning and unlearning is crucial to remain forever young and relevant in advertising.

Talking about Mani’s appointment, Josy Paul, chairman and CCO at BBDO India, said “Krishna’s work is legendary, his craft is brilliant, and his focus on where advertising is going is exciting. Together we’ll hit the sweet spot where the media meets the idea. Along with our youthful and diverse talent, we believe Krishna Mani will create greater value for our clients as he pushes the industry forward.”

Meanwhile, Suraja Kishore, CEO at BBDO India, commented , “For us at BBDO we seek leaders who are not so much like-minded as like-hearted, in Mani we discovered an Empath Creative. He understands the power of human confessions in unlocking the creative charge that a brand needs.”

He added, “We are certain that Mani will add immense value to BBDO’s equity, and in partnership with Nikhil Mahajan- who heads our Delhi operations, he will make the BBDO offering to our clients stronger and will create work that will drive growth for our clients.”

Speaking about his appointment and new role, he shared, “I’ve always admired the work BBDO has created. It’s real, rooted in brands and culturally so relevant. A chance to work and learn from mentors like Josy and Suraja was not to be missed.”