Manila, Philippines – Digital bank CIMB in the Philippines has recently posted a new Christmas-themed video advertisement, focusing on the theme of family breadwinners.

Aptly titled “Breadwinner”, the video centers between an interaction of a mother and her “breadwinner” son. The mother opens up the conversation, asking the son as to when his 13th month pay will arrive, as it will be used to spend on Christmas essentials.

However, the question was responded with silence, as the “breadwinner” son refuses to open up to her mother on what’s bothering him. Finally, after a long silence, the son breaks up and says that he was removed from the job, and that the plans for Christmas won’t be feasible anymore.

Her mother breaks a smile, and leaves for a minute. When she returned, she showed the bank’s app and saying “Nakapagtabi ako” (I have saved some).

The video concludes with the mother and son enjoying time together by dancing, and with a message: “This year has been a challenge like we’ve never seen before, but we will rise and get through this together”.

The “Breadwinner” video advertisement is produced by GIGIL, a local-based advertising agency.