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Amplitude launches Amplitude Analytics to expand insights deeper into marketing metrics

Singapore – Digital optimization software Amplitude, Inc, announced new campaign reporting tools with self-service insights into digital marketing investments. 

With the use of Amplitude Analytics, marketing and product teams can measure campaign and channel performance alongside downstream product metrics like user engagement and retention. Campaign reporting gives teams unprecedented visibility into metrics across the entire funnel, all in a single system. Additional new features include outcome-focused Metrics and Data Tables that empower teams to discover how their marketing programs and product usage meaningfully affect key business outcomes such as sales and revenue. Together, these tools empower cross-functional teams to quickly close the insights-to-action loop and make better business decisions.

Traditionally, there’s been a disconnect between product and campaign data. Organisations leverage product analytics for visibility into customer behaviours and product changes, but struggle to connect marketing performance metrics like attributing user growth to specific channels. According to Gartner, “digital analytics markets are colliding and converging as vendors blur the lines between categories such as product analytics and digital experience analytics (DXA) and branch into adjacent markets such as customer journey analytics.” 

Justin Bauer, chief product officer at Amplitude, said, “With these customer needs in mind, we’re doubling down on digital analytics and investing in new tools that will provide holistic product insights faster. The introduction of campaign reporting, outcome metrics, and data tables make it easier for teams to consolidate their analytics solutions while expanding the types of metrics they can track across the end-to-end customer journey.”