New York, USA – AiTrillion, a global software-as-a-service (SaaS) marketing platform for e-commerce sellers, has announced the appointment of Sudiptaa Paul Choudhury to the role of global chief marketing officer. Choudhury brings into the company over a decade of marketing industry experience, having worked with Intuit, Tally, Ericsson, Oracle, HP and other notable organisations.

Her experience within the marketing industry revolves around her experience of leaning towards market research, competitive insight, customer and product marketing, digital marketing, brand-led content strategy, creation and execution, and achieving the results efficiently.

Speaking about her role, Choudhury shared that SaaS market & Artificial Intelligence (AI) is where the future is and currently one of the most revenue earning segments globally. For her, SaaS is empowering businesses with the highest contributions towards enterprise resource planning (ERP), e-commerce apps, and CRM.

“SaaS & AI is the future and is currently one of the most revenue earning segments globally with highest contributions towards ERP, Ecommerce, CRM. I’ve been hired to take the brand to the next level,” she shared.

The company offers a suite of products and services such as AiBrandInsights and AiConsumer Insights to help empower businesses of all sizes to beget success with an accessible, intelligent, automated sales and marketing platform that is powered by AI in its true sense.