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Machine learning company Moloco introduces updates on its cloud-based programmatic ad platform 

Singapore – Machine learning company Moloco has announced the latest updates to its cloud-based programmatic advertising platform, ‘Moloco Cloud Demand-Side Platform’ (DSP). 

The Moloco Cloud DSP latest updates will focus on improving performance through intelligent budget allocation, automating workflows through smart campaign user interface, user experience (UI/UX), and ad creation. 

Powered by Moloco’s proprietary machine learning algorithms, the updates include ‘optimised budget allocation’, where real-time data is continuously incorporated into the machine learning engine, while the ‘intuitive campaign setup interface’, with Moloco’s new UI/UX updates, enables marketers to set up their campaigns through an intuitive guided flow and experience built-in recommendations. With this, customers can now create new campaigns in four easy steps with built-in recommendations presented based on the campaign’s goals. And lastly, the ‘auto-generated video end cards’, which allows the platform to now auto-generate video end cards in portrait, landscape and square formats when uploading a video as the campaign’s creative.

Anurag Agrawal, VP of product at Moloco, said, “Our DSP solution empowers growth marketers to leverage their own unique, first-party data to increase the returns on their advertising campaigns.”

He added, “These latest updates, combined with our powerful machine learning algorithms that pinpoint target audiences and adjust bidding strategies in real time, help our customers not only improve their overall campaign experience, but also help achieve greater accuracy and higher performance at lower cost.”

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China-based iClick announces upgrade of ad campaign management tool

Hong Kong – China-based independent online marketing and enterprise data solutions provider iClick Interactive has launched an upgrade of its advertising campaign management tool, iActivate.

iActivate is a search engine marketing (SEM) campaign management platform that consolidates a number of ad platforms into one single platform, streamlining campaign monitoring and management. 

The platform is said to work in tandem with iClick’s Tracking Solution, providing marketers with customized reports and actionable insights into the effectiveness of their advertising spend. 

“iActivate provides straightforward and intelligent market insights that address the pain points faced by marketers of receiving insufficient and overly-general campaign data,” said Frankie Ho, president of international business at iClick. 

iActivate is an addition to iClick’s suite of products, which include iAudience, iAccess, iAX and Tracking Solution. 

Ho said that following the upgrade of iActivate and iAudience, the company’s audience analysis-focused platform, the company will continue to leverage iClick’s existing consumer profiles, as well as its advanced technology in machine learning and its AI to enhance and improve solutions.