Bangalore, India — Mobile marketing analytics platform Adjust has launched Adjust Datascape, a new advanced analytics solution designed to deliver business-critical KPIs and performance metrics faster and easier. With the new solution, Adjust aims to provide mobile app marketers with unified data and expanded visual context in order to extract meaningful insights and make smarter strategic marketing decisions in real-time. 

“Agility is more important than ever as app marketers are tasked with analyzing campaign data from an ever-increasing number of sources and acting on it immediately,” said the company.

Adjust believes that Datascape helps solve the said challenge by providing marketers with access to all of their data from network APIs, attributions, consented AppTrackingTransparency (ATT) installs and SKAdNetwork (SKAN) campaigns in one place — which it deems to be a unique approach among mobile measurement partners.

“A mobile app’s success in this dynamic industry depends on smart and fast decision-making,” said Simon ‘Bobby’ Dussart, the newly appointed CEO of Adjust.

“As an enterprise-ready solution, Datascape solves marketers’ needs to easily view and analyze what’s working, or what isn’t, across multiple campaigns. Having this overview of their business performance and this level of insights, all in one place, allows marketers to optimize their strategy and focus on growth,” adds Dussart.

Datascape enables marketers to customize dashboards and reports to visualize user growth and cohorts, summarize extensive data sets, and analyze SKAN data, and includes performance marketing metrics at a glance, compare and contrast filters to view results across all apps as well as a SKAdNetwork dashboard to learn which campaigns targeted to users acquired through Apple’s SKAN framework are driving the most installs.

The analytics solution also features side-by-side network, attribution, SKAN, and ATT data in different combinations in a single view as well as a monetization dashboard with full visibility of profit and revenue metrics through numerous partner integrations and data sources.