Eileen, Ooi Wei Ling

Chief Executive Officer

Omnicom Media Group Malaysia

Eileen Ooi a veteran of 16 years in the advertising and media industry, Eileen’s known for her challenger mentality and passion in raising next gen game changers in Malaysia. Eileen is curious and passionate about all things media. Her bold perspective of the world, she spends her day advocating change leadership, raising media talents in Malaysia and creating new conventions. Eileen has won numerous awards and has been a finalist of APAC Women Leading Change. Today she is Chief Operating Officer of Omnicom Media Group Malaysia spending her energy in taking Omnicom into a future-focused formidable brand. She is also the first female Vice President of Malaysia Digital Association, and is passionate in shaping and nurturing the digital economy in Malaysia. With the rampant rise of work stressors, Eileen is an avid champion of organisation placing priority on employees’ mental wellness and is on a personal mission to raise awareness in the industry and in Malaysia to break the stigma of mental health.