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Bridgestone in India launches sentimental ad, salutes “heroes of the roads”

Bridgestone heroes of the road

India – Tyre manufacturer Bridgestone, its India arm, has released a sentimental ad, which walks viewers through the journey of one of the front liners during the pandemic – the drivers on the road.

India imposed its first nationwide lockdown in March, and just like most regions, essential workers, such as those whose line of work involves driving trucks and PUVs, are left with no choice but to continue plying the road amid the virus threat. 

The ad revolves around one driver’s perspective who opens the scene, thinking, “I have been driving trucks for years now, but for the first time today, I am scared.”

The ad shows how, more than the virus itself, other challenges are battled out by essential workers such as isolation and the scarcity of basic needs such as food during the height of the lockdown. 

“Since everything is shut now, I have to cook by myself, and sleep in my truck,” the driver narrates. 

Throughout the ad, the driver delivers moving realizations on the pandemic.  

“These days, every mile brings in a new challenge, and everyone is scared to help,” he said. 

He further goes, “To defeat this pandemic, it is important that we win these small battles every day.”

The 140-second spot, which was released in mid-November, has already gained massive traction, with views on YouTube currently at 8M. 

One user said, “I got goosebumps ??❤️?? respect ????” 

Another one commented, “Great thought. Great [film] making, [not] an [ad], it’s a documentary of a century…”

Through the release of the ad, Bridgestone also wants to assert its commitment to customers as a helpful aid during the pandemic, where in the video, the man is shown being given one of Bridgestone’s life-saving kits.

Since the imposition of India’s lockdown, the tyre company has implemented a number of assistance programs such as the sanitation of truck fleets across 22 cities and the distribution of  life-saving kits to truck drivers. In addition, it has also donated health essentials such as PPEs, masks, and meals to doctors and households.

The brand said on its Facebook, “The coronavirus pandemic paused our day-to-day life with a nationwide lockdown. While some of us had the liberty to stay at home, others had to keep driving through. Witness the journey and the triumph of our “Heroes on the Road” and how Bridgestone extended the support to protect them with a sanitization drive of their vehicles in order to serve our nation.”

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