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Job search portal rebrands as foundit

Singapore – Global job search portal,, has transformed into an end-to-end talent platform, and will now be known as ‘foundit’ with a new logo and vision, ushering in a new revolution in the job market. 

Synonymous with recruitment, foundit has been serving more than 70 million job seekers and 10,000 customers spread across 18 countries. As the company now transforms itself into a full-fledged talent platform, it will offer comprehensive solutions to recruiters and highly personalised and contextual services to job seekers across the Asia Pacific and the Middle East. It will also be equipped with deep tech capabilities to offer personalised recommendations and an intuitive, mobile-first UI that will bring efficiencies in recruitment.

Moreover, foundit is placing a renewed focus on the users of the platform to bring forward an enhanced career experience. One of the key features that job seekers can look forward to is personalised job discovery. With foundit’s customised search results feature, candidates will be able to receive results and recommendations that are curated to their educational background, employment experience, and validated skills. Other features include a community-lead mentorship marketplace, skills validation through assessments, mobile-first UI, personalised recommendations, and self-enhancement tools like upskilling courses.

On the other hand, recruiters will be offered the richest data set for each candidate along with insights and analytics that will make the process efficient, as well as customised for each role’s requirements. The new interface and features also allow for seamless and smart interaction between recruiters and candidates.

Speaking at the new brand unveiling event, Sekhar Garisa, CEO of foundit, noted that they have been privileged to witness the talent acquisition landscape evolve over the last three decades, giving them an unparalleled depth of insights into recruitment. 

“The platform of the future needs to cater to a highly dynamic job market, skill-based hiring & changing expectations from career. We are excited to unveil a new direction for Monster from simply facilitating job and candidate discovery to enabling significantly better talent management outcomes,” said Garisa.

Meanwhile, Ajit Isaac, founder and non-executive chairman of Quess Corp and foundit, shared that over the last 15 years, Quess has always been known for its service-led offerings that have won the confidence of its associates and customers alike, and as an institution, steadfast on their commitment to formalise jobs, they have been focusing on building a product-led portfolio that can help democratise access to formal employment across white, blue, and grey collar workers. 

“We acquired Monster APAC & ME with a vision to transform white-collar talent acquisition. Over the last couple of years, organisations experienced everything from the Great Resignation and the Great Regret leading to mass hiring at an unprecedented pace. But now as the market settles, hiring is going to be a lot sharper, focused and skill-based. Such precision can only be achieved through the combination of human ingenuity and technology, and this is what we have to offer our recruiters and job seekers through foundit,” said Isaac.

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Samsung’s audio tech HARMAN taps Havas Group as global agency of record

New York, USA – Samsung-owned audio electronics company HARMAN International has appointed Havas Group to be its global agency of record across all its brands and territories. 

Under the new partnership, Havas Group will be responsible for the integrated marketing solutions across HARMAN’s businesses and brands, including the consumer lifestyle brand JBL, home audio systems brand Harman Kardon, and HARMAN’s B2B products, services, and technology solutions for automakers and enterprise customers globally.

Havas Group will be delivering a global and fully integrated solution that brings together brand strategy, creative, content, media, and production, as well as selective support in social media and influencer marketing. The team will be working across regional hubs for the Americas, Europe, and Asia, as well as through dedicated teams in key markets.

For the remit, Havas Group taps its proven integrated Village approach. The mandate especially includes bringing the JBL brand to the next level of consumer activation.

John Livanos, HARMAN’s vice president of brand strategy and consumer insights, shared that HARMAN’s marketing team is strengthening their operational model and building upon the foundational principles of insights, automation, integration, measurement, and accountability that will unlock exponential business growth. 

“Havas will be a central partner in this growth journey. We’re excited to build the solutions we need together and know that Havas is as invested in our success as we are,” said Livanos.

Meanwhile, Yannick Bollore, Havas Group’s chairman and CEO, commented. “We’re thrilled to start this new and exciting partnership with HARMAN. At Havas, we combine agility and global reach, making us a brilliant option for a growth business like HARMAN with huge ambition. It’s our collaborative spirit brought to life and a great opportunity for us to deliver meaningful growth together.”

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Salesforce announces layoff of hundreds of employees

Singapore – Global software company Salesforce has announced the layoff of hundreds of its employees, following plans to cut costs in their operations and harsh global economic conditions.

An initial report by Protocol noted that the company plans to lay off a large number of individuals, roughly 2,000 people or more, for ‘performance’ issues.

A spokesperson for Salesforce confirmed said news to CNBC, saying “Our sales performance process drives accountability. Unfortunately, that can lead to some leaving the business, and we support them through their transition.”

Salesforce previously underwent retrenchment in August 2020, and then in January this year while they implemented a ‘hiring freeze’.

The new Salesforce employee cutbacks come after its investors are increasingly demanding a greater return, with the majority of this investment being poured into growing its business by acquiring businesses such as Slack and Tableau.

Big Tech has been struggling to cope up with losses lately, with other tech companies such as Meta, Oracle, Twitter, Snap and Netflix announcing massive layoffs as well.

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Zoo Media opens first global office in New York through Dawn collaboration

New Delhi, India – Zoo Media Network, an independent agency network, has announced plans to open its first global office in New York in collaboration with marketing service agency, Dawn.

The Zoo Media network is an integrated multi-specialty media network made up of 11 agency brands, including the flagship full funnel creative and performance digital agency, FoxyMoron and Web3 rights and services companyMetaform, among others.

Founded by Pratik Gupta and Suveer Bajaj, which includes homegrown, acquired, and joint venture agencies in content, media, data, and technology. Zoo Media employs over 600 specialists who serve both domestic and international clients such as Netflix, YouTube, Tinder, Kellogg’s, P&G, and Unilever.

Meanwhile, Dawn is a portfolio of over 15 independent, specialist marketing services firms that specialise in centralised data science, advanced analytics, and econometric measurement. The collective includes agencies such as Barkley, Crossmedia, Definition 6, Co:Collective, and Rethink, among others.

Speaking on the partnership and the campaign for global expansion, Suveer Bajaj Co-founder of Zoo Media said “After having consolidated a stronghold position for ourselves in India and the Middle East as a leading integrated marketing technology network, expanding our offices into North America was the natural next step.” 

Bajaj, added, “Our prowess in the North American market, lies in the range of integrated services which include our best-in-class Web3.0, metaverse, and blockchain offerings. In light of this vision, we are happy to have partnered with Dawn and find ourselves among the leading independent agencies in and outside the US to bring our best-in-class marketing technology services to the shores of the US.”

Adding to that, Pratik Gupta, Co-founder of Zoo Media said “We’re well on our way to globalise our ambition of taking Indian creativity and technology to the world. We’re excited to work with the agencies within Dawn and bring them the scale of offshore Indian talent”.

Lastly, Dawn CEO Bob Kantor added, “Zoo Media has industry-leading technology and development expertise critical to today’s marketers and the modern marketing model. Our agency partners and clients recognize that modern marketing includes the complement of brilliant strategy/creative with marketing technology.”

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Elon Musk completes Twitter acquisition, starts off with exec firings

Singapore – Months after the initial desire from billionaire Elon Musk to acquire social media giant Twitter in April, the acquisition deal has been finally completed. However, as part of the early moments of the acquisition, Musk has been reportedly firing key executives of the Twitter board.

Reports from the BBC note that while there was no official investor relations announcement posted, an early investor for the company confirmed the deal has been done. In response to the acquisition, Musk posted several tweets to commemorate the deal, including a tweet saying ‘the bird is free’, and a video of him entering the Twitter headquarters–while jokingly bringing a kitchen sink and saying ‘let that sink in’.

Musk also tweeted out a statement directed at advertisers, saying that his motivation in acquiring Twitter was to have a ‘common digital town square’, where a wide variety of beliefs can be shared with one another without resorting to violence.

“There is currently great danger that social media will splinter into far right and far left wing echo chambers that generate more hate and divide in our society”, he said.

Despite the intentions, Musk’s Twitter takeover is marred with issues. Reuters reports that inside sources say that Musk has fired chief executive Parag Agrawal, chief financial officer Ned Segal and legal affairs and policy chief Vijaya Gadde. Agrawal and Segal, who were present at the closing deal, were later escorted out.

It should be recalled that Agrawal previously said that Musk won’t be joining the Twitter board following his desire to acquire the company.

The Musk-Twitter acquisition deal has been a long one in the making, with Musk previously backing out of the deal in July. In response, Twitter filed a lawsuit against Musk, with the latter finally accepting to acquire Twitter.

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Dentsu Creative announces new global leadership appointments

Japan – Dentsu Creative has announced key members of its global leadership team, including Andrea Terrassa, the new global chief operating officer, Iván Czwan Altobelli, the new global chief people officer, Julie Scelzo, the new global clients chief creative officer, and Jon Dupuis, the new global clients president.

Terrassa has acted as the chief operating officer of Dentsu Creative Americas since 2021, where she was instrumental in the organisational and transformation efforts of moving from 11 agency brands to three, and joined dentsu International in 2018 as chief operating officer for 360i. She will work closely with the global operations teams across all areas of the business, including Media and CXM, led by dentsu International’s Global Chief Operating Officer, Nnenna Ilomechina, to help achieve the business’ ambition of offering Horizontal Creativity to clients and being the world’s most integrated creative network.

Meanwhile, Altobelli will oversee all Human Resource functions, including an ambitious talent acquisition strategy. He joined dentsu International in 2021 from Accenture Interactive, where he played a key role in delivering its creative and digital agency integration for agencies including Karmarama, Rothco, Droga5, Creative Drive, MXM, and PacificLink.

In her new role, Scelzo will ensure creative excellence for global clients focusing on delivering modern creative ideas that Create Culture, Change Society and Invent the Future. Since 2018 Scelzo has served as global executive creative director for DentsuMB’s American Express business. Before that, Scelzo spent several years as a creative director at Leo Burnett, FCB, and Meta. Prior to joining Dentsu, she was the executive creative director of Pandora Music. Using this experience, Scelzo will look to offer enhanced content marketing, entertainment and IP creative strategies, as well as ensure creativity delivers horizontally for the client, from content to commerce, media to CXM.

And lastly, Dupuis will be working with Dentsu Creative’s leadership teams globally to ensure that clients are provided with powerful integrated solutions to achieve bold new executions that connect with the largest possible audience in contextually relevant ways. The key to this will be using data and technology to connect the right global talent around the right global client briefs and build teams that reflect the modern world. Dupuis has been with dentsu since 2017, when he joined as global managing director for dentsuMB and was promoted to global president and CEO in 2019.

Together, they are tasked with building and sustaining a culture of creativity, through operational excellence, attracting, and retaining world-class talent and ensuring seamless collaboration, to ensure that clients achieve the full potential of ‘Modern Creativity’ – Dentsu Creative’s expanded capabilities and bold ambition.

Fred Levron, Dentsu International’s chief creative officer, commented, “We are on a journey to design the creative network of the future. Andrea is without doubt one of the best when it comes to engineering modern structures and processes, while Iván is top in the game to onboard the best next generation of talent. In Julie and Jon, we have [a] unique driving force, who together will deliver the most compelling offer to meet the needs of, and attract more, global clients. They say, ‘If you don’t like change, you will not like irrelevance’, and we are building for change.”

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Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, whiteGREY Positive partner to launch new data tool that protects African elephants

Sydney, Australia – The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (SWT), a Kenya-based orphan elephant rescue and wildlife rehabilitation programme operator, has partnered with whiteGREY‘s sustainability business practice, whiteGREY Positive, to launch a new data intelligence tool called ‘Mammoth’ in the fight to protect African elephants. 

‘Mammoth’ is designed to shield the African elephant from extinction. Built as a Progressive Web App (PWA) using WP Engine, the new tool enables SWT field forces to collect and submit data in real-time so that SWT can mobilise resources in the right way and give elephants a chance to survive.

Moreover, ‘Mammoth’ tackles the challenges of remote and harsh environments through a range of innovative design features. These include a user experience designed for the specialist patrols on the ground and in the air; an offline mode harnessing the local storage protocol so rangers can still store data without signal; and map views to visualise the locations of incidents over time.

Rob Brandford, executive director of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, noted that whiteGREY has worked with SWT for more than five years to further its mission to protect and preserve wildlife and biodiversity-rich habitats. 

“For the first time in 45 years, Mammoth will provide our ground and aerial teams will a real-time snapshot of events that threaten species or pose a risk to both people and elephants, such as human-wildlife conflict. This presents new opportunities for SWT to enhance its strategic approach and proactively deploy resources to tackle wildlife crime and secure endangered species populations,” he said.

Meanwhile, Lee Simpson, CEO of whiteGREY, said, “The Sheldrick Wildife Trust does fantastic work protecting wildlife and safeguarding the future of the elephant population. They have a rich history but constantly look to the future and we enjoy partnering with them to do that, this time with Mammoth.”

Brandford concluded, “Currently in beta-testing, it’s clear Mammoth will transform our field operations. We will receive exponentially more data than we’ve ever had before, enabling us to plan tomorrow’s patrols using today’s data. We’ll be able to spot trends more quickly and enhance our impact at a field level. We hope this digital transformation will ultimately help us to move from protection to prevention.”

Just recently, we have tapped whiteGREY’s CSO Simon Wassef in our latest The Inner State. He talked about how creative communications can contribute to promoting sustainable benefits to businesses, consumers, and society.

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Decathlon in Belgium is temporarily spelt backwards to promote ‘reverse shopping’

Belgium – Global sports brand Decathlon in European country Belgium has applied a very interesting and out-of-the-box marketing move that aims to promote ‘reverse shopping’. It may not be apparent at first look, but the brand is now called ‘Nolhtaced’ – which is still ‘Decathlon’, but spelt backwards.

The name change will run for a month in three cities, namely Evere, Namur, and Ghent. According to The Brussels Times, this move is part of the sports store chain’s latest sustainability campaign to promote ‘reverse shopping’, which enables customers to resell old or unused sporting goods to Decathlon and will be resold in the store under warranty. This seeks to reduce the impact on the environment and avoid waste.

The campaign will also have the temporary name logo applied on its website, social media channels, and on banners in front of the three shops.

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HubSpot announces platform-wide enhancements in its INBOUND 2022 event

United States – Global customer relationship management (CRM) platform HubSpot has announced new features and updates to help businesses create deeper, more meaningful connections with their customers in its annual INBOUND event.

HubSpot said that fundamental shifts in buyer behaviours have made it increasingly challenging for organisations to create meaningful connections with their customers. In fact, research from Gartner found that when considering a purchase, B2B buyers spend only 17% of that time actually meeting with the potential suppliers. A major driver of that disconnection is the proliferation of new software and technology, making it hard for companies to connect with their data and systems, as well as with each other. HubSpot’s latest releases are a response to this current crisis of disconnection.

Yamini Rangan, CEO of HubSpot, noted that they believe the businesses that will win in the future are the ones that focus on customer connection, not customer management, and they are committed to helping their customers grow in this new world by providing strategies, technology, and communities that foster deeper connections. 

“I’m excited about the product developments we announced today at INBOUND because they empower our customers to do even more to solve this crisis with HubSpot’s connected CRM platform,” said Rangan. 

According to HubSpot, when looking to connect with customers, companies need to look beyond the software, and focus on what customers actually want – ownership, flexible buying experiences and deeper connections with companies and one another. As a CRM platform, HubSpot addresses this need by enabling merchants to connect with their own customers when and where they want. 

With newly launched payment schedules, HubSpot merchants can customise their payments through a collection of dates and amounts. Additionally, HubSpot’s quote-to-cash solutions help teams save time through the quoting, billing and contracting process. Targeting operational efficiencies, these enhancements create a fast, seamless experience for customers.

Moreover, HubSpot also released new data management enhancements to provide customers with transparent and timely data insights through import error handling and enhanced automation. The newest data import experience flags and resolves data errors before they are ever published. Data quality automation recommendations also eliminate the manual burden of fixing data errors. Using the power of HubSpot AI assistance, customers can now set up automation to resolve issues as they surface. As a result, teams can now spend less time on manual work and reactive problem-solving, giving customers more time and confidence to level up their impact.

Additionally, having a comprehensive view of the entire customer journey is a key part of fostering customer connections, which is why HubSpot announced the upcoming launch of customer journey analytics at INBOUND. The new feature, available in public beta later this year, will provide marketers with detailed visualisations that make it easier to identify moments in the customer journey that can be optimised for better conversion and deeper insights into customer behaviours. HubSpot also announced enhancements to campaigns to provide marketers with a consolidated view of all initiatives together.

HubSpot also announced new features to help customer service teams create more connected experiences. Teams using Service Hub can now interact with their customers through a fully connected service desk, complete with a helpdesk, channels, and automation. Through the new WhatsApp integration, currently available through public beta, teams can connect a WhatsApp business account to their shared inbox to communicate with prospects and customers without leaving the HubSpot platform. With the introduction of inbound calling, customers can make and receive calls right from HubSpot without exposing their personal phone numbers.

The platform also addresses the need for connected customer data for sales organisations through new data quality features to keep customer data connected, clean, and secure. With the custom object builder, teams can now craft customised data models without code, and enforce consistent data entry with property validations. Prioritising data hygiene is easier than ever with HubSpot’s data quality command centre, where teams can get insights on the health of all data in one place.

Kat Warboys, HubSpot’s marketing director for APAC, said, “Creating meaningful, lasting connections is the future. HubSpot is on a mission to create a powerful and easy-to-use product that gives you the insights you need to drive growth in this changing landscape. At INBOUND, we announced a wide range of innovations all to this end – tools to identify and connect with your customers, and insights to drive growth.”

In addition to new product updates, HubSpot also announced the launch of, a newly connected community for growth professionals that helps them build strong relationships with their peers and community.

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R3 launches new suite of digital tracking services for marketers

New York, USA – Global independent marketing consultancy, R3, has launched a new suite of digital tracking services to help marketers assess how their social, influencer, search, and e-commerce marketing measures up against others in their industry. 

The new services, namely SocialTrack, InfluencerTrack, eCommTrack, and SearchTrack, have been developed to deliver business-relevant metrics that help marketers improve performance across four key areas of marketing. Each digital tracking service uses bespoke audits available on a quarterly or annual basis to deliver in-depth reports with customised, strategic, and tactical recommendations.

SocialTrack identifies performance gaps, including which markets are overexposing ads or under leveraging paid ads on social media, while InfluencerTrack analyses influencer quality, competitor performance, and influencer effectiveness on a quarterly basis.

Meanwhile, eCommTrack delivers a quarterly or annual evaluation of brand and competitor experience, product ratings and reviews, SEO visibility, and share-of-shelf, amongst others. And lastly, SearchTrack produces a quarterly report on Search Performance, looking at always-on and tactical search campaigns at a keyword level.

Greg Paull, co-founder and principal at R3, noted that R3’s new suite of digital tracking services presents decision-makers with strong supporting data that supports strategy and investment, and provides insight into key implications for their brand.

“Our approach is different from other evaluations on the market in that they go beyond numbers. Each service delivers quantitative benchmarking of key metrics, success factors for the channel, best practice guidelines, and insight into creative and innovative strategies used by competitors across a variety of digital channels,” said Paull.